PlayStation 4 ‘Perfect Day’ commercial
posted on 10.14.13 at 09:58 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Sing along to PlayStation 4's musical TV spot.

Sony debuted a new TV spot for PlayStation 4 during Monday night football tonight.

The commercial, dubbed “Perfect Day,” is a musical one featuring a Skyrim-like environment, Driveclub-like car race, and Killzone-like battlefield.

PlayStation 4 will launch in North America on November 15 and in Europe on November 29. Watch the commercial below.

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  • Awnye

    Hah this is awesome

  • Elvick

    I liked it, though think they probably should have said what each section was supposed to be. I doubt people who aren’t on gaming websites know what games they’re “showcasing” in this commercial.

    • Zefhar

      Even though, if they’re note on gaming websites but are interested nontheless, they will find out and talk about it.

      • Elvick

        I think you over estimate the general consumer.

  • bloodiOS

    I thought that was quite amusing. Only one more month, huh? Man, time sure went by pretty darn fast… Can’t wait for those heated next-gen face-offs/head-2-heads.

  • Crossbones (Prodigy-X)

    Sony’s Playstation Advertisement team is on a roll.

  • Crossbones (Prodigy-X)

    FF XV at the 0:07 mark

    • Arcana Gear

      lol, before you said i didn’t even see the background.

    • Sal Romano

      Nice catch!

      • Crossbones (Prodigy-X)

        I caught it on the 5th time watching the video.

  • Wolf Star

    I enjoyed the commercial ^^

  • hush404

    Hmm, if they planned for a release on the 12th, it would of been 11.12.13. That would of been cool :)

  • Arcana Gear

    was kinda cool…. time sure flies…. to me it was like yesterday that everyone was specualting if even the ps4 would be announced and if yes how the console would look…..

  • Raiu

    Found this on neogaf….

    • bloodiOS

      Ah… Shaolin Soccer, that movie was hilarious.

      • SOLOmio

        best soccer kung fu movie and inspiration to inazuma eleven
        tit would be cool to have a real shaolin soccer game.

  • jujubee88

    Great, now I’m on a Lou Reed trip. Thanks Sony!

    (No seriously, thanks Sony. Lou Reed is underrated ^^)