Senran Kagura Burst hits North America next week
posted on 11.08.13 at 02:11 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Over-the-top side-scrolling action title lands November 14.

Senran Kagura Burst will launch for 3DS via the Nintendo eShop on November 14 in North America at an MSRP of $29.99, XSEED Games has announced.

An “over-the-top side-scrolling action title with a sense of humor,” Senran Kagura Burst is set in the prestigious Hanzo Academy, where female students are secretly trained in the art of ninjutsu. The game offers two separate storylines, “Skirting Shadows” and “Crimson Girls.” The former introduces players to the academy’s good shinobi, while the latter tells the story from the rival Hebijo Academy’s point of view.

Watch a new trailer below. Or check out some new screenshots at the gallery. Visit the game’s newly launched English website here.

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  • MrKappa

    Very good news, been waiting on this forever.

  • TheExile285

    Yep, my wallets ****ed for this month. ;_:

    Oh well, I’m looking forward to playing this. Normally I’d say day one but I actually have to wait till I get paid on Friday lol

  • Alkhan

    I hope this game sells very very poorly and gets trash reviews.

    I hate to see someone of XSEED’s level localizing fan service moe garbage like this.

    • Ferrick

      you do know that wishing a game to sell poorly won’t help anyone right ?

    • OlimacFTW

      And to think that you said something like that before, such hipocrisy.

      “So basically your whole argument is that anyone who likes things that you hate have bad taste? You sound like a terrible person”.

    • Sal Romano

      Ignorant comment. I’m not typically a fan of this type of game, but I appreciate the variety it brings.

      Also, doesn’t make sense to wish for bad sales for a game coming from a company which you appreciate.

    • Arcana Gear

      you know that if XSEED who is so small, with less than 7 people, have a game to sell very very poorly, they will be in danger, and the amount of localizations of “good” games will suffer to?

      If you dont like the game just dont buy, but i dont see why you want to a company enter in danger and harm other games localizations chances…….

    • Alkhan

      If downvoting that comment makes you feel better about how horribly this game will flop then I’ll downvote it too ;)

      • Ferrick

        quick question, were you drop kicked and german supplexed on the head when you were born ?

        • DrForbidden

          That’s certainly a possibility, though I suspect it’s more likely that the person doing his circumcision botched the attempt and doctors had to amputate. I read about it in a medical journal.

          Now he goes around trying to destroy other people’s excitement to compensate for his inability to get excited about anything.

      • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

        You sir are a brave soul.

    • Sentsuizan_93

      Not sure if ignorant or just downright rude….

      • Leon_Tekashi

        Relax. I do believe you all are dealing with a troll so best advice: Ignore.

    • Alkhan

      More downvotes please. Let’s see if we can hit 100!

      JRPGs suck! WRPGs suck! Fighting games suck! FPS & TPS suck! racing games suck! adventure games suck!
      Nintendo sucks! Microsoft sucks! Sony sucks!

      Zelda is lame, Final Fantasy is lame, and Halo is lame!

      Pokemon is a terrible series!
      Let me see those downvotes!

      • MrKappa

        Come on buddy, don’t use this to hide the butt hurt of your first post.

        • DrForbidden

          He’s using it to hide the butthurt of his mommy not letting him buy the game.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      this is why we never get games we want in english

    • divinelite

      first time downvoting someone

      and i’m not regretting it ^^

      • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

        If this game is all about fanservice – I would have though MQL would have at least made the fanservice more “presentable”. Based on the trailer, those aren’t even polygons – more like polycubes and polyblocks.

    • Raiu
    • Budgiecat

      lol 41??

  • Chestnut Bowl

    It’s a shame there’s no PC access to the 3DS Shop. I’d support this to get Shinovi Versus over here.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      I think shinovi versus won’t be localized.. bcos it’s not 3ds and more explicit

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Who thumbed this down? This is my hopes and dreams exactly. I wish i could buy it online because i have no 3ds.

  • Binks5

    ah just in time too gonna get it after i get that golden 3DS XL =D

  • Arcana Gear

    Hopes that this sells well, XSEED bring so many titles that i luved. And i hope too that the “controversy” help like what happened with Dragon Crown.

