Tales of Symphonia Chronicles collector’s edition announced
posted on 10.14.13 at 01:39 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Only 15,000 copies of limited run version to be produced.

Namco Bandai announced a limited run collector’s edition for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles in North America at Comic-Con in New York this weekend.

Only 15,000 copies of the $99.99 collector’s edition will be produced. It will include:

  • A copy of the game
  • Ufotable-illustrated special packaging
  • Paperback novel detailing the events between both games
  • Multi-disc soundtrack CD
  • Five “Chibi Kyun Chara” figures – Lloyd Irving, Colette Brunel, Emil Castagnier, Marta Lualdi, and Tenebrae

“We are happy to be bringing Tales of Symphonia Chronicles to North American fans in 2014 with a feature-packed Collector’s Edition,” said Namco Bandai Games America senior VP of sales and marketing Chris Gilbert. “The Tales of Symphonia Collector’s Edition is a fantastic offer for Tales of fans looking for something extra special to add to their gaming room.”

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, which includes high-def remasters of Tales of Symphonia and sequel Dawn of the New World, is due out in early 2014.

View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.

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  • JuhRo

    Mine! … if my wallet allows.

  • Anime10121

    Thankfully, nothing in this collection screams BUY ME like the Xillia one and DAT ART BOOK! I can do without some figures and an OST! Regular edition for me it is (and thank GOD, I’ve already got a lot for 2014 to buy, and the year aint even began yet :/)!

    • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

      The Chibi Kyun Charas are so cute, though! =P

      • Anime10121

        They are :)

        But I’ve never been one big on figures (again thank GOD for that, as figures are high as all heck)! They’re nice to look at, but I cant afford their price of admission.

  • MrKappa

    I really don’t have the money for this :(

    • DarthBrian

      Me neither. Getting it anyway.

  • bldudas

    I want this. >.<

  • artemisthemp

    I hope EU is getting same Collector’s Edition :)

  • LastBoss


  • Martian Wong

    When can I preorder it at Amazon?

  • Finalshoryuken


  • DarthBrian

    When can I preorder?

    • $45669872

      right now at namco’s online store

      • Elvick

        It’s not exclusive there is it? :|

        After the Ni no Kuni fiasco, I don’t really want to order from them. (and I actually got my order unlike other people)

        • $45669872

          A few sources like Siliconera said it will be at participating retailers, I have my copy preorder and I will switch when other retailers are taking preorders.

  • EvE

    not eu? >:

    • Ladius

      I wouldn’t worry about that, it’s probably going to be released both in the US and Europe considering what they did with Xillia’s CE.

  • Arcana Gear

    those chibi characters are calling me…. but only 15000 copies? it’s very unprobably that this will come to my country with a reasonable price…… looks at TX CE edtion that costs a full time job monthly salary……

  • RSene

    Does anyone know if the figures are plastic dolls or mini statues?

  • Archvile

    Preordering ASAP

  • fireemblembeast

    I’m getting this ASAP
    …I wish those were nendoroid petites though, but beggars can’t be choosers.

  • Carlos Luis Ayala


  • Elvick

    I know it’s dumb, but I don’t like limited “CE”. I don’t resell, so that does me no favors by being limited. I just want one without needing to stress about it or pay some asshat who bought it just to resell it at a higher price (which should be reason enough for Namco not to do stuff like this, because people will buy from those resellers :|)

    • Ladius

      You must consider CEs like this have higher manifacturing costs compared to the usual artbookOST LEs most companies do, they have conservative print runs because they could end up losing money if they overestimate the fanbase’s demand, and Tales still isn’t a big seller in the west despite Xillia’s success.

      • Elvick


        Take pre-orders. Then manufacture based on how many orders you get.

        So hard.

        I’m not asking them to put out 4 million copies so that we can buy them for $10 in a year like Halo’s “Collector’s Editions”.

        And what I said is perfectly valid. Resellers will stock up, and then jack up the price. Which just gets them more money.

        When Namco could just earn more money for themselves by not picking a number from the sky and instead actually taking real preorders for it.

        • Ladius

          Point is, this kind of extras aren’t easy or fast to manifacture compared to artbooks or OST cds, plus they aren’t made in the west.

