Crimson Dragon’s Coral Lakes detailed
posted on 11.01.13 at 11:17 PM EDT by (@salromano)
One of the first areas you'll explore on Draco.

Last week, we met Crimson Dragon‘s Bloodskin dragon. This week, instead of a new dragon type, the PlayXBLA blog introduces us to the Coral Lakes, one of the first areas you’ll explore on planet Draco.

The alkaline waters of Draco’s Coral Lake region are home to a variety of species. Most commonly found among the brittle coral structures jutting from the water are the Vespin, a pest which normally presents very little danger to the colonists … except when they swarm. Lately, however, the Vespin have undergone a change, transforming into enraged creatures which attack at the slightest provocation.

Crimson Dragon is due out for Xbox One on launch day, November 22. View four screenshots of the Coral Lakes at the gallery.

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  • LunarHaven

    Still only on Xbox One? Pass… make PS4 happen.

    • Budgiecat

      It’s one of those early instances where M$ tosses money to a Japanese developer so they can look like a console that has global diversity; meanwhile spelling doom for said game since XBox consoles are DoA in Japan and most Western doodbros can’t be bothered to play anything other than FPS, sports games and casual wrpg action hybrids or GTA.
      Therefore it gets thrown to the wasteside, and dev gets mad at M$, who gets made at dev and themselves for funding a failed project. Rinse and repeat next gen.

      • LunarHaven

        Yeah man, kind of like what they did with Lost odyssey for Xbox 360, annoying stuff, why can’t they go multi platform on this one. Ohwell, Sakaguchi made this mistake last time, looks like the others in Japan didn’t learn from his mistake.

        • Neutron15

          port begging???

          • LunarHaven

            Nope, predicting failure, which it will guaranteed at this point. you’ll see.

    • Neutron15