    • Kevadu

      Thus far I haven’t seen much controversy because this game isn’t on most people’s radar screens. It’s a bit too obscure…

      • BizarreJelly

        It’s usually the more obscure Japanese games that get controversy, most recently Killer is Dead.

        We shall see when this releases.

        • British_Otaku

          Killer is Dead is a Suda51 project, they tend to get a lot of word of mouth based on how great Killer 7 and No More Heroes were at the least aside from all of them being weird. While, Dragon’s Crown is the biggest project from Vanillaware yet.

          However, as you said, we will see when it releases.

  • Raoni Marques

    Too bad it won’t reach the Vita. Gonna grab it for the 3ds anyway

    • Kevadu

      The Vita version is a completely different game. Xseed has implied that if this does well they might do the Vita game too.

      • Renaldi Saputra

        first, many ppl have 3ds rather than vita..
        second, the vita version was more explicit than this..

        • Watahashi

          First, the one game sold far better on the Vita than both 3DS titles combined. Sales data backs this up.

          Second, the icons that cover up the fully naked girls actually cover more than some of the clothing items you can equip. 3DS version bikinis included. Unless you’re offended by implications, the Vita game is not more explicit.

          Third, Shinovi Versus is, by far, the better game. Burst has fewer campaigns, less story, less characters, less attacks, less clothing, and the actual gameplay is much more janky compared to SV, which makes sense, since it was made before the Vita game. Not to say it’s bad, SV is just better.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            but shinovi versus sold well bcos vita’s cut off price on that time

            • Watahashi

              And? That’s not relevant to the fact that you stated that the 3DS has a much larger install base. Senran Kagura still sold more on the system with less market share.

              The Vita version sold because it appeals more to the Vita demographics, compared to those of the 3DS. Senran Kagura just isn’t something that appeals to a majority of 3DS owners.

              • British_Otaku

                Sonic Lost World didn’t even sell a few thousand copies on the Wii U on the first week. When the Wii U went on sale, it sold over 30K systems (topping the 3DS, Vita and PS3 but not the 3DS LL) and the biggest game that released that week sold tons of copies.

                I suppose Sonic isn’t as big as Wii Fit to some, but Shinovi Versus had a perfect storm from being the third game in the series (which were increasing in sales installment by installment anyway and some of the better selling games), following up from tons of merchandise (anime, manga and figures), featuring a limited edition full of goodies and having a Vita sale.

                Demographics are a thing, but 50K on their first week in the first year of the 3DS’s life is amazing. Any new IP would beg for something like that. Nearly 70K with the second installment is similarly massive, surprisingly so since despite being two games in one, it doesn’t change up much even with all of the polish. Burst eventually got 100K as well.

                If we are talking about appealing to the majority of owners… All of the games fail that test, even Double Dash and Melee that sold over 7 million compared to the number of GameCube systems sold, didn’t reach half. 100K or even a million is far short of a majority on either platform (Vita had over 2 million system out there by June 2012).

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Actually I’d say that it is more explict, though that’s not a bad thing but it does push the limits of a console game a bit with you being able to touch them.Though again it’s not a bad thing nor is it that bad
            I can see the vita version having a m rating.

            • Watahashi

              Burst has a very similar model viewer. The touching doesn’t make a big difference.

              • Kumiko Akimoto

                The touching would absolutely make a difference, the breast move and they react it’s sexually suggestive at that point.
                The touching,the full clothes break, the clever censors, and some of the story lines and pictures would definitely make it an m, ohh and I almost forgot a lot of the panties.
                Burst got away with a t because it didn’t go that far
                Also having the same character models doesn’t isn’t really a determinate in ratings.

          • Strid

            Eh, I’d disagree. SV is fun, but Burst is far, far better. Personally, I preferred it when it was more like the Ikki Tousen PSP games and not some Dynasty Warriors without all the enemies type thing.

    • BizarreJelly

      If this can get an English Vita release then anything else can aswell.

  • Takane Shijou

    Still wish we could’ve got a physical copy, but I’m still happy we’re getting the game in general. Looking forward to next week.

