Class of Heroes 2G coming to North America
posted on 12.23.13 at 10:37 AM EDT by (@salromano)
PlayStation 3 RPG coming with new "dual-screen play" feature.

Gaijinworks and Monkey Paw are bringing Acquire and Zero Div’s Class of Heroes 2G, first launched for PlayStation 3 in Japan in July 2010, to North America.

The news comes via an online preview for new video game magazine Retro.

The western release appears to be adding a new “dual-screen play” feature.

A release date was not announced. The game is just listed as “coming soon.”

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • DarthBrian

    Thank you, based Gaijinworks and Monkey Paw! <3

  • TetsuyaHikari

    That is INSANE. They reeeeeeeeeeeally should have just skipped this one and brought 3 instead though (well, the PS3 version of 3 that is). 2G is an excellent step up from 2, but 3 adds music for dungeons (which is awesome) and a ton of new customization and class options are available as well.

    I kind of spoiled myself when jumping from 1 to 3 to 2G, lol. I guess if you haven’t played 3, then going from 1 to 2G will be amazing, but yeah… I really got used to the dungeon music and such, and a lot of it was really nice >w<

    The battle music was definitely a step up too, in my opinion. I'll post some examples below so you can listen if you'd like~

    Battle BGMs:

    Dungeon BGMs:

    There may be some town and battle themes in those parts. It has been a while since I've fully listened to them, but most of them is dungeon music. 2G is definitely fun in its own way though, even without the music, so if you like dungeon crawlers such as Wizardry, just anime style, then you'll probably enjoy this game.

    • TetsuyaHikari

      And if you’re a completionist like myself, here’s a random screenshot I took years ago from 3 which shows 100% completion of a floor to a particular dungeon (they have 10+ in that game, usually with 5 or more floors in them). This will probably look totally random for those that are unfamiliar with these games, map layouts, and traps… But for the rest of you, you’ll understand how long and crazy it can get (and remember, this is just ONE floor of one dungeon, lol).

      This is just basically to give you an idea of what to expect when getting into this. 3 may be different in a lot of ways, but one thing has remained true for all of them… They have complexity in a handful of their dungeons, heh.

      • drproton

        GaijinWorks already basically confirmed that CoH 3 is coming.

        • TetsuyaHikari

          Well, “basically confirmed” doesn’t cut it. I’ll wait for something more official.

    • DesmaX

      To be fair, they already have the game fully translated (I mean, they did release the PSP version here), so it’s a lot easier to release this port than a full release like the next game

      • TetsuyaHikari

        To be fair, 2 and 2G aren’t exactly the same game, so there would be additional skills, profiles, items, etc. that they would need to translate for this anyway. Sometimes the easier solution isn’t always the best one. For example, they COULD have localized both Wizardry games on PSN, but they only chose to localize the first part, despite both parts already being out in Japan.

        Not only were they out in Japan, but they had already released both in physical format as well for those that skipped the digital version + DLC scenarios. The point is, these type of games cater to a niche crowd in NA, so we can’t exactly expect them to cater to our needs in the utmost fashion.

        3 basically improves upon 2G in every way, shape, and form, so it would have just been better had they skipped 2G, especially since we already have 2 localized. If anything, a better solution would have been to simply skip 2 altogether and just localized 2G since it’s an enhanced version. That way, they could have cut out the middleman and went straight to 3, but instead… They choose to put their resources towards this outdated version.

        3 is old as well, but not AS old. Regardless, I will admit it is nice to have them do this. We don’t really get many dungeon crawlers, so those that don’t wish to import can now enjoy this as well as games like Demon Gaze.

        • DesmaX

          The thing is, it’s wiser to test the market before going for a full release. It’s hard to know if people would buy a game like on the PS3

          • TetsuyaHikari

            Normally, I’d agree with this, but dungeon crawlers have NEVER had a big following in NA, even back to the early days of Wizardry still run by SirTech. They could test the market or not with these games and it wouldn’t matter. They just don’t sell well in NA and never have, unfortunately.

            It’s like pachislot games in Japan. They can’t really “test” the market with those. They always have mediocre sales because they are mediocre games.

    • DesmaX

      Oh, and the links you posted are broken

      It shows “404エラー”

      • TetsuyaHikari

        Refresh the page. They have been fixed.

