Warframe pre-order bonuses announced
posted on 11.07.13 at 06:14 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Free pre-order includes rifle weapon skin, Platinum, and Credits.


Warframe, Digital Extremes’ ninja third-person shooter MMO, is launching alongside PlayStation 4 next Friday, November 15.

The game is free, but it is currently up for pre-order on PlayStation Network. If you pre-order the game on the PlayStation Store before November 12 (which again, is free), you’ll get the ‘Ultimate Fan Pack’, which includes an exclusive PlayStation Braton Rifle weapon skin, 50 Platinum, and 20,000 Credits.

“Tons” of new content has been added to Warframe since it was revealed for PlayStation 4 at E3, associate producer Pat Kudirka said on the PlayStation Blog. And there are still “a few surprises” lined up ahead of launch. Kudirka promises more information on the game’s story and universe soon.

Post-launch, Digital Extremes will continue to support the community, with regular content updates.

Watch a new teaser trailer below.

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  • Invisbin

    Mind blown

  • Solomon_Kano

    Oh? Nice.

    Btw Warframe isn’t an MMO.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    How do you preorder a f2p game….

    • Lelouch Vi Britannia

      simple go to PS Store or “Store.SonyentertainmentNetwork.com”
      log in and you’ll see a PS4 section you can pre-order there or through PSN.

      • Learii

        oh that how you per-order the game without ps4 XD

    • Zackasaur

      The same way you pre-order any digital game on the PlayStation Store… Except it’s free this time!

      • Bobby Jennings

        i dont think he meant it that way

    • Bobby Jennings

      Same thing i said to myself last night when i saw this.

  • bloodiOS

    Those live North American region, pre-order it here:


    • AnimusVox

      Thank you :3

  • miyamoto

    Go Ninja! Go Ninja Go!

  • Zackasaur

    I don’t think it’s accurate to call Warframe an MMO.

    Also, this is cool! I pre-ordered.

    • Gigus

      The best part is the pre-order is free and the awesome part is the game is free!

  • Elvick

    Can’t wait to finally give this a try.

  • PrinceHeir

    glad it’s coming over to the PS4!