Seisou no Amazones extended trailer, gameplay
posted on 10.10.13 at 07:20 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Dungeons and Factor Liberation Mode in motion.

Arc System Works has released an extended trailer and direct-feed gamepaly footage of its upcoming 3DS dungeon RPG Seisou no Amazones.

The extended trailer adds a minute of new footage on top of the original trailer. The gameplay footage shows one of the game’s dungeons and the newly detailed Factor Liberation Mode.

Watch all three clips below. The game is due out November 14 in Japan.

Extended Trailer

Dungeon Gameplay

Factor Liberation Gameplay

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  • bloodiOS

    Gameplay looks… rather shallow and overall,… not very interesting.

  • kurosan9712

    Totally my type of game. Good thing I already pre-ordered it.
    Didn’t play a good dungeon crawler since like Devil Summoner:Soul Hackers.

    And dat Factor Liberation. Hell yeah, 57.99$(play-asia price) spent well.

    • Learii

      well lucky you have a Japanese 3DS lol because you can’t play Japanese games with American 3ds

      • kurosan9712

        Well, I never wanted a western 3DS, because I understood I WON’T ever get games I want if I get a EU or US one.
        And I was right.

        I was right since the point of starting to learn japanese, lol.

        • Learii

          lol good luck with that