Dengeki Bunko fighter adds three new support characters
posted on 12.09.13 at 11:40 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Holo, Boogiepop, and Sadao Mao join the support roster.

An update on the official Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax website has revealed three new support characters set to appear in the upcoming fighter.

Joining the support roster are Holo from Spice and Wolf, Boogiepop from Boogiepop Phantom, and Sadao Mao from The Devil Is a Part-Timer!.

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax is due out in Japanese arcades in spring 2014, and on an unannounced home console at a later date.

Update: We’ve added screenshots from Dengeki Online.

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  • Josephl64


  • Jesse

    Kind of wish they were playable, but hey, it’s good to see Boogiepop again, regardless. =D

  • Takane Shijou

    Honestly, kind of bummed to see Mao isn’t going to be a playable character in this. Happy to see Holo in this in some form as well.

    • Sevyne

      Playable Mao would have been awesome.

    • echokanon

      Although i wished to have Mao to be playable, having Emi as playable and him assisting would be fine too for me.

      Just hoping tho

  • Eder García

    excuse my ignorance, who the heck is Boogiepop? also Holo as assist? WTF French Bread?

    • Josephl64

      Boogiepop is an older title, but I do agree that Holo should be playable

    • LordKaiser
    • MrKappa

      Boogiepop is some OG stuff, right up there with Serial Experiments Lain.

    • Arcana Gear

      Boogiepop if from 2000 (anime) , so if you arent a fan of dengeki you probably wont know it.

  • Kayseur

    Playable Mao would’ve been cool and he would’ve fitted the role perfectly but I don’t think his series is that popular compared to the already-announced others. So support is fine.
    But. Holo as support as well? Now that’s a bummer. Though if we get Lawrence playable I’d be fine with it (but still sad, kind of like with Kirino / Kuroneko, I just can’t get what’s going on French Bread’s head with those choices).

  • Arcana Gear

    ahhhh i wanted at least mao or holo playable… .

  • Hidayat246

    WTF holo is playable character?????????????????

    Oh god why this game never come to EU

  • Rizky Ichigo-kun JpAni-prince

    Where’s Strike the Blood and Unbreakable Machine Doll


    When do we know which console it’s for? It’s not like everyone goes to arcades