Instruct your partner in Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment
posted on 01.09.14 at 08:30 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Latest images show instruction command, Hollow Missions, and more.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

The latest set of Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment screenshots provides new details on the game’s instruction command, battle system, and Hollow Missions.

The instruction command enables players to provide their partners instruction during battle in real-time. Instruction commands include: skill instruction, technique-stopping instruction, defense action instruction, and recovery instruction.

Hollow Fragment‘s battle system lets players with their partners communicate in real-time. Collaboration with partners is an important element of the system.

When Kirito clears Hollow Missions, he’ll reap various benefits, including items and, at times, sword skills and new systems. There are a large variety of missions which range from low to high difficulty, so it’s wise to do missions matching your current level.

The screenshots also show off the game’s anime-inspired user interface, online multiplayer mode, and CG event scenes. View the images at the gallery.

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment is due out for PS Vita in Japan on April 24.

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  • Elvick

    From the main page’s thumbnail, I thought that was Xion.

  • dboyz

    wow too much english text in the game…..RIP localization T.T

    • Learii

      how those English texts mean the game not localized?

      • dboyz

        its like they are trying to attract non-Japanese gamer by doing this, so it sounds like no plan for lacalization =/

        • MrKappa

          I forget but weren’t the menus in English in the show as well?

          • dboyz

            IIRC, yea its in english

        • Learii

          oh I see ok

  • TheExile285

    English menu will make importing less painful for me.

  • Mr Fwibbles

    Which screenshot shows that there is an online multiplayer mode? Did I miss something here?

  • tubers

    Hope we can change the UI colors and opacity. Would’ve been better with a darker color and lower opacity (more transparent).

    I really wish it could get localized. It’s probably the closest thing I can have to scratch that Star Ocean itch for a portable game.

  • Willgaea

    I hope this game is longer than the series.


    It ends pretty dam fast.

    • ole

      Second Season Phantom Bullet Arc already announced. If you have watched Sword Art Online: Extra Edition.