Zato=One joins Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign
posted on 11.20.13 at 10:28 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Plus, can you figure out this mystery character?

Zato=One, Guilty Gear‘s sightless shadow fighter, will be a playable character in Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign, an update on the game’s official website confirms.

He joins the previously confirmed Chipp Zanuff, Millia Rage, Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Faust, Venom, Potemkin, I-No, Axl=Low, and Slayer.

In addition to Zato=One, a mystery character page was also been added to the game’s website. There’s no name or details, just this silhouette:

Guilty Gear Xrd: Sign is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • Sevyne

    Nice. Still waiting for Baiken though.

  • Eder García

    Zato returns from the death

  • Heavenly_King

    PS4 version it is!! :D

  • Aiddon

    wait, Zato-One, not EDDIE? This is definitely NOT a typo, which intrigues me

    • $1392518

      YEah. that definitely messes with XX a bit

  • 武神水樹

    Maybe that’s why Millia joined that organization

  • shogunknight

    If it were a crossover, ill have said rachel from blazblue. Other than that, maybe valentine

  • gangrelion

    I just hope this silhouette isn’t for a Guilty Gear 2 character (maybe that lizard old guy), this would make this game’s continuity very confusing!

    • $37823552

      Erm… why? It’s set after 2.

      • gangrelion

        Didn’t see anyone confirming that. Until now it’s only at fan’s presupposition level. I don’t know if you heard this, but Daisuke himself said during interviews that he was never involved with GG after the first version of XX, so he was very unsatisfied with the way the series turned on. Therefore, I think it’s possible that this game will be a sequel to XX, and it will ignore GG2 or any expansion like XX accent core. Maybe this mysterious new character will prove me wrong, but until now, I am not seeing anything related with GG2 continuity. Like Ky, who is not wearing his King outfit and is not wielding Aquila.
        Anyway…My friend is saying this new character is actually a crazy re-design for Bridget!

        • $37823552

          I bloody well hope Accent Core isn’t ignored. Loved me some Order Sol.

          • gangrelion

            I could be wrong but I think Order Sol is just a version of Sol from the past, so he doesn’t really have a properly plot in the current games, just like Kliff and Justice.

            • $37823552

              You’re right, but he played different enough for me to feel more comfortable with him.

              • gangrelion

                Well, they just need to say Order Sol got a ride with Axl to the future and voilá! We get him back!

  • Fainaru Luna

    wait, if it is Zato-1 and not Eddie then will Takehito Koyasu still voice him or what

  • Shinsua

    I originally thought the silhouette might be Robo-Ky, but what’d be the point for the holdout? Unless it’s like, Robo-Ky Mk.III. What I’d guess is the head looks appropriately rounded for such a hairstyle, and all of the gizmos seem to be propping out of the character who appears to be sitting on a chair. Aside that, maybe a completely new character/story character turned playable.

  • $37823552

    That silhouette is listed as ‘新キャラクター’ on the ‘wanted’ page. That means ‘New Character’, so nobody’s likely to guess who it is.