Raiden IV and Caladrius coming to PlayStation 3
posted on 12.20.13 at 08:58 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Xbox 360 shoot 'em ups getting enhanced PS3 ports.

Raiden IV and Caladrius, two Moss-developed shoot ’em ups launched for Xbox 360 in 2008 and 2013, are coming to PlayStation 3.

Raiden IV: Overkill Caladrius

The PlayStation 3 version of Raiden IV is called Raiden IV: Overkill, and is based on the Xbox 360 and Arcade versions, but adds a new “Overkill Mode” element. It will launch in spring 2014 as a download-only title.

The PlayStation 3 version of Caladrius, tentatively titled Caladrius PS3, adds a new playable character and stage. It will launch in 2014.

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  • Pyrofrost

    Oh my fucking god!
    Caladrius (character designs by Suzuhito Yasuda) will be mine!

  • bloodiOS

    Sweet! I hope they’ll be localized!
    Now, if only Ikaruga was also going to be ported to the PS3…

    • tokyobassist

      If Ikaruga is your jam you might want to considering buying the Gamecube port or something. It’s starting to rise in value.

      Personally I’d rather have Radiant Silvergun since that game is a lot harder to obtain.

      • Pyrofrost

        I think Ikaruga may still be available on the 360s Arcade as well; I had it once upon a time when I had a 360.

      • bloodiOS

        Well, I’m also waiting on the PC (Steam) version of the game, so if a PS3 version isn’t available by then, I’ll grab the PC version instead. Also, I’m sure RS will eventually show up on Steam (as a port of the XBLA version) if I wait long enough.

        • ddsfan2

          Aren’t there issues with the XBLA version of Ikaruga though? I heard that slowdown was not implemented in parts, so it wasn’t really close to the arcade version.

          Not that I’d care that much, but I heard that the Gamecube port was pretty close to the PCB version.

          • bloodiOS

            Well, here’s hoping all of that had been sorted out in the upcoming Steam version.

          • almostautumn

            I dunno. I’m not a shmup expert at all, but I played the hell out of Ikaruga on XBLA and didn’t notice any deficiencies with it at all. I also own the original Dreamcast game and between the two I really didn’t see any difference.
            *I know it started as an arcade game, but I’ve never played that. Only the original home-console version.*

    • Oniros

      Well, Treasure is bringing it to Steam so there’s that.

      • bloodiOS

        Yeah, like I mentioned in my reply to Branden, if a PS3 port isn’t happening by the time Ikaruga is available on Steam, I’ll grab the PC version instead.

  • uhawww

    More shmups on PS3!
    Ketsui was getting lonely.

    • Oniros

      Under Defeat needs love too you know?

      • bloodiOS

        I got that game for free and loving the hell out of it.

      • LordKaiser

        I was hunting for the disc copy but never found it. There was 0 information about it’s arrival so I didn’t even knew it was released.

    • ddsfan2

      Am I the only fan of Gundemonium Recollection? It’s the only SHMUP that I’ve gotten a 1 CC for on anything other than the lowest difficulty level (at some point I might even be able to clear the 2nd highest difficulty, but the first two difficulties are pretty accessible).

  • 武神水樹

    I like the red head

  • $18114340

    I don’t suppose they’ll be localized yet?

  • Oniros

    Region-free Cave Shooting Collection coming to the PS3 in 2014. You saw it here first folks!

    (Cave pls)

    • ddsfan2

      I’d welcome the two games in the Ibara series in particular, as those are region locked and ridiculously expensive to boot.

      (edit 20140221: never happier to be wrong, just found out about, purchased and received the Region Free dual pack release of the games, fantastic games)

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Whats next Raiden Fighters is anoounced as well. Thatd be the shiz

  • ddsfan2

    Wow… I’m actually rather suprised about this port. I “caved” in (no pun intended) and bought a 360 last year for Akai Katana and a few other games. I already have this game, but I might double dip if the new mode is fun.

    I think that I have all of the Japanese developed SHMUPs for the PS3 so far — it has come a long way since 2006. I would actually now rate the PS3’s SHMUP library as very high quality, if a bit lacking in exclusives.

  • PrinceHeir

    want this!!!

  • LordKaiser

    This is the genre that needs a full revival and it’s the most niche of all. I will buy them as I did with Soldner X and Soldner X2 and it pains me that Side Quest Studios seems to had shelved the IP because “It was not selling enough”