Dead Rising 3 has an unlockable Mega Man X costume
posted on 11.13.13 at 07:00 PM EDT by (@salromano)
You can unlock his iconic X-Buster, as well.

Players who complete Dead Rising 3 will unlock a special Mega Man X outfit for protagonist Nick Ramos, Capcom has revealed.

The outfit won’t be complete without the X-Buster weapon, which players can unlock by completing Nightmare Mode. But by the sound of it, it’s quite difficult.

“Some of our QA testers think that Nightmare is possibly the most difficult Dead Rising yet,” producer Mike Jones told Polygon. “That is yet to be determined by the gamers at large. But we tried to make it a proper challenge. We made a deliberate choice to separate the regular story from nightmare mode, which is a challenge for Dead Rising enthusiasts, especially if you start that on level one, which you have as an option instead of your leveled up game, and that is going to be really hard.”

Watch the Mega Man X costume trailer below.

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  • ayb_91

    Oh my god capcom. Why won’t you just make a megaman game already !? Are they teasing their fans or what !? Their fans ( me included )are aging you know !!

    • Arcana Gear

      may your descendants will be able to experience the joy of a new megaman game…..

      • ayb_91

        I really doubt that.

    • Budgiecat

      Because Inafune

      • ayb_91

        What’s is inafune or lnafune, sweet kitten?

        • Budgiecat

          Inafune is the creator of Megaman and no longer works for Capcom. He is making his own MM like platformer called Mighty No. 9, which was funded by Kickstarter. Previously before he left Capcom, he had some rather choice words on the status of that company as well as the state of Japanese game development and how it is so stagnant in terms of ideas and growth.

          Inafune left ( he wanted more creative control from the moving upward the Capcom corporate ladder since he was one of the people that helped build the company from the start, but basically the higher ups told him more or less that he’d never be more than just a developer so he left).

          During that time, Megaman Legends III was being developed and Capcom even communicated with the fans at times asking for input on character designs.

          They were supposed to release a demo and then at some point, the whole project was canceled, as well as a Megaman Online game.

          Later on, from Capcom, we got things like no Megaman in Marvel vs Capcom 3 (though he was in Tatsunoko vs Capcom (Legends version), Capcom trolling with “Bad Box Art Megaman” in Street Fighter X Tekken, and basically ignoring all requests for a new Megaman game, only until it was when a Megaman fan brought forward a self made indie MM title that they decided to back it. But nothing else from Capcom regarding Megaman save for cameo teases like I said and also Smash Bros Wii U.

          So again, Inafune decided to make Mighty No. 9 as a response to the constant MM please from the fans while Capcom continues to ignore.

          On another note, regarding Capcom’s oblivious knack for pissing off game fans and making horrible versions of their games or not releasing some titles, Shinji Mikami, another former Capcom employee, is making The Evil Within, which is his answer to trying to ‘bring back survival horror’ from its death, which was noted right after Resident Evil 6 and ORC, which did not get good reviews.

          Systematically, the creator of Devil May Cry, over at Platinum Games (another former employee of Capcom), stated that he wouldn’t mind making DMC 5, just after the lackluster outsourced attempt of DmC by Ninja Theory.
          Also, the Dragon’s Dogma director (who still works at Capcom), chimed in saying he’d like to work on it too.

          So, it seems most likely that Capcom, albeit it clueless to figuring out what fans want, are choosing to ignore making Megaman almost as if out of spite at Inafune leaving them…

          • ayb_91

            Wow !! Yeah I heard about that guy who got out of crapcom. I really don’t memorize the names but I think I have too.

            RE 3, RE Code Veronica X, RE Outbreak 1 and 2, all MM X games, MM Legends II, Haunting Ground, DMC 3, MVC 3 and UMVC 3 are my favorite. Most of them were made when the real creators were in crapcom. I do feel sorry for them and wish them all the best.

            But, why they still put Zero in MVC 3 and UMVC 3 !? Are they really being disrespectful ultimately to their fans !? Who would like to see his/her firm sales go down like hell !? Shame on crapcom !

            However, in the bright side, the creators of RE, dmc, MM are working freely now on their next games. Bayonnetta was a beast !! Evil Within looks really cool, in terms of horror mainly. Mighty No9 will do just great when it gets released.

            Crapcom won’t continue to the next decade if they keep this arrogant moves of them. Best of luck to the real creators who I still don’t remember their name perfectly :p

  • Finalshoryuken

    Don’t know if I should be happy or pissed about this. Megaman (ironically Megaman X) got me into gaming! STOP THE TEASING CAPCOM!!! MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! LET ME LOVE YOU!!!! But, it does look nice though!

    • ayb_91

      They won’t listen to you. It is a fact though. Haven’t you seen the fans begging for them to make one ages ago ??

  • Nice Boat

    At least it’s not Bad Box Art Mega.

  • Ivan Junior

    Of course they’re disrespecting their fans. Over and over again.

    • ayb_91

      Who would dislike such a true fact !?

      • CosmicNova

        Some people can’t handle the truth.

  • shogunknight
  • Arcana Gear

    OK this is a sign! this clearly means a new megaman game! it doesnt ? maybe… possibly… ;_;

  • PrinceHeir

    would have been cool if it was a surprise bonus content.

    now capcom has to reveal this early in order for people to pre order the game instead of unlocking it and finding it out that way.

    oh well i’m still wary about Dead Rising 3, mainly the changed of artstyle as well as losing some of it’s uniqueness like crazy characters, funny dialogue, and awesome arsenal of weapons.

    but we will see, i do hope they make a PS4 version in the near future!!

  • tokyobassist

    Cool game. Terrible system.
    Can’t play it. Not buying it.
    Oh well. Another day. Another dollar lost for Capcom.

  • JoJo_649

    Capcom, unlocking without DLC?!
    something’s not right there.

  • Elvick

    Neat, but meh.

  • syaznifaiq

    nice but i think you choose the wrong audience capcom ..

  • krokounleashed

    Mega Man X: Now in 16fps.

    • Vishant Verma

      Maga Man X: Now on a console that actually works

  • Sae-Won Yoon

    …….I can’t even muster a good insult anymore.
    These guys wanted to publish Mighty No.9?
    Is that why we’re getting all this meaningless cocktease?

  • Shinsua

    The thing I hate about Capcom is that, although they might feel like they’re being good to the fans by proving that they still know who Megaman is, it’s more like they’re parading his disembodied head.

  • Fango

    More megaman trolling by capcom lol. “instead of making a new megaman game let’s just put costumes and cameos in every other game”

    • Jay

      Reminds me of them allowing that mop hair stunt in “DmC”… It’s pretty pathetic.