Samurai Warriors 4 debut trailer, screenshots
posted on 12.06.13 at 08:27 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, separate trailer celebrates series' 10th anniversary.

Tecmo Koei has released the debut trailer for Samurai Warriors 4.

In addition, the company also released a 10th anniversary trailer for the Samurai Warriors series, highlighting the franchise’s number of releases up until the latest.

Screenshots showing new characters Lady Hayakawa and Takakage Kobayakawa, and existing characters Ujiyasu Hojo and Motonari Mori, were also released.

Watch the trailers below. View the screenshots at the gallery.

Samurai Warriors 4 Trailer

Samurai Warriors 10th Anniversary Trailer

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  • TheExile285

    Hmm, this looks pretty good.

  • $83030187

    What is the difference between Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors?

    • Pyrofrost

      Samurai Warriors is set in the Warring States period of Japan.
      Dynasty Warriors is set in the Warring States period of China.

  • HighBrowDrifter

    Puss loves himself some Samurai Warriors!….I hope EU/US consumers obtain both retail and digital versions of the Vita port….sadly wasn’t the case for Kaizoku Musou 2.


    • Pyrofrost


      I love myself some Musou, period.

  • Gariya

    Samurai Warriors 4 Xtreme Legends for PS4, then?

  • Alkhan
    • Josephl64

      Hojo clan’s symbol, just in case you didn’t know. That clan definitely needed more representation ingame ~

      • Alkhan

        Yeah I know, lol

        Back in high school I did a thing on the Ouchi clan and then I saw what the Hojo clan symbol and knew where they got the Tri-force from.

      • fyi1191

        It seems like Hojo is raking in female officers to his force.

        • Josephl64

          And that’s exactly what I like to see ~

    • Gojira Twit

      Forget the symbol, is that a lacrosse racket?

  • fyi1191

    And no Naotora Ii yet but new characters? Welcome!

  • Chogokin

    I’m not sure why someone would play this over Sengoku Basara, but it looks better than I expected it to.

    • Josephl64

      Well…musou is definitely a genre not for everybody, but it’s also for people who want a game that’s a bit closer to real history than Basara

      • Chogokin

        If we were talking about Nobunaga’s Ambition I would understand the desire for historical accuracy, but neither Koei or Capcom strive towards that. Playing one series over the other because its slightly more historically accurate seems weird, but we all like different things.

    • new_tradition

      There’s the grudging truth that most of these games actually have come out in English, unlike Sengoku Basara :(

    • Pyrofrost

      The same reason some people prefer Coke over Pepsi, Pepsi over Coke, or Dr. Pepper over them all.

      Different people like different things.

  • Budgiecat

    That brown haired kid looks like Denzel from FF VII AC, and the white haired dude looks like Yaag Rosch from FF XIII…

  • Gojira Twit

    Where is my Ginchiyo?

  • new_tradition

    I didn’t know for the longest time that silver-haired guy was Yukimura’s brother. They look so different xD

    I’m still getting SB4 over this, but it doesn’t look bad at all. I think fans of the Musou series should be pleased ^^