The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt VGX trailer
posted on 12.07.13 at 09:22 PM EDT by (@salromano)
The last part of the legend.

CD Projekt RED debuted a new trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at VGX.

The upcoming RPG sequel is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2014.

Watch the trailer below.

Download (408 MB zip file)

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  • $83030187

    I am seriously tempted to ditch consoles in favor of PC gaming for this.

    • jujubee88

      It’s on all platforms.

      edit: What’s up with the disagree’s? You guys are making me look like I did it. Sorry about that Xaltmas. I hate people that downvote and run like that. =_=

      • $83030187

        The console versions won’t be able to compare to the PC version when it comes to graphics, resolution and framerate.

        • jujubee88

          I don’t have a PC monitor nor do I want to get into personal computing for gaming (it’s a dark path full of upgrading until your lust for gfx is satiated imo).

          I’m just glad it’s coming to PS4. I will remote-play the hell out of it.

          • $83030187

            I’ve been flirting with the idea of PC gaming for a while now.

            Not just for graphics, but because of PC’s backwards compatibility and digital marketplaces.

            Also, Oculus Rift and Steam sales.

            • jujubee88

              PS4 seems to be getting an OR counter part and PS+ is awesome. So, that already disarms two of those things. You wont see steam sales on PSN or the crazy inventive stuff OR is doing in the closes PS platform but, if I get free cross-buy stuff on my PS4 and VITA and the VR stuff on PS4 gets you immersed enough into something like a world made by ND. That’s all I need to know my initial 400 buck investment is all good.

              There’s different matches for everybody, I personally believe that PS4 is stronger than PC gaming is in a lot of ways (not just the ones that I mentioned). But, to each their own.

              • $83030187

                I wouldn’t take what I say THAT seriously. It’s a phase I go through at the beginning of every console generation.

                I get dead set on PC gaming, then the JRPGs and action games come and I change my mind.

                • jujubee88

                  You mean “you” wouldn’t take it seriously? Video games need to be fun man, do what you feel is most “fun”. If the idea and appeal of going with a gaming PC set-up is fun than do it!

                  JRPG’s and action games will come to PC too anyways. I mean, I wont say that stuff like the “Tales of” series or “Uncharted” will be on there, but you will no doubt have fans that will want that and go as far as petition for it on PC, so you will see a demand for those kind of games grow.

                  • $83030187

                    Oh, I’d have me a kick-ass gaming PC and all the consoles if I could.

                    But I just can’t afford it. This console generation, I’d like to get only one machine (besides my Wii U).

                    Also, why I find many aspects of PC gaming great, having to upgrade my hardware scares the hell out of me.

                    • jujubee88

                      I understand.

                    • Karol Pasiut

                      A little oftop: In Poland (from where the Witcher originates from) we have following choice:

                      Basic desktop PC – 400$, + display 200$ + gaming components 600$ + future GPU upgrade 200$ + 10xAAA game 400$ = 1800$

                      Console: 400$ + TV 300$ + some computer for work 400$ + 10xAAA game 730$ = 1830$

                      That’s why the Witcher 1 is PC exclusive. Here PC gaming is in fact a lot cheaper. And it’s far easier to justify buying computer with good components for work, than buying a console that is explicitly a toy.

                  • EX+

                    JRPG’s really don’t go to the PC. Some of them, but not that many. Like you said, it doesn’t get stuff like Tales or FF (unless it’s an MMO, having a mainline FF is a waste of time and money on the PC).

  • jujubee88

    When does the game come out?

    • $83030187

      It doesn’t have an exact date yet, but it’s sometime next year.

      • jujubee88

        Hopefully, mid to late next year. I’ll have enough to buy a PS4 by than.

        This game is a system seller to me.

  • Zackasaur

    Totally going to pick this up for my PS4.

    I was shipped a copy of The Witcher 2 (360) with a hand-signed letter from CD Projekt RED back when that released.

    I’ve always appreciated that move and keep the letter safe.

    • $83030187

      CDPR is going to own this generation when it comes to RPGs.

      • jujubee88

        Not a fan of Bethesda?

        • $83030187

          I love Bethesda RPGs, and I’ll be there day one for Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls VI.

          But they can’t compare with CDPR in my mind.

          • jujubee88

            I’ve seen Witcher 2 LP’s on youtube and the game does look like an adult LARP’ing simulator. Which is awesome, don’t get me wrong! XD

            The moral system and ablity and meaty physics all look soo really really good.

