The Order: 1886 screenshots
posted on 01.28.14 at 02:08 PM EDT by (@salromano)
New shots from Sony Santa Monica website.

The Order: 1886

A new set of screenshots from The Order: 1886 have surfaced online.

The images come from SCE Santa Monica Studio’s official website, which has been newly revamped with a sleek new design.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Gariya

    Hooray, another shooter.

    I remember around PS4 reveal when Yoshida said he’d hate to see PS4 to become filled with shooters/photorealistic/typical blockbuster games. And now we have PS4 launched with Killzone, The Order coming, and a new Uncharted coming. Also, the partnership with Destiny for exclusive contents.

    This shit’s getting tiresome.

    • MrRobbyM

      To be fair, Uncharted is a cinematic action/adventure game with shooting. I wouldn’t classify it as a shooter. With that mindset, you could call Infamous a shooter too. Besides that, Killzone and Order 1886 are Sony’s only shooters unless I’m forgetting one and we’re still not entirely sure how The Order: 1886 plays.

      Remember, people. Saying “oh, another shooter. more dudebro games ugh I’m sick of games nowadays” doesn’t make you any better than the people saying “haha JRPGs suck theyre all the same teenagers saving the world and guys look like girls”.

      • Budgiecat

        Well Sony killed off SOCOM, Syphon Filter, MAG and Resistance

        • Alkhan

          and Unit 13

          • Elvick

            I don’t think one off IPs really count as being “killed off”… so MAG wouldn’t apply either.

        • Elvick

          I don’t think you should count MAG. It’s a one off. No evidence that it would have become a series.

      • karmacoma

        Nah, Uncharted is as shooter as they come. Take away the five seconds of climbing in-between scene changes and you have Gears.

        • Dennis Djoenz

          Wow this is the dumbest comment ever.

        • LastBoss

          Uncharted is not a shooter, at all.

          • karmacoma

            You’re right, this is definitely not a shooter.


            I don’t know what I was thinking.

            • LastBoss

              Fist Fights

              I don’t need a Youtube link to whatever.

              Gears of War is a shooter.

              • karmacoma

                They’re both shooters. There are puzzles and climbing, but the majority of the gameplay is shooting. I’ll grant you that the last two games had more intricate puzzles that took a few minutes to get through, but 75% of the game is still Drake hiding behind cover and shooting endless waves of drones spawning from nowhere. It’s a shooter.

                • LastBoss

                  Did you even play Gears or Uncharted, seriously, man. Uncharted 2 had so much of climbing, running, shooting, it was retarded. That’s like saying Metal Gear is a shooter, cause snake uses guns, and we all know it’s an action/stealth game.

                  In gears you did nothing but run, shoot, chainsaw, climb over & hide behind chest high walls. THE WHOLE game, no puzzles, just blood and cursing.

                  • karmacoma

                    Uncharted isn’t a shooter because Drake uses guns, Uncharted is a shooter because that’s what the majority of the gameplay consists of. There is climbing and running from explosions, but the majority of the game is shooting bad guys. And not generic “press square to shoot” shooting, but actual third person shooting with cover mechanics, a wide array of weapons, etc.
                    Dante uses guns. Devil May Cry isn’t a shooter because the point of the game is fast-paced hack and slash action. It has RPG elements in the way you get red orbs to upgrade your weapons and movelists. But it’s a hack and slash.
                    Games can have more than one inspiration, but when the largest portion of a game is dedicated to one gameplay mechanic, that’s what it is. Those few minutes of arranging mirrors and climbing walls do offer some variation, but at the end of the day, you’re still spending more time shooting dudes than everything else combined (except possibly if you include the cutscenes).

                    • LastBoss

                      Can Marcus Fenix fist fight, can he put his guns away, to change the ways he engages enemies. No!

                      Devil May Cry has nothing of an rpg anything to me. The whole orb upgrade thing is the same as God of War, Onimusha, even Yakuza, which has way more ways to encounter enemies.

                      That’s also like saying Zelda is an RPG, because collect hearts. Well you don’t even need them to beat the game, they don’t change your stats, they don’t make you more powerful.

                      Drake us the same as Link
                      They both n don’tn need their weapons to beat all enemies. They both climb and traverse areas. They both solve puzzles, and smash pots. They both swing on vines and so on.


