Deep Down update details spear and one-handed sword
posted on 11.27.13 at 07:25 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Capcom to discuss armor in next week's update.

This week’s Deep Down Facebook update (2, 3, 4) discusses the player character. Specifically, his spear and one-handed sword weapons.

Players will obtain powerful weapons and armor within dungeons. One strategic point will be to select appropriate weapons, especially, per dungeon or enemy.

The spear is your standard weapon. Since it’s possible to aim your attacks at different parts of the enemies body, you can aim at their feet, pierce their knees, and go for their arms to prevent them from attacking.

With the one-handed sword, you have the benefit of defending using a shield. It’s possible to parry an enemy’s attack and then quickly strike the enemy. If your attacks are fast enough, it’s possible to attack multiple times.

Next week, Capcom will share details concerning armor.

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  • ayb_91

    Don’t forget to include a DLC of fat Megaman. Stupid crapcom.

  • bloodiOS

    I want the details of the game’s native resolution and frame rate…

    • 武神水樹

      My guess, 720p for stable gameplay

      • EX+

        No, it runs at native 1080p 60fps.
        EDIT: Just checked again, it’s definitely 60fps, but not 100% sure on res. .

    • EX+

      Did you miss it? It runs at native 1080p at 60fps. I’ll check again just to make sure.
      EDIT: Definitely 60fps, wouldn’t doubt native 1080p either. Not sure about that though.

  • Jay

    The more I hear of this game, the less interested I get… Dragon’s Dogma 2 would’ve been perfect to boost Capcom into the next gen.

    • GhostNomad

      As much as I’d love that, I don’t see it happening so soon. Besides, with the improvements that I feel are necessary, I have nothing against Capcom taking some time to get intimately familiar with the hardware so they can make the best possible game.

      Of course, we can get into the ‘good game vs. quick cash grab’ debate since it’s obviously Capcom we’re talking about but hey, a man can dream!

    • Solomon_Kano

      I think this was the better start. Capcom gets Sony’s assistance building their new engine and testing it out with a F2P game, so they’re already familiar once they get around to using it for their other titles.

    • Matt Dickinson

      this game looks better than DD to me. Much more interesting, really…

  • Invisbin

    They need to hurry up and release this. I don’t mind FTP, but I at least want to know what content I’d be paying for.

  • PrinceHeir

    glad they added a sword there!

    i was worried you can only use spear with all the demos they have shown

    • ExTrooperBrenTurner

      The sword can be seen on almost all of the game’s TGS trailers.

      • owningLpeople

        There was only one Sword gameplay of Deep Down (the first trailer with the sword can be considered a cinematic sequence). And that was even only in when they showed the co op aspect of the game. ALL (not almost all) of the TGS trailers and the demo floor (which I personally went to) are using spears with the exception of the co op trailer…