inFAMOUS: Second Son screenshots
posted on 11.25.13 at 01:46 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Purple, red, and a little bit of blue.

Sony has released nine new screenshots of inFAMOUS: Second Son.

The PlayStation 4 game is due out in North America and Europe on March 21. If you missed the latest trailer, catch it here. Find the latest gameplay through here.

View the images at the gallery.

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  • Zackasaur


  • bloodiOS

    I never understand the point of releasing 4K screenshots… that are completely deprived of anti-aliasing!

    • Gigus

      yeah they look really weird on my computer.

  • Evelyn

    This is going to be a top game for 2014!

  • Crossbones (Prodigy-X)

    The game looks pretty sick. I wish we could go in to store and by outfits.

  • $61526767

    Dayum. Dem graphics are so delicious… I cannot wait to pick this up!

  • Gigus

    The game looks very pretty but I’m a bit disappointed with the combat system. I was kinda hoping they would have evolved it a little more from the standard melee and projectile attacks. I was hoping for a more mixed up style like a god of war or devil may cry esque kind of combat system. It doesn’t seem like that won’t happen due to the recent gameplay trailer.

    Hopefully when they show off more powers, they’ll give delsin the ability to mix and match them to keep gameplay alittle more interesting. Combining smoke and neon would be a nice disorienting ability.

  • 武神水樹

    Glad I went through beating part 1 and 2 before this released

    • Gigus

      did you play Festival of Blood yet?