            • $83030187

              Bethesda can’t quite compare to CDPR when it comes to quest design and dialogue.

              But who knows, maybe The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 will force them to step their game up (or hire Obsidian).

              Then there is Bioware, who I’m still unsure about. Mass Effect 2 is one of my all-time favorite games, but ME3 felt like a punch in the gut.

  • Bryce Blalex Douglas

    My most anticipated 2014 game. This and DA:I and Lords of the Fallen will scratch my next gen RPG itch for at least 2 years.

  • jujubee88

    Western RPG’s is a genre I need to learn more about. I’m glad that gematsu has a strong following of WRPGer’s. ^^

    • $83030187

      There aren’t a lot of us, but we do exist, moving amongst the JRPG fanboys.

      • jujubee88

        The term “fanboys” seemed in poor taste there..

        • $83030187

          It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

          Though, someone obviously did.

          • jujubee88

            The word “Fanboy” is so dumb.

            Also, there’s not any solid logic to why people downvote your (or any) comment. So don’t bother dwelling on it. ^^

            • $83030187

              I’m pretty sure there are a fair amount of people here who just flat-out don’t like me. :P

              • jujubee88

                Don’t use the word “fanboy” in that context (or at all, preferably). Than I wont hate you, at least.

    • Budgiecat

      Western RPG’s need better looking main characters and unique art styles and JRPG’s need more mature looking characters and better written stories and less Anime moe crap

      • Zuhri69

        Budgie, it’s like we’re soulmates!!!

  • badmoogle

    Well it’s looking damn good.Never played a Witcher game before but i’m looking forward for this.
    I hope the combat is good.

  • adhesive

    Looks cool. If they made the combat more fun this time around I’ll definitely check it out.

  • $83030187

    Man, it is a fantastic time to be a fan of RPGs, eastern or western.

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    Cyberpunk 2077
    Dragon Age: Inquisition
    Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    South Park: The Stick of Truth
    Torment: Tides of Numenera
    Divinity: Original Sin
    Project Eternity
    Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues
    Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
    Dark Souls II
    Persona 5
    Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
    Drakengard 3
    Monolith Software’s X
    Project Phoenix
    Tales of Xillia 2
    Tales of Symphonia Collection
    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix
    Kingdom Hearts III
    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
    Final Fantasy XV
    (Probably missing a few JRPGs)

    And you’ve got the inevitable Fallout 4, Mass Effect 4 and Deus Ex 4 coming too.

    • Warboss Aohd

      i could have sworn Tides of Numenera was 2015.

      • $83030187

        Last I heard it was supposed to be out in December of 2014. I could totally see it getting delayed though, if it hasn’t already.

    • Zackasaur

      Fantastic list. You’re definitely missing some more niche JRPGs like Demon Gaze and Conception II… And you’re missing both Lightning Returns and Bravely Default!

      But, yeah, it can be hard to just think of sooo many RPGs on the spot. Hard to complain about that. c:

      • $83030187

        I feel bad about forgetting Bravely Default, because I’m pretty hyped for it.

        I even forgot Drakengard 3 earlier, and that is my most anticipated game next year, even more than The Witcher 3.

        • Budgiecat

          You missed Reborn RPG, Soul Saga, Natural Doctrine with Jeff, The Witch and the Hundred Knights and Atelier Aschy & Logy

      • Pukar Rana

        Demon Gaze and C2 are super niche titles. I really want to see how those 2 titles do in the west. They didn’t exactly set the Japanese charts on fire.

    • Rogerrmark

      I think we’re one step for the announcement of both Dragon Quest VII remake and DQX’s localization. That trademarks are there,lets hope.

      Looking forward to Wasteland 2 and Project V13 as well.

      So hyped!

      • $83030187

        It’ll be interesting to see how Project V13 turns out. I mean, Black Isle Studios doesn’t really mean anything anymore, because the original talent is all gone.

    • Budgiecat

      No Shenmue III or Yakuza Ishin / 5 localization….

    • Warboss Aohd

      and if we are REALLY luck, Over My Dead Body 2.

      ……..i can dream right?

    • Pukar Rana

      The real question is, how in the world will anyone have the time to play all these games? You guys do socialize, work and study right?

  • Sal Romano

    I’ve added source file downloads for this and The Division’s VGX trailers.

    Find The Division’s here –

  • Pukar Rana

    I hope the PS4 version looks this good.