Off-screen image of next Mass Effect teased [Update 3]
posted on 11.07.13 at 04:19 PM EDT by (@salromano)
And if everyone is good, we'll get another image soon.

Mass Effect franchise producer Michael Gamble took to Twitter today to tease the next installment in the sci-fi RPG series, known to be underway at BioWare.

“The next chapter of Mass Effect is upon us,” Gamble said in a tweet.

The following image was attached.

"The next chapter of Mass Effect is upon us"

Today is N7 Day, a yearly Mass Effect celebration day.

Meanwhile, Manveer Heir, a gameplay designer on the next Mass Effect, promised to share “a pic relate to the new Mass Effect game” in an hour, “if everyone is good.”

Be on your best behavior now!

Update: BioWare Monreal studio director Yanick Roy shared the following image, accompanied by the text, “…with new characters to fall in love with.”

Update 2: BioWare Montreal level designer Gary Stweart tweeted, “…new enemies to encounter,” with the following image:

Update 3: And another from Manveer Heir: “…and new worlds to explore!”

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