Atlus USA launches mysterious new teaser site
posted on 11.14.13 at 03:59 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Atlus teasing ultrasound photo of baby in the womb.

Atlus USA has launched a mysterious new teaser site.

We’re not sure what it’s all about. But there’s a couple flashing ultrasound photos of a baby in the womb, the words “Center for New Releases, Women’s Health” above it, and words like “Persist 5” and “Gold 4” on its side.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • JuhRo

    I see “Gold 4” … and “S|C 3”

    That heart beat is freaky..

  • Invisbin

    Persona 5.

  • BigDix

    Sure would be nice if it was a relatively literal teaser for a new Trauma game… I mean, everyone already knows Persona 5 is coming.

  • ayb_91

    I think it is ” Gold 4″ Mr Romano.

    I hope it is Persona 5.

    • Sal Romano

      That’s what I meant. =/

      • ayb_91

        My bad. Thought u typed 5.

        • JuhRo

          He did, He fixed it.

          • ayb_91

            Lol. I should be more certain next time. Well played Romano :p

  • bloodiOS

    The birth of Jack Frost!

    • ayb_91

      And Kisaragi !

  • Invisbin

    Center for New Releases- Persona Franchises Branching out.

    Persist 5- Persona 5

    Gold 4- Persona 4 Golden

    Grasping at straws.

  • rainelee

    Please be P5.

  • InsaneChronos

    New Trauma Center?

  • new_tradition

    I wonder how related to women’s health this actually will be. I can’t think of any play on words…

    I’d be weirded out if this has anything to do with pregnancy, though O_o

    Edit: Trauma Centre game, maybe?

  • Santashi

    Conception 2? No, wait… ;)

    I’m now having crazy ideas about Persona 5 being centred around young medical students so I’m backing away from the picture now.

    • SaveTheDay

      As a med student myself, I’d like it ^^

      • Santashi

        Heh, it would be fun (although I am just joking about the P5 theory!). You could have the P4 protagonist guest star as a cleaner. :p

  • Bruno

    My guess is Persona 5. Please be on the 3DS.

    • HighBrowDrifter

      I couldn’t disagree more…..just…no.

    • Sevyne

      As a 3DS owner myself, that is the last place I would want P5.

    • EX+

      Oh, hell no.
      C’mon, the 3DS? Really?

      • Hexodious

        PS Vita and PS3 would be a perfect balance.
        Yes, Sony. Ever seen a Persona title on a DS system?

        • Arcana Gear

          the problem is that fans wants something like catherine in visual departament…. which is impossible on the 3ds… and full voice acting with beautiful animations and that can store all models of the demons…..

          • MrFinalgamer

            full voice acting specially! i think some of the social links would benefit from it (or at least have some of them voiced)

    • BigDix


      • TetsuyaHikari

        Someone sure thought they were clever when they came up with this name :|

        • BigDix

          Well, Dix is in fact my middle name… So it’s not nearly as clever as your condescending asswipe remark and ironic smiley.

          • HighBrowDrifter

            crrghh…..*clears throat*, TetsuyaHikari likes himself some BigDix, when he needs his daily fix…Thank god I’m just into chix…..The end.


            • TheBlackRabbit

              o.o that…

            • BigDix

              *Puts hand to ear*

              …Do you hear that? They’re crying, “Encore!” The people want more penis innuendoes!

              • HighBrowDrifter

                “Yo dawg, I heard u likes them peniseseses, so we put a penis on your penis so you have more range!”

                Whether penises or dix……you can never have enough….*cough* *that’s what she said* *cough*

                HEY!…’re right.

              • TetsuyaHikari

                You ladies should get a room.

          • TetsuyaHikari

            Who cares if it’s your middle name? It’s obvious you tried to be funny. Too bad whatever girlfriend you have will never be calling you this nickname you’ve given yourself since you’re obviously compensating for something~

            Here, have another clever smiley :3

            Oh and please don’t try to use big words! I’d hate for you to have an aneurysm while typing your “witty” responses ;w;

            • BigDix

              Wow… Well, hey Tetsuya… I can call you Tetsuya, right? Don’t worry about my “witty” responses, man — I always prefer to make my responses as honest as possible, sans the ad hominem garbage. I somehow doubt you’re going to really appreciate this, but why not at least try to talk sensibly with you, if never again, just this once?

