Super Mario 3D World screenshots
posted on 10.15.13 at 10:37 AM EDT by (@salromano)
29 new images of upcoming high-def Mario.

Nintendo has released a new set of Super Mario 3D World screenshots.

The four-player 3D Mario game features Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad as playable characters, and will launch for Wii U on November 22 in North America and November 29 in Europe.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • SuperLuigi

    I love the lighting effects on the enemies like their eyes and such.

  • $18114340

    Nintendo has finally entered the HD era, and with it… they’ve discovered the wonders of excessive bloom lighting.

    The game looks great but I think it’s kind of funny how even Nintendo isn’t immune to the allure of crazy shiny graphics when it comes down to it.

    • bloodiOS

      Well, at least it’s better than Star Ocean 4.

  • Samsara09

    guess Nintendo finally remembered the WIIU is an HD console,lol,jk.hmm…the graphic quality got a lot better,not that it was bad or that I cared about it.Hope they don’t sacrifice or forget about the gameplay.

  • Zackasaur

    : D

    Definitely playing as Toad. He’s the cutest cat!

    • Rogerrmark

      I wonder what happened to the original Toad :/

      • SuperLuigi

        He dyed his head of coarse! >.>

        • AdamBoy64

          He’s going through a mid-life crisis.

          He’s seen some stuff in his life, had a really difficult run, and he just doesn’t know how to deal with it.

          Maybe if he joins the plumbers on an adventure he can just push it all down, deep inside and just forget about it for a while.

  • papermario

    this is the game of the year

  • Rogerrmark

    This game looks absolutely beautiful and fantastic.Just hope Mario will never stray his style.

  • Zancrow

    Daaaayum, looks beautiful!
    Now I want Galaxy 3! xD

    • TwinTails

      For me, they should just leave it at Galaxy 2. Continuing to push out sequels will only give doomsayers more incentive to bash. They should stick to newer directions like this.

      • Zancrow

        I wouldn’t call this exactly a new direction, though.^^
        It’s more of a “minor” evolution of Super Mario Bros.
        Now in a 3D plane.

        • AdamBoy64

          I’d say it’s more an evolution of the new direction they took with Super Mario 3D Land.

          • Zancrow

            It’s kinda both.
            They did the fusion dance. :p

    • Zackasaur

      Would insta-pre-order Galaxy 3…

  • KeyboardG

    Are these at native resolution or did you resize them down? Only 720x?

    • bloodiOS

      Yeah, 720p@60fps as confirmed by Nintendo:

  • Zackasaur

    lol Dat bloom.

    I’ll probably get this. I doubt it will be as good as Super Mario Galaxy, but I love some good co-op with my girlfriend.

    • AdamBoy64

      The multiplayer is looking like it’ll be fantastic.

      Sounds like you’re on a good thing if you’ve got a girlfriend who likes her Mario games.

  • TwinTails

    This game looks as colorful as a Pixar movie.

  • Articuno76

    Princess Peach’s femininity has taken physical shape as a giant shoe that has imprisoned her, rendering her powerless. The failed attempt at biting social commentary only serves to strengthen the patriarchy’s role over women because it implies that femininity itself-….sorry, can’t do this with a straight face.

  • AdamBoy64

    It’s looking fantastic. Could shape up to be another platforming masterpiece.
    Not long to go to find out.


    This game looks very polished. Graphics are looking amazing from these screens.

  • Thomas

    Very nice images that really show what the game is about.

  • 5aga

    havent been so excited by a mario game in a long time