The Order: 1886 screenshots
posted on 10.23.13 at 12:31 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Ready at Dawn's Victorian-era shooter.

Sony and Ready at Dawn have released new screenshots and artwork of its 2014-due PlayStation 4 title The Order: 1886.

The third-person action-adventure game is set in Victorian-era London and follows an alternate history surrounding a group known as “The Order” and their pursuit to stop the “Halfbreeds,” humans mutated into strange creatures, from terrorizing the city.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • True Gamer

    Well done so far! I swear, every Ps4 title I have seen thus far has impressed me beyond reason.

    • Budgiecat

      This one tops them all. This actually looks like next gen. It looks like prerendered FMV but its not which is what makes that insane. With the other games, even the best ones still look about as on par with Beyond: Two Souls and Gran Turismo 6. But this excels even further.

      Although some of these pictures a re a bit weird since they’re blending actual screenshots with concept art so it’s unfinished…

      • True Gamer

        Yea I am very excited for this game. So far, the concept art, and in game screenshots look awesome and reminds us that we are about to enter a new age of next-gen gaming. I’ll tell you one thing Budgiecat, as the years go on, we will look back at these games and say that these graphics were “good for its time” lol. It just happens that way lol. But on another note, besides “The Order: 1886” I am hyped for the upcoming titles “Destiny” and “Infamous: Second Son.” I believe that these titles will give us a glimpse into the surface power of the Ps4. Need I even mention “Killzone: Shadow Fall” ^_^

        • Budgiecat

          It’s like you’re reading my mind; I was just thinking that!

          Looking at the closeups of the character face models reminded me of back in 1999 when I was looking at up close character face models of Shenmue and being amazed at them and wondering what graphics will look like in another 15 years and here we are

          • True Gamer

            lol Sony has been broadening our visual perspective. It is a hell of an achievement to make such transitions of that caliber. lol remember mega man Legends for the Nintendo 64? lol back then, I thought that it could not get better than that. Thus, Ps1 lol

  • Leon Keyv

    wow, im lovin what i see at the moment.
    and i like that the game has a gritty feel to it.

  • shogunknight

    This game keeps looking better, looking forward to gameplay videos


    Looks like a PS3 game imo.

  • McPoo

    Looks a bit like a Victorian Gears of War.

  • badmoogle

    Is there any exploration in this game?Any platforming or puzzles?Or is it just another linear cover-based TPS?
    Graphics sure look good but i don’t play games for graphics alone.

    • MrRobbyM

      Same. The game looks interesting and certainly pretty but it would be a shame if i was just another linear cover-based TPS. I’d hope for some amount of exploration.

    • Elvick

      “Ru Weerasuriya: The Order is a third person action adventure with shooting mechanics. It’s very much story-based – it’s a linear story-based game. We’re trying to tell a story. It’s what we call a filmic experience.”

      I don’t really like “open” TPS, they get tedious. So it’s fine by me. I love cinematic games focused on story.

  • captainhowdy

    This game looks phenomenal. I hope it doesn’t suck, though I do like the gritty feel of the game.

  • 武神水樹

    I wanna see a gameplay video

  • PhoenixAutomatic~♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪~

    The screens look to damn good. I’m Tgoing to get this game. The steampunk setting just gets me in!

  • matt

    damn! seeing the full res versions makes a difference. They are going for 800 vertical to make the graphics look even better, but it’s an artistic choice too like 2.39:1 movies. Tired of “period piece” look in movies,but it still looks beautiful

  • Cliffon

    wtf…Sony playstation facebook page posted this screenshot in crap quality. Thank god this one in 1080p