Tales of Symphonia Chronicles U.S. release date set
posted on 10.22.13 at 05:04 PM EDT by (@salromano)
North American version arrives three days before Europe.

Following its release date announcement in Europe this morning, Namco Bandai has confirmed a February 25 release for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles on PlayStation 3 in North America.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles includes high-definition remasters of Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, originally launched for Gamecube and Wii, respectively.

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  • DarthBrian

    That’s not the same day as InFamous Second Son I hope. o_O

    • GhostNomad

      This ongoing trend of games I’m really interested in deciding to release either extremely close to one another or just on the same date (as might be the case here) is really taking a toll on my wallet >.>

      • artemisthemp

        We all know that either February or March is gonna be hell for the wallet every year.

        February: Lightning Returns, Infamous Second Son, ToS and LoS2 + Most likely a NISA title

    • artemisthemp

      Is the same day as Lords of Shadow 2.
      Infamous Second Son is the 1 week before this.

      • DarthBrian

        That’s good. Should be able to beat InFamous in a week. Good news. :)

  • new_tradition

    Did they confirm the special edition can only be bought from the Namco Store? I wanna get it, but I don’t wanna deal with the hassle either >_>

    • Raiyu

      Amazon and Gamestop, though Amazon already sold out.

      • GhostNomad

        I just signed up for a notification from Amazon as soon as it becomes available again. Here’s hoping that’ll be sometime soon so I can preorder a copy and call it a day!

  • lorelai4cuties

    i pre ordered it today from namco store US

    they will charge your creditcard right away -_-

    • Elvick

      You could actually get the stupid thing to finish an order? Wow. Lucky you! I was trying over and over and it wouldn’t let me click ‘continue’ to move to step 3.

      Had to order it from GameStop and shipping to Canada is $20. Since no Canadian retailer has it (EB and amazon.ca don’t even have the game for preorder at all)

      Suuuucks… but I’d rather pay the $20 and have some tracking than deal with the horrible Namco store again. I was stressed I wouldn’t get my copy of Ni no Kuni LE from there (and many didn’t)

      /first world problems

      • Anthony Cornwell

        amazon wont work for you? or is that like gamestop and have to pay a 20$ shipping fee. i know for me amazon shipping is free

        • Elvick

          I live in Canada, so no matter which I pick I’d have to pay shipping. It was already sold out on amazon, or I would have ordered it from there. I prefer dealing with them when importing from the US.

          (though sometimes, like with Sorcery Saga LE, they don’t ship here, there’s no rhyme or reason to what does and what doesn’t ship here)

          • Wolf Star

            Did you try GameStop?? It’s still

            • Elvick

              Yup, that’s where I ordered it from. :3

              • Wolf Star

                Awesome X3
                Can’t wait to get the game :) I never played the 1st game, I only
                Played the 2nd game.

    • LennoG

      Not really, that is just a check to verify your credit card, like a hold. They will release that hold and send your money back after 1 week or so.

  • Xaltmas

    The same day as Lords of Shadow 2, Thief and probably inFAMOUS.


    • artemisthemp

      Infamous Second Son is the week before according to my calender

  • Alkhan

    A new revised strategy guide would be great too. I would have liked one with Tales Of Xillia.

    The Tales of Symphonia guide that already exist for the GC version is horrible. It’s about as bad as that terrible Final Fantasy Vll strategy guide.

    • KingNigma

      The bradygames one?

      • Alkhan

        Yeah. I’d prefer if they got Prima games to do one. Their Ni No Kuni and Disgaea D2 guides are very thorough and I love the hard covers.

  • kirby755

    This is good news and now I want to find out the specific release date for Xilla 2.

  • Pekola

    Doesn’t Lightning Returns also release a week or so before that?

    Why do they always do this, smh.

    • whiteferrero

      Well at least for me, i have not been enticed by the lightning returns trailers. I’d rather play this game first, maybe xiii-3 when it’s cheaper.

  • artemisthemp

    I never understood game Companies.
    They release a a lot of AAA title in February or March every year and then their is month like January or July with no games of any interested.

    Why doesn’t they spread their release out, so all months get a fair share of AAA titles and consumers having a easier time finding money for those AAA titles.

  • PrinceHeir