Europe getting PlayStation 4 and PS Vita bundle
posted on 11.22.13 at 11:08 AM EDT by (@salromano)
'Ultimate Bundle' set to launch next month.

Sony Computer Entertainment is planning a PlayStation 4 and PS Vita ‘Ultimate Bundle’ for Europe this holiday.

The company is also running a 2.5 million euro TV campaign for PS Vita dubbed “The Best Way to Play,” which will promote the system and its newly launched Tearaway from Media Molecule.

A price for the bundle wasn’t announced.

Thanks, MCV.

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  • McPoo

    I wonder how they’ll be pricing this. You can get decent Vita bundles for dirt cheap now, I’ve seen them as low as £100.

  • shogunknight

    Nice, i hope its discounted. 400 pounds maybe, or lower?

    • McPoo

      I reckon it’ll be like £540ish, same as an Xbox One, only you’re getting two consoles and maybe a game for each? Or a download of a cross-play title or something.

      • shogunknight

        Hmm, true. But damn, thats expensive

        • McPoo

          They can always load it with goodies. More games, memory card, extra controller, years worth of plus, etc. A couple of different options with some of those in them would probably tempt people.

          I’m interested to see how they do it, really. I really liked the Vita when I got it, I just didn’t like the slow release schedule and Sony ‘s intentions to turn it into a mini PS4.

          • MrFinalgamer

            well it better have a memory, it’s basically useless without it (like getting a new system with no controllers) but maybe they can pack it with plus or a cross-buy (is PS4 Vita cross buy a thing?)

            • jujubee88

              The box art shows a vita and a vita memory card.

        • McPoo

          Hang on, is the Xbone £429 for just the console? The £540 figure was on my mind cos I was in GAME earlier and I think that was one of their bundles.

          If the Sony mega pack is around £429 then that’d be quite reasonable.

      • tubers

        3 months of Plus would be great.

    • Blaz

      My bet is that it’s going to be the same price as the xbox, since they really don’t want to loose.

  • 武神水樹

    Congrats to Europe

    • MyBodyIsReady


  • TheExile285

    Oh ****! Well played Sony. Already own a Vita but I hope they do something like this in NA.

  • Invisbin

    Sales expectations are going to be decimated

  • Omega_Shiro

    got my vita for….about 100ish-200 with a game 3g as well….did it just a bit ago to play the vita games I have and ordered and for remote play now to get my ps4 on the 29th without spending the remaining money since they wont let me pay for the rest till its out.

  • Hexodious

    I hope this bundle boost the Vita sales, so Japanese developers/companies can stop being such scary cats and bring over some games already.

  • Zackasaur

    Omg, win.

  • zakou

    I will buy this if the bunduru contains Vita OLED or AMOLED screen (the first VIta) I don’t want this new LCD screen Vita.

  • tubers

    Dat Sony Bunduru!

    (Watch latest southpark episodes w/ console war flavor)

    • MyBodyIsReady

      Brack Friday Bunduruuuuu!

  • Santashi

    Is that the new Vita that’s bundled with it? I guess that gives us a European release window for that, too. :)

  • Zero

    If the price is right, this could be one hell of a bundle.

    • MrRobbyM

      Only downside is that you most likely won’t get the option of other colors other than black.

      • TheExile285

        well unless Europe got a bunch of colors and NA didn’t, Japan is the only with the Vita colors.

        • MrRobbyM

          I totally forgot that was a thing.

          Disregard my previous comment lol.

        • Elvick

          Well there’s the white one in the AC3: Liberation bundle. I don’t know if that’s still around though.

          • TheExile285

            Yeah, I didn’t mention it because its not sold new anymore

    • rockman29

      If they hit it for 549 Euros/450 pounds I will be impressed…

  • Bobby Jennings

    This is great. Good move Sony!

  • bloodiOS

    Which model of the Vita is included in the bundle, PCH-1000 or PCH-2000? The latter would be a more profitable approach, I think…

    • LordKaiser

      Probably the newer one as it has cheaper components.

    • ayb_91

      Exactly the same question here. Any info??

    • Solomon_Kano

      I’d expect the 2000 for profitability’s sake, but it’d be kinda weird to debut it in the region as part of a bundle, wouldn’t it?

      Besides that, this image was apparently in MCV’s print edition:

  • LordKaiser

    If this goes to USA then this is the bundle to get. I’m highly interested in this bundle. W8! some pwebsites are claiming is coming to USA. Let me check this rumor out!

  • miyamoto

    *Mind Blown!!!!!!

    This is the best bundle to get this holidays!


    Minecraft (Cross Buy)

    FF X & X-2 (Cross Buy)

    PS Vita TV 2014

    *Mind Blown!!!!!!

    • Elvick

      FFX|X-2 isn’t cross buy.

    • TheExile285

      As Elvick said, FFX|FFX-2 isn’t cross buy. Also, a Western release for Vita TV is not confirmed.

      • miyamoto

        In a recent interview with Eurogamer though, Sony Japan executive Masayasu Ito admitted that the response from Western nations has been “stronger than expected”, hinting at an eventual launch in these regions.

        “Of course we are thinking of launching it in the US and Europe,” he said. “But when it comes to the timing, we’ll have to watch the environment and identify what other services are available in the US and Europe and whether we’ll have to add other services.”

        SCE president Andrew House said last week that Sony was targeting Asia because the region lacked strong competitors in the space.

        “The reason why it will be launched in Japan earlier than in other countries is that there is no leading company in Japan’s video streaming market,” House said. “The company is planning to sell the PS Vita TV in China, South Korea, etc, but not in the US and European market at this point.”

        House reiterated these strategies with Eurogamer, claiming “there isn’t really a competitor here that’s staked out a claim. And frankly, in my own view, Japan is a little behind the adoption curve in video streaming services.”

  • TimesTicking

    I really hope they bring that bundle in the US… then I would freaking buy it instantly.

  • Elvick

    SCEE doing what SCEA don’t.

    As usual.

    • LordKaiser

      The same situation with Nintendo..

  • jujubee88

    Since it’s sold in UK only and I’m guessing supplies will be limited I’m guessing a sell out will probably happen in the first 24 hours.

  • Charlie


  • Omnistalgic

    finally some marketing for a Vita game…Sony has been on point, but WWS needs to make a vita a success first before expecting third parties too.

  • LordKaiser

    I should do a Twitter Account just to bug Shuhei Yoshida.

    • Elvick

      Yes, you should.