  • DesmaX

    Oh, been waiting for this for quite some time.

    I’ll put it on my list

  • Anoia

    Still waiting for CoH2 psp to appear on EU PSN.

  • Alkhan

    4 year old Japanese first person view dungeon crawler with “cutesy/cartoony” anime style character designs from a series with average critical reception and very low sales is releasing on PS3 in 2014 among much bigger JRPGs?

    I hope Gaijinworks and Monkey Paw aren’t expecting to make any money, if so they will be very disappointed.

    They couldn’t localize a more recent Acquire/ZeroDiv IP like Mind=Zero?

    • TetsuyaHikari

      Mind=Zero would have sold just as bad. They probably aren’t expecting to make any money off this. Much like Working Designs… Gaijinworks isn’t in it for the money. They release very niche titles that they know only a few people will be playing, but they do it anyway.

      Still… Ken to Mahou to Gakuen Mono./Class of Heroes is basically an anime version of Wizardry anyway. They rip exact map layouts for dungeons and story elements from Wizardry X, but we never localized that, so you’d really only notice it if you had imported them and/or looked up information regarding each game and noticing the similarities.

      • Kuma Kabo

        They aren’t in it for the money…? I’m sure they just love being homeless and putting their families through starvation.

        • Pyrofrost

          I’m pretty sure you understood what he meant. Are you just looking to pick a debate where there is no need?

          • Kevadu

            Sarcasm aside, he made a valid point. You guys make it sound like most smaller localization companies are swimming in cash or something. The reality is that they can barely even break even. And those are the ones who are supposedly “in it for the money”. There iis a very real chance that Gaijinworks and Monkey Paw are going to be *losing* money on this, which just isn’t sustainable whether you are “in it for the money” or not…unless you have employees who don’t mind not being paid or something…

            • Pyrofrost

              I don’t see where the point was made where anyone is swimming in cash, doesn’t need money, doesn’t want to pay their employees, and etc. We all know they need to make sales and earn money for the project. No one is saying that’s not the case.

              However, you have two type of people who do this kind of work for the most part. There are people who punch-in and punch-out every day. They don’t particularly like their job. They are doing it because they are proficient at it and it pays the bills.
              Then you have the type of people who genuinely love what they do with all their heart and soul. It’s more than just a job to these people, it’s a pass-time or a hobby. They get a sense of fulfillment out of what they do. They still need and want to earn money and pay the bills, but it’s something more to them.

              I think people are just here picking out that statement in his post for no other reason than to start an unnecessary debate about it.

              • Kevadu

                All I’m saying is that it doesn’t *matter* how passionate they are, employees still need to be paid. And I’m pretty sure that’s what Kuma Kabo was trying to say too.

                Saying that it’s OK if their games don’t sell because they aren’t in it for the money is ridiculous when you’re occupying a niche with profit margins as small as this one. They simply don’t have that luxury. They *have* to think about the money if they want to stay in business.

                And we are not picking on some minor inconsequential statement in anyone’s post. It was the crux of the whole argument.

                • Pyrofrost

                  Why is this even a debate then? It’s completely a fruitless argument to be having. What’s is the point of picking apart a common figure of speech as a literal “they don’t want or need to earn money” statement?
                  It’s pretty obvious people *need* to be paid for doing a job and to stay in business, it’s common knowledge.
                  I wouldn’t think anyone would have the idea that they don’t need to be paid.

                  Seriously, why is this even up for discussion? Why do almost all gaming forums need to come down to this silliness? What is to be gained from it? Is it to say, “you’re wrong” and bestow common knowledge? Is it just to be antagonistic? Is there a sense of self-fulfillment? Is it simply out of boredom? I really don’t understand.

                  • Kevadu

                    Why are you so worked up over this?

                    • Pyrofrost

                      I’m not worked up. I’m just wondering why, if for no other reason than to satisfy my own curiosity.

                    • Kevadu

                      Fine then, let me explain.

                      I genuinely do not believe that there’s a single company out there localizing niche JRPGs that is primarily motivated by profit. Yes, this even includes companies like NISA who’s work I’m not always a fan of. The fact is that it’s not a terribly profitable business model and if they really just wanted money there are a lot of other things they could do. I think pretty much everyone in this niche is doing it because they have a passion for these kinds of games.

