Journey and The Unfinished Swan not coming to PS4
posted on 11.04.13 at 06:54 AM EDT by (@salromano)
The tweets were just nostalgia, Santa Monica creative director says.

Journey and The Unfinished Swan are not coming to PlayStation 4, Sony Santa Monica Studio creative director Nathan Gary clarified.

A series of tweets sent out by Gary this week suggested the two indie games were in line for Sony’s next-gen console.

“Lots of people asking so I’ll clarify,” Gary said in a tweet. “Was nostalgic playing the PS4 versions of the games so I busted out the PS3 to replay some others.”

He continued, “So it was flOw, Flower, and Escape Plan on the PS4-all looking, sounding, and playing great. Journey and Swan on PS3 both still fantastic.

“Didn’t have Sound Shapes PS4 on me but that’s another great version,” he said. “Can’t wait for people to get their hands on all of these games.”

Thanks, VG247.

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  • Carlos Luis Ayala


  • Hidayat246

    fucking troll

  • shogunknight

    Well, at least those two are ruled out in the PS4Allaccess on 14th

  • hush404

    I don’t see why people want ports of PS3 games on the PS4 so badly. Just play the wonderful games on PS3 and be happy!

    • Elvick

      Because they’d be even better on PS4?

      • hush404

        How? They’re pretty damn perfect as is. :P As I replied to bloodios, I don’t think higher specs will make them better… they’re more about the experience.

        • ayb91

          I know, right? Unless they will improve the game which is not gonna happen. It is already perfect in PS3 !! Journey 2 would be great instead.

    • bloodiOS

      Because imagine Journey running on the PS4 at 1080p@60fps with 8xMSAA…

      • hush404

        But… I think journey is more about (pun?) the Journey…. rather than technical specs. I don’t think upping resolution, anti-aliasing or frames is going to change that.

        • Elvick

          So you want to limit who can play it?

          Not everyone that buys a PS4 will have had a PS3.

          And I don’t see what your point is. Better resolutions and all that jazz will just make an already great game better.

          Don’t like it? Don’t play it. These ports are probably easy to pump out… and given how they announced what… 4 or 5 at once its not really surprising.

          I however, look forward to playing them again in an even better form than before.

          • hush404

            I’m not super against the idea, I just find it silly that people jump on “1080p/60fps and better AA” as a way to explain how a game will be better. I feel Journey and games like it could run in lower resolutions than was shipped on PS3 and still be a wonderful title enjoyed for the beauty that is it’s design and the love put into it.

            • bloodiOS

              How is it silly? Admittedly the reply was somewhat of a joke, but really, how is it silly? I recall that you asked why people “want” this. You’re basically asking why people “desire” something and then go on saying their reasons are silly… Really?! People can want things, silly things, things they don’t need. It doesn’t matter, it’s just “wants”. But for heck of it, how exactly is 1080p@60fps with 8xMSAA not going to make the experience better? Twice the clarity, twice the responsiveness, and overall, better image quality. Yes, it makes a difference, for the better, no matter how slight.

              In the end, does it matter? It’s not like anyone here stated that they “need” these games to be that way in order to truly enjoy them. And in the first place, I don’t even see anyone here showing sign of wanting these ports “badly” at all. You want to know why people want things, fine, but it’s really strange when you start questioning the validity their reasons for wanting something, especially when these “wants” all sit perfectly within the norm.

    • DichaTesoro

      I agree. Journey is beautiful as is.

  • Elvick

    Yet. It’ll happen. Just you wait.

  • ayb91

    احسن :)

    • Demolish

      hahah why ?,journey is one of the best games on ps3 :))

      • ayb91

        ههههههه ياخي خلاص لعبناها وحلوة وواو. طيب ليه على 4 بعد؟؟

        • Demolish

          هههه صح كلامك،بس لو يسون واحد ثاني بارت ٢ يطلع احلى :}

          • ayb91

            الحين اتفق معك 100%

  • bloodiOS

    Pffft, they will come eventually.

    • McPoo

      My uncle is head of Sony’s game division and he said it will never, EVER come to PS4 due to artistic differences between him and thatgamecompany.

      • hush404

        This response made me laugh. :P

  • bloodiOS

    I don’t understand why some people here are making the act of porting these games to the PS4 seem like it’s such a bad idea? Not only it allows people who already owned the PS3 copies of the games to play the more polished version on their PS4 without any additional fee, it also allows people who had just joined the PlayStation community in this eighth generation of consoles the option to experience these games that they might potentially like but missed out in the previous generation. So, really, if you’re content with playing it on the PS3, fine, keeping playing and have fun on the PS3. People who are hoping to re-experience these games on the PS4 obviously isn’t doing any harm to you or your experience so it isn’t your place to tell them whether they should or should not be happy. Honestly, I don’t see how having more options for people to choose would seriously even need to be questioned.

    • hush404

      I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m not of the opinion that these ports shouldn’t take place, just that I didn’t understand the reasoning behind them needing to, when comments about technical specs “1080p/60fps and better AA” seemed to be the “reason” they should.

      I’m all for others experiencing these wonderful games if they happen to be a PS4 owner and not a PS3 owner, if that’s the reason behind the push to get them ported. But those technical specs don’t mean a lot (IMO) in a game that’s more known for it’s moving experience and themes, than it’s graphical prowess.

      Just trying to pick brains and make you think about the game itself, rather than it’s technical specs.

      • bloodiOS

        Admittedly, my first reply to you was somewhat of a joke. But in all honesty, even for all your reasoning, I still don’t understand how you could possibly question people for wanting these ports in the first place.

        The people who care about this are those who had already played the games, and obviously liked them enough that they were excited about the fact that these games might be ported to the PS4. How are these games being known for their moving experience and theme even relevant to people wanting them ported to the PS4? Seriously, what’s wrong with people wanting these mesmerizing experiences to be further enhanced? It’s nice to have more and people like nice things, it’s only natural. Seriously, folks were only slightly disappointed by the revelation. It’s not like they are breaking out crying, threatening to cancel their PS4 pre-orders if these ports don’t happen.

        • hush404

          lol, obviously they’re not canceling their pre-ordered over these titles not actually being ported.

          Like I said, I wanted to pick some brains. Still not against the idea :P

  • hayesmaker

    Fuxake, just make it work on ps4s or at least on pc using exPs, i wanna play this game