              Given your fascination with my handle, I’m perfectly fine with divulging whatever smidge of rationale is behind it to you… Although I’m not quite sure how you ended up wracked with such contorted disdain for a little ol’ penis pun — I never really got the idea that you were one for subtly cutting satire. Did you honestly think I was so pleased with myself over my own username, that you felt compelled to comment? It’s…just stupid, man. Stupid fun, like I know at least a few others here on Gematsu, and hopefully many more the world over, like to have. It’s stupid! Moreover, I truly don’t give much of a shit about my handle, hence why I’m a-okay with it being something completely stupid and silly. Actually, I could sit here and likely produce an analysis far apter than anything you’ve attempted here, of the impulses which direct a person to construct their little Internet persona out of Japanese band-members, anime/manga characters, or painfully generic Japanese words like “Hikari”. I just don’t quite get off to imagining superiority to others the way you do, though…

              You see, Tetsuya my friend, I like to wear my silly on my sleeve, as decent, honest, sensible people do. I feel it’s a far better way to exorcise one’s irreverent stirrings when compared with something so pathetic as waiting to snark on the username of someone I’m not even conversing with like an ugly, small-minded snake in the grass… Like a pretentious little pissant who laughs at the other students from the back of his junior high classroom because they can’t quite pronounce their vocabulary words perfectly yet. Seriously dude… The whole “aneurysm from using big words” tidbit you trailed off with there? Seriously? So you like to go through comments and conversations with others fancying how you, allegedly, know more big words than them. Huh. I know that you often take the opportunity to brag about how you’ve apparently been gaming for over 20 years, but honestly, I think you probably should have taken a few of those years to grow up.

              You know, I’ve thought that at times, people went beyond the pale describing you as “unpleasant to be around” and a “terrible person”. But you’re not just inexplicably combative in your disagreements on whatever subject at hand, you’re actually petty enough to just quip from the peanut gallery because you were either outraged by a very obvious joke, or because you’re really that in love with yourself and your searing “wit”.

              Well I’m here to tell you man… It happens now and again, that it really isn’t the world with the problem, but in fact YOU. You are incredibly unpleasant to be around, and it’s certainly difficult to describe you as a “good person” on account of how you conduct yourself when talking to others. However, every moment is but a snapshot in time, and I would hope that you take an honest look at the way you correspond and reassess your terrible attitude, because as it stands now… Well, let’s just say there’s only one thing that I do suddenly find bothering me about my username: It’s ironic that it’s mine, and not yours. Because here on Gematsu, you’re the biggest dick there is. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think anyone is impressed by that fact.

      • Guest

        Now this classifies as port begging lol.

    • Budgiecat

      A thousand and one fawk no’s….

  • EX+

    It’s a pregnant women… well, that’s strange as all hell.

  • Shirayuri

    It’s most likely Daylight, Horror game for the PS4.

  • Damien Matthew Berthe

    Catherine got pregnant?

  • Chestnut Bowl

    A new Trauma Center would be great. Could be ‘Conception’.
    I suppose it could be Daylight, but that already has its own webpage.
    Persona 5 would be nice, but not that surprising. We already know its coming.

    I just want to be pleasantly surprised with something not previously announced, whatever it is.

  • Goldenboi1210

    The first thing I thought of when I saw this was the teaser trailer for Panopticon for ps vita.

  • Andreas B.

    Persist 5 – Persona 5
    Gold 4 – Personal 4 Golden for PS4

    Seems pretty obvious.

  • Gigus

    Persona 5: Trauma edition?
    Persona Center: Trauma edition?
    Trauma Center: Persona edition?

  • TetsuyaHikari

    Oh yeah… Atlus USA is going to tease Persona 5 before Japan does. You guys, lol. Stop grasping at straws, please. Also, why does Persist 5 and Gold 4 stand out anyway?

    Did you guys completely skip past the 3 and 2 that were showing and just picked words that stuck out to you or something? Come on.

    Sega already got the domain name and will probably be sharing more details about the game once the timer for their teaser site ends in 10 days.

    Keep your pants on, guys.

    • PrinceHeir


      don’t trust what Atlus USA does or any other US branches.

      they’re only there to localize games and not make them.

      it’s Atlus Japan who’s making the games. they’re calling the shots. same with Square Enix, Capcom, Konami and all other JPN companies that have US branches.

      same thing happened to Square Enix putting a FFXIII-3 domain even though Square Enix JPN had no idea why would they do a stupid move in the first place.

      it’s funny how some idiot at Atlus USA made a press statement saying they won’t be porting Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold on consoles.

      uhh duh, that’s because they haven’t even began doing the console version. for all we know they could port it on PS3, PS4 and Vita. heck no one even asked you to release a statement in the first place.

      so yeah i won’t be holding any breaths for any kind of announcement of a new game.

      though it’s obvious it’s gonna be Trauma game(which fucking finally) but i bet it’s gonna be a port of an old game.

      either Trauma Center for Wii U or a eshop release of the DS games.

  • Wolf Star

    I’m thinking about Persona 5 but at the same time, there’s this website that says 11/24/13

    • ayb_91

      Yeah. Let’s try our best to connect the dots.

