Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss debut trailer
posted on 11.11.13 at 10:33 PM EDT by (@salromano)
A deeper look at Experience's upcoming PS Vita dungeon RPG.

Following the release of Tokyo New World Record: Operation Abyss‘ opening movie late last month, Experience has released the PS Vita dungeon RPG’s debut trailer.

Watch it below. The game is due out January 23 in Japan.

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  • Gigus

    Another jrpg we may never see in the west. *sigh*

    • Elvick

      We’ve got quite a few dungeon crawler RPGs coming, so if those do well, I don’t see why this wouldn’t as well.

      Buy Demon Gaze, get this? Maybe. Can’t hurt it’s chances.

      • Gigus

        Do you know if mind zero is coming to eu and us? Thats one of the dungeon RPGs I wanna play.

        • TheExile285

          Nothing announced ATM but it took more than 6 months for Demon Gaze to get announced for localization.

        • Alkhan

          I believe at this point Mind =Zero has sold somewhere around 15-25k copies in Japan and was met with very poor reception because of it’s ending. I seriously doubt it’s coming to the west.

          • Gigus

            My japanese ain’t that good XD

            • Alkhan

              Apparently there are a lot of unresolved things at the end and it ended at what felt like halfway through.

              • Gigus

                They could be planning for a sequel. If they were sounds like they didn’t end it in the right direction for a sequel then.

            • Budgiecat


          • Kevadu

            While that was certainly an issue, I don’t think the ending is the only reason Mind 0 got poor reviews…

    • TheExile285

      We are getting Demon Gaze from NISA and its made by the same dev as this.

      • Gigus

        NISA? what about eu?

        • TheExile285

          NISA is bringing the game to EU.

          • Gigus

            Yesh! Time to be poor again. Better than being poor-er. I hate importing -__-. Shipping fees are so horrendous now.

    • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

      UFO might also bring this over – I don’t think the chances of this not coming over are anything substantial. Its going to come over – just wait for the localization announcement. Perhaps a Fall 2014 release?

  • PrinceHeir

    so many dungeon crawler games!!

  • jujubee88

    Has there ever been a drpg and Doom FPS fusion?

  • Budgiecat

    hooray for archaic lazy uninspired game design!

    20 seconds of gameplay in a 2 and a half minute trailer. Ashamed of showing it? Nahh…. Stay classy….

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Dungeon Crawlers will be Dungeon Crawlers. Everyone knows what it is so unless it has some unique mechanic like the whole rhythm thing like in Unchained Blades, what you want to focus on is the characters/story in the trailer.