                    • karmacoma

                      That was my point though. That DMC isn’t an RPG because even though it has RPG-ish level up system and guns, the real meat of the gameplay is the hack-and-slash combos

                      Also, you’ll have a tough time trying to get through Uncharted without using any guns. ;p

                      But it’s cool. We’re just gonna have to agree to disagree.

    • bloodiOS

      Yes, yes, you are dudebrophobic. I think we would’ve already realized that by now even without you reiterating it threads after threads.

      • Gariya


        I’m just someone who doesn’t like seeing the diversity of console gaming library being in decline.

        • MrRobbyM

          There are plenty of JRPGs nowadays if you own the right systems. Especially if you can understand Japanese. There isn’t such a drought of JRPGs as there used to be a few years ago.

          • Budgiecat

            There’s just too many ‘play it safe’ Japanese developers…

            • Gariya

              Can’t disagree with that. Unfortunately.

              Curse you, mobile gaming.

              • Budgiecat

                The only two Japanese games not out yet off the top of my head thats made anyone fall off their seat and go holy shit was Final Fantasy XV, which has been in production since 2006…and The Last Guardian which has been in production since 2008.

                Oh yeah…..and “X”

                • Dennis Djoenz

                  Well technically “Revealing” doesnt equal “Production”. They started developing Versus in 2011. TLG who knows… Its a freaking shame. We had Ni No Kuni though :D

            • MrRobbyM

              True dat.

        • Alkhan

          The diversity of console gaming is not in decline and never was. You’re just one of those people that sees anything with a gun in it and goes on an anti-shooter rage fit.

          This is all 114 new IPs from the 7th generation, how many of them are NOT shooters? A lot.

          Alan Wake

          Angry Birds

          Another Code (Trace Memory in North America)

          Army of Two

          Asphalt Urban GT

          Assassin’s Creed

          Batman: Arkham





          Blue Dragon


          Boom Blox


          Brain Age

          Carnival Games

          Coded Arms


          The Conduit

          Cooking Mama



          Daigasso! Band Brothers


          Dark Souls

          Days of Memories JP

          de Blob

          Dead Island

          Dead Rising

          Dead Space

          Death Jr.

          Deathsmiles Arc



          Dragon Age

          Drawn to Life

          Dungeon Hunter

          EA Sports Active


          Endless Ocean

          Etrian Odyssey



          Full Auto

          Game Party

          Gears of War

          The Idolmaster JP


          Inazuma Eleven





          Just Dance

          Kinect Sports



          Left 4 Dead



          Lost Planet



          Luminous Arc

          Mass Effect



          Mirror’s Edge


          ModNation Racers



          My Coach

          Ninety-Nine Nights


          No More Heroes

          One Piece: Pirate Warriors





          Plants vs. Zombies


          PQ: Practical Intelligence Quotient


          Professor Layton

          Pursuit Force

          Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords

          Red Steel


          Retro Game Challenge

          Rock Band

          Saints Row

          Scene It?



          Sleeping Dogs




          Super Swing Golf

          Tales from Space

          The Last of Us

          Touch Detective

          Trauma Center


          Valhalla Knights

          Valkyria Chronicles

          Viva Piñata

          We Ski

          White Knight Chronicles

          Wii Fit

          Wii Party

          Wii Play

          Wii Sports

          Zen Pinball

          • Alkhan

            And of course there are the pre-7th gen franchises that are also not shooters that are still going (ex. Rayman, Sly Cooper, Tales Of) If all you see are shooters then you aren’t looking very hard(or at all).

            There is no oversaturation. It’s all in your insecure little anti shooter mind.

    • Dark_N11

      But there is a lot of none shooter titles for PS4
      The Witcher 3/Dragon age/deep down/the evil within/Watch Dogs/inFamous/elder scrolls online/GG Xrd/lords of the fallen/middle-earth: shadow of mordor/KUF II etc .. + indies games and that is for 2014 alone.

      • Budgiecat

        Well obviously he is upset with the lack of Japanese titles

        But really, the Japanese move slow. They didnt really hop onto the PS3 fully until 2009…

    • Budgiecat

      They shoot shoot shoot!
      Aw made ya’ look
      You’s a slave to the page in Six’s dudebrobook…

    • Elvick

      Yes, let’s ignore that Knack launched alongside Killzone.

      Such a photorealistic, typical blockbuster shooter game.

    • Sol badass

      Well i thought uncharted falls under the action adventure category. Not really just a flat out tps

  • bloodiOS

    If non-first-party games can be this graphically impressive, I have to wonder how good the next Naughty Dog title will look.

    • Budgiecat


      • bloodiOS

        So… when did Ready At Dawn become a Sony’s first-party studio?

        • Budgiecat


          • bloodiOS

            With most of the works handled by the non-first party team. Look, even if they have more access than other non-first party devs, there’s no way it will at the same level as Naughty Dog, so it’s only natural for me to speculate whatever Naughty Dog had in store next might even be graphically more impressive than what Ready At Dawn is capable of with The Order 1886.

            • karmacoma

              They’re pretty much second-party, like Insomniac used to be. The only non-Sony title they’ve made is the Wii port of Okami. Every other title has been a sequel/prequel to an existing Sony IP, and they have a closer relationship to Sony than most. They have more access to Sony’s development tools and assets. So they’re not *technically* first party, but they’re pretty much first party, as far as assistance and development are concerned.

              • bloodiOS

                Yeah, that’s why I used the term “non-first-party”. I know that they have a lot access but it still can’t be at the same level as Naughty Dog, home of the ICE Team.

              • LastBoss

                Karmacoma, I need to apologize, for coming, off as a straight elitist asshole. It’s totally my fault for taking it there.

                • karmacoma

                  It’s all good. I didn’t feel you came off that way at all. Sorry for my part in dragging that argument out as well.

        • Bryce Blalex Douglas

          It’s more of a second-party studio like how Sucker Punch originally was. That’s why they’re game will be graphically more impressive than other games made by third party studios.

          • bloodiOS

            Yeah, I know but that isn’t my point. My point is that if these guys can manage this much, then Naughty Dog (home of the ICE Team) would be even better.

  • shogunknight

    If only those pictures could move….soon….soon

  • BossTuff

    Looks good. I like the character design a lot. Hoping they include some other environments though besides grey and dark grey.

  • Anime10121

    Wait… I thought this was Ready at Dawns game, not SCE Santa Monica’s?

    • Alkhan

      It is Ready At Dawns game.

      ©2014 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. The Order: 1886 is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. Created and developed by Ready At Dawn Studios LLC.

      • Budgiecat

        Collaborated development

      • Anime10121

        Ok cool so they’re just helping. I was just getting worried that this is what SMS’s been working on for PS4, but I just checked out the site and it seems they’ve had a hand in FAR more titles than I thought…

  • Bob Obb

    This will probably be the first non-Japanese game to make me buy a console for it.

  • Invisbin

    To me, this is just another shooter, with a new unique story. I definitely give props to a new, original story, but it’s still a shooter. I need to see what makes it stand out before I even consider a purchase.

  • TetsuyaHikari

    Looking good. I haven’t played a game like this in a while, but it’s nice they’re taking a step away from the norm and not making it another WWII game or some shit we’ve already seen done over a dozen times.

  • RSene

    Sorry my stupidity, but what has Santa Monica to do with The Order: 1886? Isn’t the game from Ready at Dawn?

    • Anime10121

      I asked the same thing earlier, but SM is providing assistance with the game, like they’ve done with all the other titles listed on their site.

  • 武神水樹

    Be nice if I could see a HUD

  • Elvick

    Can’t wait. I hope we can see some solid gameplay footage soon.

  • XXX

    Graphics look pretty nice. The developers said the screens are from a old build, and they look even better now.

  • Nick Pantazis

    For something that Ready at Dawn claimed was an Action/Adventure and not a shooter this looks suspiciously like a cover-based shooter…

    • Dasher1572

      It’s an Action/Adventure game with 3rd person shooting. If there is 3rd person shooting, its safe to assume that you will be able to go into cover.

      • Nick Pantazis

        If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… You can make some argument for Uncharted with its platforming and puzzles, but somehow I don’t expect either of those elements in The Order.

        • Dasher1572

          Your drawing your conclusions too early. A few screenshots is not enough to contradict what the developer says the game is.

          • Nick Pantazis

            I’m not drawing conclusions, just commenting on the available evidence (which points to shooter). It’s certainly possible it will be more than that, and even if it isn’t I’ll buy the game if it’s good. It’s just not looking like more than that at the moment.

  • AHox

    Even if it looks something like Gears Of War, i’ll still give it a shot.