No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games flooded
posted on 12.25.13 at 10:22 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Christmas Eve wasn't merry at indie studio's Guildford HQ.

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky and Joe Danger developer Hello Games was flooded over Christmas Eve, the studio reported on Twitter.

“Oh god,” the developer said in a tweet. “Water moves really quick. Hello Games has been totally flooded. Everything in the office has pretty much been lost.”

It continued, “A lifesize cardboard cut out of Joe Danger went floating past face down. Poor Joe. He’s taking this the worst.”

The flood began after a river broke its bank yesterday. Hello Games describes a “biblical amount” of water flooding in through the windows.

“We’ve lost most things – PCs, monitors, furniture, a door, a wall,” Hello Games said. “You’d think the massive water cooled mega PC would be ok? It was not.”

But the studio is confident it’ll come back stronger. “All we need is a place to work and a machine to work on,” it said.

Hopefully they’re keeping backups of their projects.

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  • Sevyne

    This is really unfortunate news. Hope they can get back on their feet. They seemed like some talented folks.

  • DesmaX

    … My god, that sounds horrifying.

    Good luck fot them to get. They’ll need all the help they can get

  • Invisbin

    FUCK dis my game :(

  • Eric Pena

    Ask a first party for help

  • Jontaku

    wow I knew English weather was bad but didn’t realise how bad. Fortunate I live in a decent area. Wish them the best in their recovery.

  • adhesive

    I’d be really surprised if they didn’t have at least one backup of their current projects. This is a full fledged game developer we’re talking about after all, not Project Zomboid.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Wow. That’s awful, man. :/

    I hope they can recover.

  • Karysonson


  • Aleksi Eerola

    You really don’t deserve to do any sort of business if you don’t have a regularly maintained contingency plan in case of natural disasters. It’s risk management 101.

  • Learii

    that fast is only been 3 week before they show at VGX then bam this

  • bloodiOS

    How unfortunate. I’m hoping they can easily replace whatever they lost, and yeah, hopefully there are proper backups.

  • PrinceHeir

    that sucks :