Freedom Wars 11-minute tutorial video
posted on 12.19.13 at 05:28 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Propakun guides viewers through upcoming game.

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has released a new 11-minute “Volunteer Tutorial Video” for upcoming PS Vita multiplayer action game Freedom Wars.

The video is guided by Propakun, the Shift and Dimps-developed game’s newly revealed mascot.

If you’re at Jump Festa this weekend, you’ll be able to test play Freedom Wars for yourself. If you missed our earlier report on the game, read it here.

Watch the video below.

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  • ayb_91

    Yesterday I was asking if we other choose other characters and here is the answer. Looks really promising. <3

    That bear I would do anything to kill it. So annoying !! :'(

    • Pyrofrost

      I can see the future~

  • refrain

    Love the music. That bear-like mascot is kinda cute.

  • gangrelion

    Looks and plays similar to God Eater, which is awesome (well, both are done by Shift, after all)! Looking foward for this game! I want to kill the bear too!

  • Furu Chi

    OMG!! This needs to be localized!!!!

    • Pyrofrost

      Yes, yes it does!

  • Pyrofrost

    Hopefully the game sees western shores.

    • Budgiecat

      It should. With the help of daily prayer….

      • Pyrofrost

        Only if there was someone to listen.
        QUICK! Build me a statue of Kaz!

    • almostautumn

      It will. It’s studio Japan, and an extreme few of their games haven’t been localized.
      Furthermore, this title is being marketed as a System Seller, and if you ask me that’s exactly what it is going to do. No matter that Monster-Hunting style games aren’t as big in the west as they are east, with one of the Vita’s biggest Western titles already being an MH genre title (Soul Sacrifice), than Freedom Wars should have some more push going for it then, say, when God Eater Burst first released in the west.

      It’ll happen. There’s absolutely no way it won’t.

  • Elvick

    Only thing I dislike about this game is the animation. Looks so odd. Not sure how to describe what looks wrong about it. Everything else looks sooooo good though.

    • Raiu

      The sprint looks alright but the normal movement is a big turn-off… It’s a minor thing to me and probably doesn’t bother me once I get used to it…

    • icecoffemix

      Looks like they messed up the video framerate during encoding. I don’t think the game will be that slow during actual gameplay.

    • tubers

      I agree but I’m starting to be more lenient with it since the gameplay looks pretty good so far.

      It’s “unnatural” and a “exaggerated”.

      People do not sprint like (watch the torso tucking and shoulders exaggerated) that nor is that how they walk/brisk walk (watch the lower leg movement carefully) when carrying something as heavy as a person.

      The stance also seems exaggerated and the animation noise (like breathing) look awkward as if breathing is moving from left to right of the body.

      • Budgiecat

        Japanese developers refuse to motion capture unless its for a CGI scene or if the game is outsourced

        • tubers

          It’s possible that it is intentional.

          You can manually motion trace/ rotoscope realistic human movement.

    • Sevyne

      I agree. Something definitely looks a bit awkward with the animation. Looks like it’ll be fun as hell though.

    • Bobby Jennings

      Agreed 100%

    • new_tradition

      Do you mean the Teddy Bear? It looks like it’s mouth wasn’t syncing with the words.

      This is also the only thing I didn’t 100% like about the game, and I don’t even really hate it xD

      • Elvick

        Nope. Character (in-game) animation.

  • Naipawat Poolsawat

    Pretty good , better gameplay compare to attack on titan 3ds.

  • Nick Pantazis

    This looks cool, but I wish Sony would get over their obsession with the Monster Hunter audience. Give me a true JRPG or Action JRPG Sony! Regardless, I’ll buy it if it comes West.

    • icecoffemix

      Bringing back old IP like Legend of Dragoon, Legaia, Arc the Lad, Dark Cloud and Wild Arms is also an option. *wink wink nudge nudge*

    • tubers

      I wish they won’t if it means more games like this and IMO, it’s a “real” Japanese Action RPG.

      I feel like games like Toukiden that may warrant the MH connotation, but not this.

      -Cover System
      -Direct Commands to Android
      -Grappling Mechanics (bldg. to bldg.)
      -8 Players Max
      -“3 Weapon System” (Sword/Projectile/Thorn)
      -Rescue oriented
      -Comprehensive dismemberment
      -Post Apocalyptic

      -few weapons
      -few items
      -No stamina
      -No fishing
      -No farming
      -No mining
      -No skinning
      -No “armor”
      -No multiple small areas in a single map
      -No organic map layouts

      • Kurisu Makise

        Honestly this doesn’t feel nearly as Hunting Action as the others I agree. This feels more like Co-Operative Action, which is something they should be trying to push as well, in order to expand variety and titles. All I’d need now is a Resident Evil spin-off like this, and I’d be set for the rest of Vita’s lifespan (Co-Op through various environments, fending off the next virus, strategic use of sound so that player movements actually impact the maps…ah, a girl can dream)

    • Dinoegg96

      What about Over My Dead Body 2???

    • Budgiecat

      There are a lot of Monster Hunter/Phantasy Star Online (yes MH is a PSO clone I said it) out there. Lets see:

      God Eater
      Earth Seeker
      Elemental Hunters
      Kaiju Busters
      Nano Driver
      Ragnorok Odyssey Ace
      Freedom Wars
      Fairy Tail Portable Guild series
      Toriko Gourmet series
      Naruto (forget its name) PSP & Wii game
      and in a sense, Deep Down, Lost Planet. Dragon’s Dogma
      FF XIII, XIII LR, Valhalla Knights Eldar Saga, Frontier Gate, Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce, Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll have MH style elements in them

  • TheExile285

    All of my want!

    • HighBrowDrifter

      That….is the perfect way to express my emotional standpoint….as well.

  • TheBlackRabbit

    hello monster eater wars! i like it.

    • tubers

      Lost Monster Eater Wars!

      (Lost Planet, Monster Hunter, God Eater)

      • TheBlackRabbit

        yes an i will buy this game.

  • 武神水樹

    Has some nice team play elements

    • Kurisu Makise

      Team play really makes or breaks these types of games. So if they have a good focus on those aspects, this could do really well, might even top Soul Sacrifice.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Do we know who’s composing? Because the OST is sounding goooood.

  • Bobby Jennings

    I just hope the game has a traditional leveling system.

  • Kobracon

    Man this looks gooood. I really hope it gets localised!