                      That said, business realities are still a constant concern. There are tons of projects that get passed on because the projected sales would be too low or it would just cost too much to do. Most of them we never hear about because companies don’t generally announce the things they’re *not* doing, but they certainly do exist.

                      Back to Gaijinworks, I feel like they’re being put on a bit of a pedestal by saying, “oh well they’re not in it for the money.” As if all the other folks doing this kind of work were. As I said, I really don’t think that’s the case. So how can Gaijinworks pursue projects like this that are niche within the niche? There are a couple possibilities: either they have external funding and are willing to take losses in the short term in exchange for building some kind of brand. Or maybe they’re just not good at business and won’t be around for very long. I don’t know.

                    • Pyrofrost

                      I agree with you completely on this. However, you didn’t answer my question at all! You have posted, re-stating the obvious again. What is your objective exactly?

                      What I was curious about is why a common figure of speech was taken in literal context and up for debate in the first place. What gave you the impression that I was oblivious to them needing money and whatnot? Surely, you would believe I realize this.

                      EDIT ~ for the added 3rd paragraph:

                      I would also agree about Gaijin not being the only ones who “aren’t in it just for the money.” XSeed is another example of a group like that. I know Tom, and he has a passion for this sort of thing. I’m sure the same could be said about the guys at Atlus and Aksys; otherwise, they wouldn’t pick up the projects they choose. You really have to love your job and your fanbase, if you’re constantly picking up games that aren’t going to bring in the uber money-bags.

                      I think Tetsuya was simply talking about Gaijin specifically when he used that figure of speech; because this article is about them and only them. He was using it in contrast to the fact that they are putting out a game, knowing that sales aren’t going to be stellar. I don’t think that he was necessary putting anyone on a pedestal or putting anyone down.

                      Also, IIRC, they also had a kickstarter project for this. So I’m assuming that is being incorporated to localization and publishing. I don’t remember all the details on that though.

                    • Alkhan

                      I thought the Kickstarter was for the last Class Of Heroes they did?

                    • Pyrofrost

                      You’re right mate, my mistake. ^_^
                      The kickstarter was for deluxe physical copies of 2; and even if it failed, they still planned to do a digital release 2 & 2G digitally.

    • hoez

      GungHo NA probably hasn’t made a decision about Mind/Zero.

  • drproton

    In the same thread they teased a new PSP localization from a major publisher.

  • Pyrofrost

    I wish them luck on this release.

  • Budgiecat

    I guess I should commend them for their… determination and perseverance?

  • icecoffemix

    I thought this is PSP/PS3 cross buy?

    Nonetheless, I’m not a fan of “create your own character and team mate” RPG, so oh well.

    • Kuma Kabo

      I’m usually not either, and the PSP version of this game was no different. I liked Etrian Odyssey 4 well enough, though. Still not my favorite game, but I liked it. Give it a shot!

      • icecoffemix

        I will if the game has demo, I’m just the kind of player who really value proper character, personality and their interaction on his RPG. Didn’t like EO too, sorry. :/

        Kinda interested on EO Untold though, might pick it up whenever I got 3DS.

        • TetsuyaHikari

          There are a TON of NPCs to interact with, so you shouldn’t be too discouraged about your party members not getting the spotlight for character development and whatnot.

          • icecoffemix

            Not the same thing at all sorry.

            • TetsuyaHikari

              Well, to be fair… Most dungeon crawlers are like this :p

              They either allow you to create every character in your party or they give you preset characters to choose from, but 9 times out of 10… They don’t actually have a part in the story or any development at all.

              • icecoffemix

                That’s why I love Unchained Blades. :P

                Too bad it doesn’t seems to garner enough sales to localize its successor. :'(

                • Pyrofrost

                  If you’re into importing, there is Labyrinth Cross Blood: Infinity (Meikyuu Cross Blood: Infinity) and Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss (Tokyo Shinseiroku: Operation Abyss).

                  If you’re interested.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    I was thinking of importing this, and now that they are localizin this game. Problem Solved.

  • HarryHodd

    Wow, cool. Would like to try this out.