          Namco’s US and EU divisions probably need to know how many sets they need to have beforehand since making new stocks dinamically according to preorder fluctuations would make the production schedule more complex and potentially more costly (making more copies in a single print should cost them less than making a number of small prints to be shipped and assembled separately), thus making a conservative estimate a necessity in order to avoid sitting on piles of unsold stocks.

          Let’s not forget Tales games aren’t million sellers, Xillia was a big success for the series and yet it opened a little above 100k copies in the US.

          Regarding resellers, do we know if people can order more than one copy of Symphonia’s CE from Namco’s site? That wasn’t the case for Xillia’s CE on Namco’s European site, at least if I remember correctly.

  • Guest

    lol, and I got the Japanese edition before Namco announce this, fuck me. In case you want to get this instead of the US edition contact me lol.

    Here is what it may looks like minus the soundtrack:

    • PrinceHeir

      so the same as the JPN edition?


      • LennoG

        Not really the same, the JPN version doesn’t have the soundtrack, and the novel isn’t translated.

  • PrinceHeir

    just got the Xillia CE.

    and now they’re gonna announce this and most probably XIllia 2 CE.

    man i don’t think i could afford more of this XD

    guess i’ll save up then!

  • Alkhan

    I’d buy this if they had announced or even given a little bit of hope for localization of Tales of Innonce R/ Tales Of Hearts in the US.

    • Ladius

      Supporting the series is the best way to make Namco consider more localizations, if we start boycotting the PS3 games they localize just because they aren’t sure the Vita ones can be profitable we could end up having nothing at all like some years ago.

      • Alkhan

        I bought at least 11 Square Enix games since FF Type Zero released in JPN up until like a year ago and I thought buying their games would make SE want to release more in the west.

        You can keep supporting these clowns if you like. I’ll just be buying all of my SE, Namco, and Sega games used like I’ve been doing for the past year (2 1/2 years for Sega)

        Fuck those guys. We don’t owe them a goddamn thing.

        • Ladius

          We should consider they are giving us three localized Tales PS3 games between 2013 and 2014, they’re making nice Collector Editions and Day One editions for those who want some extras without paying more, they’re finally including dual audio and they’re doing a lot to market the series across US and European conventions in order to make it relevant in the west.

          It’s pretty clear they’ve completely changed their attitude compared to some years ago, and they could very well work with Sony’s new 3rd Party Division to bring us the Vita games since they came 1st and 2nd place in #jrpgvita.

          Being angry just because they aren’t localizing evertyhing at the same time won’t help anyone, nor us nor Namco, and in this series’ case supporting the games actually got us more localizations, since they wouldn’t have announced Symphonia Chronicles and Xillia 2 before Xillia was even out if they weren’t sure the support was there.

          • Alkhan

            I’m not being angry about anything. I’m just not supporting publishers who don’t localize the games that I (really)want (Valkyria Chronicles 3, Shining games, Tales of Hearts/Innocence, Digimon Re:coded,FF Type Zero). There is nothing wrong with that.

  • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

    At least the rumored number of 1500 was wrong by a 0. That would have made it really tough to get.

    I really don’t want to buy it from the Namco store. I’m still upset about my Wizard Edition.

  • new_tradition

    My wallet ;A;

    If it’s a Namco Store-only thing, then I ut won’t get it, but if it’s at Futureshop, I’m all over it ×_×

  • AdamBoy64

    Not sure if I want this.

    If it comes to Europe and it’s an easy process to pick one up, I might go for it. It’d be another one of those things I’d buy and leave sealed.

    The Marta figurine looks really something though – I like it a lot :)

  • http://www.play-asia.com/?affiliate_id=1573221 Ultrapieguy

    I want it, but I also want other games at the same time. There’s also the issue of very little monies. ;_;

  • http://gematsu.com/ Sal Romano

    Added some new screenshots.

  • Gigus

    Those figurines are very tempting. Are preorders starting?

  • fear

    sold out already wow!!!

  • Astrid Huang

    Too bad I won’t be able to afford this :( The mini figures look cute though!

  • ogglock

    Wouldn’t worry too much about stock, the 15,000 copies thing is probably just a marketing thing.

    I can still find Tales of Xillia collector’s edition’s with the Milla statue at amazon. In fact, my local Futureshop(Canada) was trying to get rid of Xillia Collector’s editions for $25 a pop.

  • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero