NIS America hosting press event on February 13
posted on 01.30.14 at 04:48 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Prepare for new game localization announcements.

NIS America

NIS America will hold its annual spring press event on February 13 from 6:00 p.m. PST.

The event will play host to “new title announcements” from the publisher. It won’t be live streamed, but the announcements usually come out as they’re made.

Of course, we’ll have each one covered when the day comes.

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  • DarthBrian

    These are the kinds of events where there is nothing but good news. <3

    • Sal Romano

      I hope they have a nice surprise announcement. DanganRonpa was a nice surprise. Something again like that.

      • DarthBrian

        Like DanganRonpa Another Episode maybe! :p

        • Auragar

          Or you know the second half of DR.

  • Jontaku

    Nice, love NISAs European support so I’m looking quite forward to this.

    • Ash_Riot

      If they’re the ones behind SMTIV’s massive delay, they’re in for some apologising. True, their support for Europe so far has been surprisingly good (take notes, ATLUS!)

  • Leon_Tekashi

    I swear to god.They better go all out with this one. HDN, Disgaea, Fairy Fencer F, and any other games that needs to be localized.

  • Unretributed

    An administrator on NISA forums hinted that “Battle Princess of Arcadias” and “Zillions Of Enemy X” were being “looked into” as potential candidates for localization like a month ago.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if Zillions Of Enemy X was digital only though since its a card battle game and only moved 18k copies.

    • DarthBrian

      I like card battle games.

      • Unretributed

        I love card battle games. I just wish the Vita could get one that isn’t filled with ecchi stuff. I would like a Magic or Yu-GI-Oh type game (based on the old series and rules)

        • crimsonidol

          What about Uncharted: Fight for Fortune? It’s a card battle game.

    • Alkhan

      I saw that as well. He also hinted at D4 Return being localized but there was never any doubt that we’d see that.

    • DesmaX

      Arcadias probably wll end up being Digital only too, since it flopped in Japan

      • Elvick

        Plus many devalue 2D games in the west. :

    • Randgriz

      I would LOVE Z/X to come over – something genuinely different and i wouldnt have to worry about finding people to play the game with in real lifez

  • TheExile285

    Oh, I’ll be looking forward to this ^_^

    D4R, FFF, Battle Princess Arcadia & Neptunia Rebith 1 would be a nice line up from them this year IMO.

  • Auragar

    Woo. Hopefully this will see the localization of Re;Birth 1. And D4R.

  • Shaun Huseman

    Im hoping for New Atelier Rorona

    • Sal Romano

      That’d be Tecmo Koei, not NIS.

    • Santashi

      What Sal said, but I’m sure TK will bring it over since they did all the others. Hope shouldn’t be required!

  • Pyrofrost

    Really hoping for some news regarding Exstetra, Meikyuu Cross Blood: Infinity, and Toukyou Shinseiroku: Operation Abyss.
    If anyone was to bring those games West, I could see it being NISA.

    • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owltron

      Exstetra may be out of the question though. I’m not denying any possibilities that it will come to the West either.

      I doubt that NISA will consider that title.

    • Auragar

      I would love to see all three of those, but I doubt we will see any of them.

  • TiamatNM

    battle princess arcadias and that noire hyperdimention spinoff hopefully

  • Anime10121

    Come on Fairy Fencer F!
    Come on Neptunia Rebirth!
    Come on Disga…. ah well, we ALL know that’s coming :P

  • Saphiren

    Fairy Fencer F, come at me!

  • Jesse

    Like others on here, I hope Fairy Fencer F will be one of the games announced, unless Idea Factory is bringing that over themselves. Either works for me.

  • Wolf Star

    Yaay Hyperdimention Neptunia Rebirth 1!! :D I’ll be surprised if they announce Danganrompa 2. That would be awesome ^^

    • Elvick

      I guess if they’re confident in the pre-orders so far they could announce Danganronpa 2.

      • Wolf Star

        Well Danganrompa Collectors Edition got completely Sold Out on their official website. Soo that’s says something right? I hope it sells well. I really want to play the 2nd game soo bad :3

  • Sal Romano

    They should localize Akiba’s Trip 2. We need more games about ripping peoples’ clothes off in Akihabara.

    • TheExile285

      Its rumored that XSEED will localize that one :V

      • Sal Romano

        Oh? What’s the source of that?

        • Elvick

          Isn’t that rumor based on that image Xseed released with the silhouettes of a few titles? Teasing localizations?

          And people matched one to that game?

  • Elvick

    I’m looking forward to what they announce. :D

  • artemisthemp

    I hope they announces localization of Fairy Fencer F and HDN Re; Birth 1

  • Leon

    Battle Princess of Arcadia, Fairy Fencer F and Re; Birth 1…and maybe a pal date for Shin Megami Tensei IV

  • b4lmung

    Disgaea 4 Returns, for sure

  • AzureNova

    FFF please =^_^=

  • Shady Shariest

    D4 RRRR-ETURNS! Yupo!