Sony to allow PSN Sub to Master Account change [Update]
posted on 11.12.13 at 12:59 AM EDT by (@salromano)
You're not a child anymore. Why should your PSN account be?

Update: The information provided in this story is incorrect. After publishing the article, Sony contacted Polygon and clarified that “Sub accounts can’t be upgraded to master accounts on any PlayStation platform.”

Original: PlayStation Network Sub Accounts, or accounts created while under the age of 18, can soon be changed to Master Accounts, Sony product manager Chris Thielbar told Polygon at today’s PlayStation 4 review event in New York City.

When asked when this feature was decided upon, Thielbar said, “Very recently.” Which makes sense, given that Sony’s ‘Ultimate PlayStation 4 FAQ’ released late last month said Sub Accounts could not be changed to Master Accounts.

According to Thielbar, this won’t be limited to PlayStation 4. PlayStation 3 users who’ve turned 18 should also be able to convert their Sub Accounts to Master Accounts.

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  • ayb_91

    I just want to change my psn account to European one.

    • Elvick

      I just want to change my PSN ID.

      • McPoo

        I just want to feel, real love.

        • HighBrowDrifter

          What is Love? Sony don’t hurt me, don’t hurt, no more….

          • McPoo

            I hurt myself, today. To see if Sony are still real…

      • ayb_91

        That’s a real issue too.

      • JuhRo

        Diggin’ the new avatar, Elvick.. very elegant. If only you could swap your PSN one to the same one…. Oh, wait… Maybe if you made a facebook account and put that as your profile pic? :O Possibilities… endless…

        • Elvick

          Thanks :3

          I got it from someone on here, it’s just so sex. I had to start using it. Plus winter~

          • JuhRo

            Kudos on the find.

      • AdamBoy64

        I’d like to be able to do that.
        Or just the e-mail address my account is assigned to.

        It no longer exists. I’m thankful my password is saved on my PS3,,
        because I have no idea what it is. And I have no way of resetting it.

        If the PS3 loses the saved password, that’s the end of my account.

        Perhaps I’ll just need to start over..

        • PrinceHeir

          can’t you change it on the Sony Entertainment store on PC??

    • DrForbidden

      Can’t you just make a new Eu account?

      • ayb_91

        Trophies can’t transfer into the other new account pal. Don’t forget the ps+ subscription as well.

        • DrForbidden

          Why do you wish to convert the account to a Eu one, then? Sounds like you have everything you need already.

          In any case, you are free to get a new Eu account and then use both at the same time.

          • ayb_91

            Cuz the European one has very great games for ps+ members but the US, Ugggggggggh !!

            Yes I did make a EU account but subscribing to a ps+ would be kinda crazy.

            • McPoo

              To be fair I doubt they’ll ever let you change the region of your PSN account, as people would just change it to download the PS+ stuff from every region.

              The only way I think they’d do it is if it’s a one time change.

              • ayb_91

                Why not !? They should not even have made two different store regions in the first place !! Anyway, it won’t be free you know. Changing an account region has to deal with lots of info.

                • McPoo

                  I imagine the regions exist regardless of how many stores there are. I’d have thought it’s down to licensing issues, otherwise there would just be the one store running across the globe. At least by having a store for each region, we’re getting the most out of what’s available to where we live.

                  • ayb_91

                    A man can dream you know.

                    • McPoo

                      Apologies for trampling on those dreams >.<

                    • ayb_91

                      Lol. No need to apologize bro.

  • usagi_san


    Edit: That sucks. :(

  • totalf1

    When and how?

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    I have 2 PSN accounts.
    One American, and the Other Japanese.
    I’m keeping both accounts, and plus all my trophies will transfer from my current account to PS4.

  • StarWallace

    YES! I’m really hoping this is legit, I’ve waited so long. Here’s hoping we get some double confirmation from a second Sony executive soon.