PlayStation 4 video touts 180 games in development
posted on 10.23.13 at 03:05 PM EDT by (@salromano)
PlayStation 4 "the best place to play," says Sony.

180 games are in development for PlayStation 4, according to a new “Best Place to Play” video promoting the system.

The video highlights upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives like Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS: Second Son, Driveclub, The Order: 1886, and Knack, and mentions 14 award winning Sony studios are creating exclusive games for the system. Logos flash for Sucker Punch, Media Molecule, Guerrilla Games, Santa Monica Studio, Japan Studio, Evolution Studio, and London Studio.

Of the 180 games in development, which Sony says is “more than any other next-gen consoles” and “includes global blockbuster franchises,” 24 PlayStation 4 exclusives have been announced to date.

Watch the video below.

Thanks, PlayStation Blog.

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  • JuhRo

    inb4 “80% indies” comments.

    • Sevyne

      Yeah, it’s bound to be said by someone. Though, at the very least it isn’t nearly as rampant as it is on sites like IGN or over at GFaqs. God, it gives me a headache reading that stuff.

      Edit: Yep, just looked at the IGN comments. Why did I do that? As expected, it’s a cesspool of morons crying about Indies.

      • JuhRo

        True story. Complainers abound on IGN–Trolls, “advocates”, fanboys.. name it, and they’re on there.

        I love the many indies on my Vita. It gives me a great pool of games to choose from. :) Platinum’d both Guacamelee and Velocity Ultra over the past months.

    • Nick Pantazis

      It’s silly to consider that to be a problem. Why would 80% indies even be a bad thing? Indies gave us LIMBO, Journey, Braid, Castle Crashers, Flower, Hotline Miami, Super Meat Boy, etc. Indies make great and original games. That’s a compliment if anything, IMO.

      • Sevyne

        Amen to that. And on top of that they don’t even take away from development of big titles. They only add more in between those releases. Indies pretty much guarantee no downtime between releases. You always are provided interesting new games week after week!

        But folks will complain anyway, and never think about the fact that no indie games coming to a console would mean those weeks have less games. Guess they’d rather have empty weeks instead of a plethora of creative, affordable, and (in many cases) extremely fun indie games.

      • 罪罰


      • JuhRo

        Whole heartedly agree.
        360 ain’t got nothin to show against Journey– I literally had a pulsing migrane… played that game for 1 hour and it was completely gone.

      • SageShinigami

        Nobody said it was a bad thing. Just feels like artificially inflating the numbers. 180 games and honestly the vast majority probably ARE indies.

        That’s great if its your thing. For many gamers it’s not. Why this seems to be a problem for so many people, I don’t know.

    • MrRobbyM

      What other people said. I don’t get how it’s a bad thing. If anything, I hope Sony encourages more indie developers to make games for Ps3/Ps4. There are so many great indie games exclusive to Steam it would be great to have even a few of those on a home console.

    • Elvick

      Those people annoy me.

      I mean… AAA games don’t stop development because indies are free to put their games on the platform. Naughty Dog didn’t stop making their games so that indie games could be made.

      It’s literally just getting MORE games… :|

    • jujubee88

      I’m shocked this is the first comment. I really am.. I expected more.

      ..More like “inb4 none are JRPG’s” comments.

  • Invisbin

    Great numbers! Indie or not, thats an impressive number. Sony knows we want games.

  • Erick Jahzeel Maradiaga Mairen

    so 180 games for developmen I already preorder my ps4 and its getting hard to choose which game I gonna pick with my ps4, assassins creed 4 is a good one but not really sure about killzone shadow fall, damn drive club was a good one and watch dog too… maybe I need to wait for the witcher 3, elder scrolls online, evil within and final fantasy 15 those are great options for the ps4

  • Articuno76

    TBH support for these systems is a foregone conclusion at this point. If there is a game coming out for a next-gen console then you can pretty much be guaranteed that it is coming to both systems (unless it is an obscure Japanese game, then you might be looking at a PS4 exclusive).

    Platform agnosticism is the trend going forward (and has been for some time now).

    • JuhRo

      Last Of Us, Uncharted, Infamous, Ratchet and Clank, Beyond, Heavy Rain, Journey, 75% of the Tales of Material, Ni No Kuni– etc would all like to say hi to your seemingly informed statement.
      Let’s not forget Nintendo here and their endless pool of exclusive things.. their issue is the opposite, really.

      (I wouldn’t put Tales and Ni No Kuni with “obscure” japanese games.. that’s reserved for Disgaea, Miku, Atelier, Mugen, and Hyperdimension type games — which also add so many series that are exclusive.)

      • Solomon_Kano

        > Last Of Us


        > Beyond


        > Heavy Rain


        > Journey

        Part of Sony’s contract with thatgamecompany. Second-party.

        Obviously, first-party games would be exclusive. A first-party can’t be platform agnostic, so you should stick to third-party examples.

        • Kevadu

          Articuno76 said nothing about first party or not. His exact words were, “If there is a game coming out for a next-gen console then you can pretty much be guaranteed that it is coming to both systems.” JuhRo then provided counterexamples from the current gen.

          The fact is, Sony has a lot of first party games. More than the competition. I don’t know why you would just dismiss them like that. Games are games.

          • Articuno76

            Between the definition of 1st party games and the context I would have hoped I wouldn’t have to qualify my comment.

          • Solomon_Kano

            He didn’t have to. He spoke of platform agnosticism, which means devs don’t pick one system or the other. If you’re a first-party studio you don’t have that choice, making first-party games irrelevant as counterexamples.

            That’s not being dismissive, that’s trying to help him make his case better. I didn’t pick a side, it’s not “I’m right, he’s wrong. HUR HUR Sony doesn’t have exclusives.” I’m saying that his point would be better served by examples from third-party, since a first-party — by definition — cannot be agnostic, and thus makes for a poor counterexample.

            A list of first-party games does not counter Articuno’s claim that agnosticism would be the trend. Surely, that makes sense. Nobody’s disputing that Sony has a lot of first-party games. That had absolutely nothing to do with what Articuno said.

      • Articuno76

        If fans have to beg for the localisation of a sequel rather than it being a foregone conclusion then that game is niche (see Tales).

        The rest are 1st party.

        If you can find me a massive list of popular third party games that are unique to the system we have a different story.

        edit: Though Ni No Kuni I’ll give you was a biggie. IIRC it made the charts even in the UK. But that game is an exception rather than part of a trend.

      • Budgiecat
        • DarkLegacy

          Funny pic lol

      • DesmaX

        To be fair, Wonder Flick is coming to Xbox One too

      • JuhRo

        Dag, son. Didn’t expect that kind of reaction.
        Well thank you, I’ve been informed what “platform agnosticism” actually is: A Fancy word excluding first party titles — not to be confused with platform exclusive title count.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Fancy? Excluding? No, it’s a word that actual publishers and developers use when speaking on how they approach different consoles.

          Nobody is arguing that Sony doesn’t have a ton of exclusives, so I’m not sure why you keep bringing up how many they have. Articuno is saying that this gen, this upcoming gen, we’ll see less third-party exclusives. Those are two entirely different arguments.

          • JuhRo

            I said that– and I also said that I now understand what you two meant.

            But what stood out, aside from that phrase, is what Articuno said,

            “If there is a game coming out for a next-gen console then you can pretty much be guaranteed that it is coming to both systems”..

            which is what I disagree with. This isn’t talking about platform agnosticism. This is saying ANY game that comes out on a next gen console is guaranteed to be on both.

            So he really brings up both in his initial comment.

            • Solomon_Kano

              But it goes without saying that first-party games can’t come to other platforms, so I’m still not really sure why you’d even bother to dispute that.

              I’m sure he can figure out that Naughty Dog or 343 won’t suddenly be developing for other systems.

              • JuhRo

                I suppose. It’s just the generality of the statement which caused all this mess.
                Judging by that statement alone, it’s as if first party studios will be non existent and it’d only make sense if all games are on all consoles.

                That’s what was floating around in my head that left a sour taste, at least.
                Silly me.

  • Willgaea

    I guess I can be broke for the next 15 years.

    • TheBlackRabbit

      dont do that……..XD

    • DXVII

      LOL Same here.

  • nyobzoo

    well Sony has right now 32 exclusive coming for it, 30 by Sony, Deep Down, and Yakuza. We can probably say NIS will be making exclusive PS4 games also

  • DarkLegacy

    I can’t wait to play DriveClub even though I have to wait until next year. At least I’ll have Knack, Killzone and AC IV before PS4 releases

  • Guest



    This console will be mine! Those awesome exclusives, the controller reviews, the power, the price, PlayStation Plus, and Remote Play.

    • EX+

      Indeed. Even though Im not picking a PS4 at launch (because they’re aren’t that many games I’m interested in at launch), I’ll be picking one up and it’ll probably explode from how much I’ll be playing it.

      • DarkLegacy

        So you’ll pick up a PS4 when FFXV comes out?

  • SageShinigami

    To set the “mostly indies” comment to rest, here’s 118 of those 180:

    • matt

      It’s going to be an amazing system!

    • JuhRo

      Honestly saw about 60/40, with Indies winning.. but still quite a bit of games.. Wowza.

      • SageShinigami

        Eh. Even so, as someone who’s not hyped about indies (besides Mercenary Kings), if you can’t find plenty of games on that list for next year, it’s probably your fault.

        • JuhRo

          Where the JRPGs at, yo? :)