  • kurosan9712

    Reading all the hype, I’m secretly laughing, because I had the game in September 2012(and the first game in September 2011).
    *bad laugh*

    • DrForbidden

      I think it’s funny that you think that anyone cares enough about you owning the Japanese version of the games for you to post about it.

      • kurosan9712

        It’s funny you think I care about anyone.

        • DrForbidden


          Not sure where you got the idea that I think you care about anyone, but ok, sure, whatever. Have a good weekend.

    • Strid

      I’m openly laughing because they’re about to pay more than I paid [including shipping] for a fresh, new sealed cartridge, and all they’re gettin’ is a crummy digital download on one of the worst digital download services ever.

  • Omega_Shiro

    I want this only my internet hates 3ds :( so I would have to walk to someone else to even download it once its out just like with ace attorney :(

  • divinelite

    due to no account-tied 3ds, i’ll skip this. planning to sell my 3ds after ace attorney finish, might buy another when super smash bro released

    totally double dip if vita version released

    • British_Otaku

      Why did you buy Ace Attorney Dual Destinies if you have a problem with the lack of accounts? If you don’t hold onto it till Nintendo introduce accounts (even if most people don’t replay AA probably), you will lose it and other software if you sell it.

      Just in case you don’t know, the “Vita Version” is a completely different game. I guess that’s why you want that one, but call it “Shinovi Versus” or “Senran Kagura Vita” instead of being weird. >_>

  • Shinsua

    B-but… the gameplay still doesn’t look all that fun to me.

    • British_Otaku

      If so, you can probably give it a miss.
      I can’t say more than it is a fairly good action game, has quite a lot of content and a strong visual novel element. The combat does get better, but not enough that I can recommend this to someone really on the fence without you playing a demo or something.

  • Raiu

    Inserts obligatory ‘Tits are life, ass is hometown’ comment here.

  • Kobracon

    Hmmm….i think they lowered the jiggling and did they censor Kat?? She was the only one not shown in her default outfit. Coz even a Bikini is less revealing than her default costume.

    • British_Otaku

      Katsuragi’s artwork is uncensored on their website, she is clearly wearing her default costume when she is doing her special through it is completely damaged.

      I’ve spent over 100 hours with SK and can say that the jiggle factor isn’t lowered beyond what I would expect.

      • Kobracon

        Well thats odd. It was quite clearly censored in the trailer. Good to know that nothing was toned down, taking that out takes out half the charm out of the game.

        • British_Otaku

          It is rather odd, I suppose it is standard for game trailers or trailers in general to hide certain details, avoiding key deaths and gratuitous fanservice as that makes them more accessible and easier to distribute on a number of platforms regardless of the rating. Like all of those 15+ to 18+ movies or games that may have sex or the possibility of shooting up an airport but they don’t spotlight that directly and are marketed next to your usual stuff.

          I haven’t actually played the American/English version so I can’t say whether anything is touched up aside from what is shown in the trailers, but I do hear that the ages are removed from the profile (not stopping you from using google or studying Japanese to understand the few direct references to ages in the voice work >_>). It isn’t a great loss and I guess if it helps them bring it over, it’s fine even if it makes no sense.

  • Budgiecat

    How in the heck we’re getting this but we can’t get:

    Dragon Quest VII

    Dragon Quest Monsters

    E.X. Troopers

    Gundam: The 3D Battle

    Mushi Bugyou

    Masked Rider: Traveler’s Chronicle

    One Piece Unlimited Cruise 1 & 2

    One Piece Unlimited World RED

    Toriko: Gourmet Monsters!

    Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger

    That Disney Animal Crossing game

    Attack on Titan

    Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger

    Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

    Conception II

    Danball Senki W Super Custom

    Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter: Albatross no Tsubasa

    Metal Max 4

    Lost Heroes

    Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode

    Youkai Watch

    • MosquitoLemon

      Most of those are games based on big-name anime that XSeed can’t get the license for. Plus nobody said we weren’t getting Metal Max 4, it just came out in Japan. Senran Kagura has been out in Japan forever and it was only announced for US a few months ago.

  • PrinceHeir

    buying it day 1 already just like i did with Dual Destinies ^^