      • Wolf Star

        Yep :) unless something happens tonight at Spikes TV :)

        • ayb_91

          Nah. We will have to wait 9 days for that. Tonight is one of a hell event !! I think my body is not ready yet xD

          • Wolf Star

            Haha me too xD tonight will be one of the best nights ever :)

            • DarkLegacy

              And today is 15th. Greatness is here! :D

              Open Forum #070

              • Wolf Star

                :D ikr?? Also did you make your PSN?? :)

                • DarkLegacy

                  I said before it was a Christmas present, remember? :) Btw look at what I was doing to my friend before. I was showing him sexy pics

                  • DarkLegacy

                    It was my girlfriend’s Birthday on PS4’s release date, and she had too many drinks and got drunk lol

                • DarkLegacy

                  I put the open forum link in my comment, just incase you needed to go on there

            • DarkLegacy

              Xbox is getting washed away


              • Wolf Star

                XD agreed

                • DarkLegacy

                  It’s what happens when Xbox fanboys say “PS4 has failed” or Sony is finished. Microsoft have won”

                  • Wolf Star

                    Xbots fanboys say “PS4 is going to fail and oooh look Ps4 has bugs and is bricking its a fail console!!” Well I have Ps4 and I never encountered anything. Well I guess Xbox One people will miss another JRPG game then :) now let Xbox one people complain saying (I wish I bought Ps4 instead of Xbox one or like wtf?? Why this isn’t on Xbox One??)

                    • DarkLegacy

                      Lucky I used my PS4 as a Christmas gift and not played on it otherwise I might start thinking it would be bricked if I played it which it won’t because it’s a better console and it gets the best games. I like to see Xbox one get bricked and that will teach them a lesson. Besides, you and I have a better console and here’s why

                    • Wolf Star

                      Agreed :3 Ps4 is going to be an amazing console :D while Xbox… Kinect, FPS games, halo. That’s it..
                      Xbox will never get those game :D heheh

                    • DarkLegacy

                      Xbox Done(aka Xbox one) isn’t going to be a good console and PS4 will be. FFXV and KH3 will run smoothly on there and Xbox… Nah, it’ll be laggy

    • Auragar

      Of the two teaser sites this is the one more likely to be P5.

  • Warboss Aohd

    10 dayz den boyz.

  • LastBoss

    Evil Is born in the womb!!

  • Auragar

    Interesting wonder what it will be because I have no clue. It is slightly creepy though. Wonder when this will be unveiled.

  • ragingmerifes

    Gold = Persona 4’s color is gold yellow, and Persona 4: Golden
    Persist = Hmmm… persisting on the same platform? P5 for Vita? I’m confused.

    • Auragar

      There are 4s on other words. And also several 3s and stuff people need to stop making up these far-fetched ideas. All it will do is make you disappointed when it is revealed.

    • ayb_91

      Don’t think too much and you won’t need headache. There is no enough info to make any idea. Just wait 9 days bud.

  • Kobracon


  • Elvick

    I’ll just wait and see.

  • icup ✔️

    Catherine 2: The Baby is Real

  • Sevyne

    Mara and Arioch’s Baby Making Adventures of course. Isn’t it obvious?

  • MrFinalgamer

    maybe a new Trauma Center? (makes more sense than persona based on the image)

    • Hidayat246

      i hope naomi kimishima is back

  • LordKaiser

    Can you imagine if it’s Persona 5 on Wii U? The Wii and Wii u are health based consoles. :D

    • TetsuyaHikari

      Sure, bad health maybe >.>

  • AlphaSixNine

    Soon…. >:D

  • tabegoro

    Guys, I don’t know about a new

    RPG. This is only on the Atlus USA site.

  • AlphaSixNine

    >Spike Chunsoft_Conception 2

    Coincidence? I HOPE NOT!

  • Auragar

    I will toss my lot into this (and yes this was pre-typed):
    “Sorry Atlus, I don’t know if you planned to reveal this tomorrow or not, but I think I figured out what your baby site is for. I am also sorry to any of those who got their hopes up that it was something more. Like perhaps a new game… Without further ado my prediction: a localization either sub or dub of the first Persona 3 movie, possibly the other three as well. My reasoning behind this is the title of the movie, Spring of Birth. Specifically the word “birth.” The picture is of a sonogram (a picture of a baby in a mother’s womb). Clearly this is more than a coincidence. I might be wrong however, and I kind of hope I am. While I do want to see the movie, I (and a lot of others) would have preferred a game. Not necessarily P5, but a game nonetheless. Thank you for taking the time to read this, my theory, and it is simply that, do not take this as a statement of fact.”