Killzone: Shadow Fall ‘ultra high bitrate’ multiplayer footage
posted on 11.04.13 at 01:30 PM EDT by (@salromano)
544mb video download shows best possible fidelity and framerate.

Guerrilla Games has released a “lightly compressed” one minute gameplay video of Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Unlike previous videos, however, this video is not being distributed through a video sharing service, but via a downloadable zip file.

“Unfortunately, there are limitations to streamed video on the internet, and many of the clips and trailers we’ve released thus far aren’t being viewed in the best possible fidelity and framerate,” Guerrilla Games technical director Michiel van der Leeuw said on the PlayStation Blog.

Download the video here. It’s 544 mb.

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  • Nhiroz

    I only just realised YouTube doesn’t stream above 30 frames…. I don’t blame them for doing this :-)

  • Solomon_Kano

    Hey Sal, the DL hyperlink is broken.

  • Alan Espinoza Orozco

    i got Error 404 – Page Not Found when i try to download the video :C

  • DarthBrian

    After watching the video I think I’m gonna have to pass on this. The FOV is too narrow so I’d undoubtedly get simulation/motion sickness while playing it. Too bad. :(

    • $18114340

      I don’t understand why modern shooters sacrifice playability for visuals. A lot of FPS these days are almost unplayable to me because the games look so zoomed in, and this is almost always solely to preserve an increased visual fidelity… Tune down the textures, cull some extraneous details, I seriously don’t mind if the game can run at a stable frame rate in a playable FOV. For all the gushing that the next-gen runs at 1080p 60fps ideal, we’re still operating on the technical limitations of the PS2/Xbox generation if we insist on having sub-70 FOVs.

  • Sal Romano

    DL link fixed.

  • Zackasaur

    This is hawt. o_o

  • bloodiOS

    I wonder when might there be a Western equivalent of Niconico…

    • shogunknight

      This! Even with subtitles im perfectly ok

  • BigClur

    Wooot! so close !.. I’m dying.. I want my ps4 already! :D

  • Nate

    Looks really cool. Makes me wish I was getting a ps4. But I’m confident that Titan Fall and Halo 5 will be better than all of the ps exclusives for me.

    • shogunknight

      The two consoles havent even come out yet, Halo 5 gameplay hasnt been revealed yet, we still have about 10 years to go for both consoles and youre already…….sigh, just dont be too quick to judge yet.

      • Nate

        True I can’t tell the future, but why are you so angry at me? I said better for me. I’m sure ps4 will be great. I just have faith that the xbox one will have games that I enjoy more. For example I’ve played Killzone 1-3, Liberation, and Mercenary (currently playing), as well of all the resistance games, and I’d take Halo over any of those. When I’m excited about Halo 5 I’m excited to see what happens next in the series after the cliffhanger in 4, and I have faith I’ll enjoy that more than anything sony has. I’ve had a ps3 for years and recently got a 360. I wish I would have had a 360 instead of the ps3 when comparing how much I absolutely love the halo series. It has a great campaign, coop, and multiplayer. I can’t wait for 5. I have faith they will live up to the record and standard of excellence they have started.

        And from what I’ve seen on Titan fall, I’m supper excited. I’m a huge mech and fps fan, and this is finally going to be the game I’ve wanted for so so many years. Sony’s just let me down over these many years of supporting them and I’m ready to move on. I had a ps1-3 and both handhelds. But who knows when the consoles come out maybe the xbox one will suck, and I might have to return to ps4. But am I so wrong for being excited for it? Do I really deserve a sarcastic sigh?

        • shogunknight

          No you dont, neither was i angry about it, just concerned as to why you would say that now. Though this is your personal opinion, I just see it wise to have patience and see what happens. I pretty much have my concerns answered from what you just said, it seems like you love FPS, so i guess you should be okay with Microsofts library. On the mech side, i dont think Sony lacked mech games (most of them are japanese though). There is also Armored Core.

        • Peacenutman

          You don’t sound like a troll, but I highly doubt you have PS1 to PS2 with both handhelds, or played all the KZ.
          And I’m surprised you liked Halo 4 and Reach because most long time halo fans hated them.

          • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

            Reach was amazing, most long time halo fans loved it ( not halo2/3 fans, halo CE and on) 4 though….ew

            • Azure

              I played them all like crazy lol, all of them are amazing except 4.

              • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

                4 was just …so bad…

        • Azure

          Bungie’s Halo games are the best and my favourite FPS games, 343 left me empty with Halo 4, i couldn’t feel that game at all.

    • 罪罰

      you stepped into the wrong neighborhood.

    • tubers

      I’m confident Titan Fall X1 and Halo 5 will outsell combined efforts of KZSF, Infamous, Knack, DC and even with The Order. AFAIK, Halo is just a monster IP. Better is pretty much subjective.

      I’ll be sure to pick up an X1 if MS does another 180 and release a Kinectless X1 at 350 bucks.

  • HitagiHanekawa

    awesome :D

  • Elvick

    lulz, trying to unzip that froze my computer.

  • 武神水樹

    Sweet, back door link. Thanks Sal