Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V coming to PC in early 2014
posted on 10.10.13 at 11:59 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Eurogamer cites "multiple industry sources."

Grand Theft Auto V will come to PC in early 2014, according to “multiple industry sources” of Eurogamer.

The open world sequel released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17 to record breaking sales.

Its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto IV, initially launched for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 initially in April 2008, before a PC version was announced and released in December that year.

When questioned for comment, Rockstar redirected Eurogamer to its July-published FAQ, in which it says, “The only versions of the game that we have announced are for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.”

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  • TheExile285

    Kind of surprised it wasn’t on PC to begin with

    • gerald

      Piracy. They want to get full value on their sales before it goes to PC, where too many people will steal it.

      (edit) it’s fitting that this comment is being downvoted by some people who don’t want to hear the truth, just like the article said: “If we say this publicly, the internet hates us. There are heated comment threads, angry follow-on articles, a vicious flame war and endless twitter rage. It’s damaging and it’s exhausting.”

      • TheExile285

        Oh yeah, that makes sense.

      • ogglock

        Piracy occurs on all platforms.

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          Duh but its higher on some. PC is the highest.

          • ogglock

            show me data thats says that PC has the highest rate of piracy. I want actual facts, not something out of a publisher’s mouth

            • FitzpatrickPhillips

              So you want actual cold hard facts that only the publisher knows 100% but won’t trust them when they say it? Okay.

              • ogglock

                That’s what I’m trying to say. It’s baseless to point out the PC as the hotspot for piracy when there is no information to prove it.I mean for all we know the producers could go to that certain bay and and just look at the seeders and downloaders and get it from that. Until an actual study is done on this subject, please stop spouting your opinions as fact.

                • Budgiecat

                  What the hell are you talking about? Youre just arguing for the sake of arguing. Are you serious…..PC is the easiest to pirate on thats not opinion its fact. Please get a clue

                  • ogglock

                    As I have said numerous times, the point about the difficulty is moot because not everyone thinks the PC pirating is easier than PS3 pirating. Also I never mentioned anything about difficulty, you guys brought it up as a point.

                    Also I was not referring to which platform is easier to pirate games on. I’m just stating that without any actual proof that PC pirating is a rampant problem, its pointless saying that one platform has more piracy than the other.


                    Also Calm down there son. We’re having a civilized discussion about the gaming industry that we love so much. No need to go with that tone.

            • Budgiecat

              You don’t need data quit being a moron. It’s common sense.

              Hand someone instructions on what it takes to pirate a PC game then hand them instructions on what it takes to pirate a PS3 game and then tell me which do you think people will find a thousand times easier?

              • ogglock

                Actually I do need data, because unlike most people I don’t run my mouth off unless I have facts. Just because something is easier to do doesn’t mean its common sense.

                Also your point about the difficulty of pirating is moot because not everyone conforms to the fact that one way is easier to the other.

                For the record, you can easily pirate games on PS3 if you have the right hardware. From what I recall other than the hardware requirements, its just a simple drag and paste into the folder of the HDD of the PS3 and using some homebrew software to run said PS3 game. Doesn’t sound that much harder than how to run pirated PC games.

                • HeatPhoenix

                  Wow, guy says “i want data or else we’re just guessing, folks”, gets downvotes. What’s this, reddit?

                  • ogglock

                    Yes, that’s what people do when they have no proof to their claims. Tis the Internet, where you can spout lies and get away with them.

                  • $18114340

                    People believe what they want to believe and what they have predetermined is worth believing.

                    People are goddamned stupid.

                • Budgiecat

                  You need to hook up your PS3 to the PC first and you risk banning your account on PSN duh. It’s insanely easier on PC

                  • ogglock

                    If your pirating on PS3, you could care less about PSN, because you know the risks of pirating if your caught. Also I believe last time i checked the scene, you could not get PSN access if you pirated games because of the numerous PSN updates.

                    Also, have you ever heard of USB thumbdrives. Man I could get a 32 GB thumbstick for about $15 on sale. No need to hook up my computer to your PS3 with a Ethernet cable to do FTP transfer or a USB cable for regular transfer.

              • HeatPhoenix

                Common sense isn’t very scientific, is it?

        • Budgiecat

          lol is this some sort of justification? PC pirating is the easiest by far

          • ogglock

            I’m just stating the facts that’s all pirating is easy on any platform that’s the point of piracy, playing games at our convenience without spending a dime.

      • $30632660

        Most people will just wait for Steam/Amazon/Greenmangaming/etc sales to get it anyways because nobody likes delays.

        I’ll be waiting on that 75 percent price drop on steam because GTAV’s online is trash and it should’ve been working.

      • AdamBoy64

        Wow, thanks for that – that’s a fantastic link.

        Spells it out, clear as day.

      • $18114340

        I downvoted you because “the truth” is not the whole truth, nor are the words spoken by one company gospel.

        The reason why “the internet hates” game developers for saying that piracy is the reason why PC gamers aren’t being treated fairly is because it’s a bullshit reason and everybody knows it. It’s not bullshit because piracy doesn’t happen; nobody is denying that. It’s bullshit because piracy doesn’t have a definitive or measurable effect on sales. For anybody who believes it does, the burden of proof lies on them alone. And believing the game publishers “because they said so” is idiotic. Their words are their personal judgements; those are not facts or figures in of themselves.

        • Guest

          It’s people like this that give all PC gamers a bad name on the internet. Like the 9/11 Truthers of PC gaming, you refuse to accept anything negative about PC gaming, even when it’s common sense like piracy is far worse on PC.

          This is confirmed by publisher’s own private data, which they put a great deal of effort into making sure is accurate and reliable because there are millions of dollars at stake in making a bad decision. If they act on it by delaying a PC release, you can be sure their data is damning because they’d be happy to make more money with an earlier PC release.

          So it doesn’t matter what you think or how much you go around downvoting people and arguing on and on and on.

          Seriously, guy… random internet bro intervention time. I’ve noticed you do quite a bit of spamming entire topics with these angry defensive posts, mainly on PC and Valve. Doesn’t seem too healthy. After I make a comment I practically forget about it and go chill or game or spend time with my lady. But you sound like you take all this far too personally and don’t know when to stop. Friendly bit of advice, next time you feel you need to make another one of those comments, just get up and do something else for a while – something relaxing and non-gaming related – then come back and see if it really feels necessary to waste your time going on a forum tirade arguing with any random strangers who’ll listen, about shit that really doesn’t matter.

          • $18114340

            At no point did I deny anything negative about PC gaming, nor did I ever deny that piracy is more prevalent on PC. You are misreading my argument. I am more bothered by your assumptions than I am of your supporting evidence.

            As for “worse”, this is a value judgement that devs/publishers make on their own. To say that “piracy occurs in greater numbers on PC, therefore publishers lose millions of dollars to piracy” is a fallacy not because it isn’t possible, but because there isn’t a direct correlation here. Publishers can throw out their numbers but those numbers aren’t the conclusion in of themselves. And their numbers aren’t as reputable as you make them out to be because a torrent download doesn’t directly correspond to a sale lost, since many pirates would not legitimately get a game for free or dirt-cheap if given the choice anyway if giveaways and choose-your-price bundles are any indication.

            I’m not buying it not because I’m some sort of “9/11 truther” who denies these things just because I don’t like them. I’m denying it because the conclusions (yours) aren’t being drawn on logical grounds and because the evidence presented is shaky at best, since it contradicts the conclusions provided by the PC devs and publishers who are actually successful on the platform.

            And no need to make this all personal, bro. I’m making the conscious decision to sit here and reply to you — if I thought I was wasting my time I wouldn’t be doing it. I was just trying to explain to you (since you seemed to be bothered by it) why I specifically downvoted you. It wasn’t for no reason, and it wasn’t a kneejerk reaction out of indignance. Think about it for a bit.

  • DesmaX

    wow, what a surprise! Oh well, if they do a good job this time…

    They should release RDR on PC’s too…

  • captainhowdy

    Sweet. I will buy this version.

  • Cry_Zero

    After that they should make a PS4 port

  • Vernauth

    wow that was fast will buy it again because of mods it will be more enjoyable than GTA:O

  • rockman29

    Just want a PS4 version.

    • makta

      Why the fuck would you want it in ps4?

      • rockman29

        Hahah, that’s a fun response.

        Why da fuq not?


        • makta

          I want it for my psx.

      • Bobby Jennings

        Better graphics, fps, possibly more players in one session?

      • zakou

        If this wans’t a troll question I myself would love to see a PS4 version.


        60 frames, 1080p resolution, better visuals/textures, bigger online sessions and mentioned before, and additional content :P

        Either way one thing that people dont mention is the anti aliasing which sucks on the 7 year old machine (PS3/360) i would love to have very high AA on open worlded games because after a while you notice how textures pop up from afar.

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          If you want that, get it for the PC

          • zakou

            I don’t like playing on the PC that much, I mostly use PC for MMOs but not third person/driving games.

            Sure you can connect your PS3/360 controller and play game with that but i wouldnt want to go through all the trouble of bringing my pc to the living room, connecting it to my 600 hz sony tv with bravia engine 2 and other quality enchanting features.

            And mostly most of the game i like i play them on my ps3 i also watch movies on the ps3 soon to be replaced by PS4.

            • HeatPhoenix

              600Hz, you what. What’s the point of that when consoles are locked to 60fps and GTA 5 runs at 28 fps max on PS3

              • zakou

                Well at one point i belived that Frames per second and HZ (refresh rate) are the same thing.

                But i was wrong, something that is either recorded or made in 60 frames is one thing.

                Something that gets refreshed in hz is another.

                You would be surprised how amazing games look like on this TV, not only quality but the 600hz actually works, it makes some PS3 13-30 frames games look like 60 or even more frames per second.

                This HZ thing give an artifical FPS to games. Also I played The Last Of us on a normal not even 100hz LCD full HD TV. Look awesome.

                I put the Last of Us in my ps3 and play it on the sony 600hz with quality enchan. features.

                I shit you not, that is for you to belive, it looks twice better in frames, the overall visual quality was imporoved and it actually looked like something early on a PS4, this is how far a TV can get you with the additional features that monitors are years behind.

          • $18114340

            And get a gimped, unoptimized, buggy DRM’d version of the game because Rockstar hates PC gamers and doesn’t treat them right.

            Thank god Games for Windows Live is dying, or else they probably would have thrown that in the pot too.

          • MrKappa

            Getting a gaming PC that can run the game as such setting will easily cost twice as much as a PS4.

            • HeatPhoenix


      • Budgiecat

        Try using your brain

  • Nitraion

    Too long -_- and its just “rumor” on top of that
    well i pick Ps3 version then
    rockstart doesn’t really like PC don’t they? well the moment you step on PC
    the moment your game will be pirated so that is fact really….
    but sticking DRM on your PC game like diablo 3 is big mistake too

    • ogglock

      same thing happens with consoles. In fact, there are cases where console games are pirated even before they hit the street date. So please don’t attach the pirating moniker to just PC, all consoles are guilty of this as well.

      • $18114340

        Some friendly advice: I wouldn’t waste my breath. PC gaming is doing fine and both PC-centric developers and PC gamers know that; it’s the AAA console game developers and those who may not be as familiar with PC gaming that are always complaining about piracy and throw around torrent numbers like the facts can only logically lead to one conclusion. They cannot be convinced because their beliefs are dogmatic.

        You and I may both know and understand that piracy is not black-and-white, that even if piracy exists in larger numbers on PC it isn’t a direct correlation to the state of the market; that even if piracy is a detrimental phenomenon its effects are not quantifiable nor measurably so and that piracy does NOT happen in a vacuum and that correlation is NOT causation.

        A pirated copy does not equate to a lost sale. The likes of Capcom, Square Enix, Rockstar, and especially Ubisoft and EA struggle to understand this as they strap-on inane “solutions” to their half-assed, full-price, year-late products and refuse to engage in a dialogue with their customers… meanwhile, GoG, Humble Bundle, Steam, long-time PC and independent developers reap the benefits of having open platforms, direct communication, and most importantly an understanding of their fans as more than just sales numbers or marketing cattle… and then strangely enough, people wonder how they do it.

        • ogglock

          Thank you good sir. It’s just that people who run off their mouths without all the facts just piss me off.

          • $18114340

            I’m sure they would have never mentioned how a number of prominent industry leaders such as Valve as well as a substantial number of independent developers don’t feel threatened by piracy. Are they bothered by it? Probably. Bothered enough by it to declare fighting it their primary focus? Definitely not.

            Here, for the rest of you lot, educate yourself:


            Piracy is not black-and-white, good-versus-evil. Its effects are very much nebulous and debatable.

      • Nitraion

        PC and Console yes they both guilty as hell for pirating….
        but PC is easier to pirate,more easier to accsess(not with console firmware update) and harder to control… IMO
        are you piss off because people think PC=pirated games or something?

        • ogglock

          Yes, I’m annoyed at the fact that people peg all PC gamers as pirates. I’ll admit that I have pirated a game here or there, but if I like the game, I support the developers for making such a good game as a fellow aspiring developer..

          People are probably going to take my last sentence out of context and label me a dirty pirate, but whatever, I own up to what I’ve done.

  • Zero

    Oh my goodness! Why did this turn into a discussion about video game piracy?

    I’m letting it slide because it’s only slightly off topic. For the record — we prefer these off topic discussion to be discussed in the open forum.

    Anyways, just keep the conversation friendly, thanks.

    Moving on. I’m happy to see that GTA V might come out on PC. I signed the petition because I think everyone should be able to play the game. Let’s hope they support Steam this time. No excuse for this not to have steam support if it does come to PC.

  • tokyobassist

    Oh look, more PC master race who can’t never talk about being excited for a game but rather use games as an excuse to piss in people’s cornflakes and condescend to those who could careless.

    Same shit, different page.

    After playing this on PS3, I’m really eager to see the mods that come from this. The Iron Man mod for GTA IV was so fun even if the game was an unoptimized mess.