God Eater 2 ships 500,000 on launch day
posted on 11.14.13 at 08:11 AM EDT by (@salromano)
PS Vita and PSP sequel starts in high numbers.

God Eater 2, released today on PS Vita and PSP in Japan, has shipped 500,000 units, Namco Bandai announced at the game’s launch event.

Additionally, the company revealed that users who sent in their feedback after playing the trial version have their names engraved in the end credits.

A western release for God Eater 2 has not been announced.

Thanks, Famitsu.

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  • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

    Is “copies shipped” the new pr bs publishers have come up with?

    • https://twitter.com/GaleGlory89 KiQun

      People are easily moved by fact and number.

    • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

      No “BS” here. My copy shipped out yesterday morning and will arrive tomorrow~

      • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

        I think “shipped” means they shipped the copies to retailers and etailers, what effectively means nothing because it doesn’t say how many copies those actually sold.

        • Sevyne

          I wouldn’t say it means nothing, but it is a bit of a spin yes. Retailers generally order a number of estimated units they expect to sell. Obviously it doesn’t always end up being accurate as you can see by news of games selling through X% it’s available stock. We’ll really only know true sales when the Media Create sales charts go up next week, but it’s still a point of reference as to what it “may” sell.

          • https://www.youtube.com/user/GamingHeroTetsuya TetsuyaHikari

            Dammit, beat me to it :p

            Yeah, just wait until the Media Crate sales figures come out before jumping the gun, Patchy.

    • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹

      Publishers are paid based off the metric

    • Kevadu

      New? They’ve been doing it for as long as I’ve been following this industry (and that’s been a while…).

      It’s not just BS either. It’s much easier to measure shipped numbers than to go around to every store and figure out how many were sold.

  • http://youtube.com/miyabigaming 武神水樹

    Most of my friends on Twitter have it, mine will be here tomorrow

  • Renaldi Saputra

    Pre-order was so high on amazon..

  • RovCal

    yay ! more vitas will be sold. go vita!

  • Hidayat246

    Monhun killer???

    • MrKappa

      Come back when it sells 2 million in one day.

  • zeongundam

    Lovely now we hope for a US release! If not I’ll jump on importing this gorgeous piece of work. To those of you who are already importing/received your copy have fun!

  • Kevadu

    I’ve really curious what the Vita/PSP split is going to be like on this one.

  • PrinceHeir

    nice work!!

  • Robbyfishersora

    that quite good.