Ar no Surge teaser trailer
posted on 01.20.14 at 07:46 PM EDT by (@salromano)
A quick look at Gust's upcoming PS3 RPG.

Ar no Surge

Gust has shared the first teaser trailer for upcoming PlayStation 3 RPG Ar no Surge, due out on March 6 in Japan.

The minute long video teases some quick character introductions, followed by various speedy snippets of gameplay and original animation.

Watch the video below. A new set of screenshots were also released yesterday. View those at the gallery.

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  • Unretributed

    I’ve heard of this series. Is it usually localized?

  • Anime10121

    This game looks SO good! This is my most wanted localization this year!

  • bloodiOS

    Well, holy shit! We finally have a (teaser) trailer!

    • Anime10121

      And you were just asking for a trailer yesterday :P

      • bloodiOS

        Huh huh~~ I guess stuffs happen when I ask for it ;)

        • Unretributed

          You should ask for a release date for FFXV and Zelda U ;)

  • TheBlackRabbit

    Is this coming?

  • MrKappa

    I’m not too worried about this making it out of Japan, TK is pretty good at listening to what fans want… their only problem is they don’t do things in a timely manner most of the time.

    • TheExile285

      Eh, as long as we get it. Temco can only do so much.

      • Budgiecat

        I would think so…..Temco specializes in heating and air conditioning

        Tecmo makes games :P

    • Elvick

      Aside from Limited Editions… and informing NA costumers what is going on with their shit.

    • Budgiecat

      Too bad we never got Zill O’ll (PS1), Zill O’ll Infinite/Plus (PS2/PSP), Seven Magic Mansions (DC), Trinity PS3 free DLC, Nobunaga & Uncharted Waters PS3 MMO, etc

  • Eclipse

    I’m really happy to see Shurelia~!

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing how all of this is connected.

    • Guest

      Yes, it’s real. It’s from the Gust’s 20th Anniversary press conference:

    • aquagon

      They said over at Famitsu that Ciel nosurge and Ar nosurge are prequels to Ar tonelico. Looks like the party is getting transported from Ra Ciela to the First Era version of Sol Ciel. However, they also showed and described the region of Syestine appearing in this game, which was already destroyed by the the time Shurelia was created, so it’s still a mystery how much time-travel will be involved in this.

      • Anime10121

        I know you’re a big fan of the series and know plenty of lore and stuff like the back of your hand… So you think there’s anyway we’ll see a young Mir in this game?

        • aquagon

          I’d say that it’s possible but not likely. So far all the details they have shown correspond to Ar Ciel’s first era (previous to the Grathnode Inferia), and Mir wasn’t born until 300 years after said catastrophe.

  • bloodiOS

    Say, is this OP video real?

  • TheExile285

    Interested piqued.

  • Stacy Connor

    Really enjoying how the combat system appears to be similar to that of AT2.

    Can’t wait to start seeing more from this, and I really do hope it’ll come to NA/EU at some point down the road. Think this will be a bit easier to bring over than CnS was. Still a shame we didn’t get to see that at all, but not much we can do about it. Just really love the AT world and music, has a wonderful atmosphere.

  • Vayne

    These games do not sell well in Japan.

    • Gariya

      “Do not sell well” might be stretching it, more like they sell “moderately well”. But not a big hit or success or anything like that.

      Contrary to popular belief, bishoujou JRPG such as Atelier and Neptunia still count as niche games even in Japan. Fun fact, Neptunia gained more sales in the west than in Japan.

      • icecoffemix

        I think (PS3) Atelier and Neptunia are more specialized form of bishoujo game.

      • Budgiecat

        Even Xenoblade and The Last Story sold better in the West than in Japan..

        Any game of these types that are even more niche than the above two that sell just over 100K in Japan is considered a moderate success to them and then warrants a sequel. So probably they’re like a development budget of 1 to 3 million (needing a total of 6 million profit to recoup costs, pay investors, publishers, developers, retail stores, marketers etc).

        Selling a million copies would be like insane considering its popularity…

        Meanwhile in the West, anything under a million is considered fail. Unless you can successfully reach your niche base and sell out all your shipments and recoup localization costs and then some.

        A game like Tomb Raider that has a budget of 100,000,000 needs to sell at least 5 million copies to make considerable profit…

      • Anime10121

        He’s kinda right though, as the Atelier series sell almost twice as much first week as the Ar Tonelico games. Even Neptunia sells more over there, and this kinda game doesnt have the luxury Neptunia has and sell like crap over here in the west too. Of course it sells “enough” to justify sequels, so its not THAT bad, but the games could do better (and I hope this one does)

  • Sevyne

    Man, I really need this game.

  • Elvick

    The music, the music. THE MUSIC <3

    Makes me want to play some Ar Tonelico again. I really hope this comes over. Will buy.

    • refrain

      Do it. I’m replaying Ar tonelico 1 -> qoga until this game come out

    • Sevyne

      They never disappoint with the music. Always fantastic!

      And yeah, I think I may have to play through the Ar Tonelico games again as well.

  • Presea

    SHURELIA <3 The graphics are really nice too, and I like how Ion looks a bit older and majestic-like. The music is fantastic, AKiko Shikata never fails to impress!

  • fyi1191

    All those NPC are looking better than the PCs.

  • Impressionnant

    So, where’s the gameplay?

    • Anime10121

      …In the trailer…

  • artemisthemp

    Back to wait on Tecmo Koei announcing EU/US release date or at less plans for localization.