PlayStation 4 day one software update detailed
posted on 10.25.13 at 11:17 AM EDT by (@salromano)
PlayStation companion app to launch on November 15.

PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15 with a day one firmware update. Version 1.50 will add features such as remote play, Share button functionality, and more.

Some features, like “suspend/resume mode,” which places the system in a low power state and promptly takes users back to their game, will not be available at launch, but “in the near future.”

The 300 MB update will enable the following features:

Remote Play

Users will be able to access PS4 titles displayed on their living room TVs and play them on a PS Vita system over Wi-Fi network sby using PS4 Link. SCE anticipates that most PS4 titles will be playable on the PS Vita system through Remote Play.

Second Screen

Users can use the PS4 Link application for the PS Vita system, and PlayStation App for iPhone, iPad, and Android based smartphones and tablets*5,to use these devices as second screens in supported titles. PlayStation App has the ability to enable users to interact with games with their mobiles devices. For example on The Playroom, a title pre-installed in all PS4 systems that requires PlayStation Camera, users can draw pictures on their mobile device screens and flick them towards the TV. The images then appear as a 3D object within the game.

Record, take screen shots, and upload gameplay effortlessly

The PS4 system provides dedicated, “always on” video encoding systems that enables seamless uploading of gameplay. Users can share their epic triumphs by simply hitting the “Share button” on PS4 Wireless Controller (DualShock 4), take screenshots or scan through the last 15 minutes of gameplay, tag it and return to the game—the video uploads as the user plays. At the PS4 system’s launch in North America, users will be able to share their images and videos with friends on Facebook and screenshots with followers on Twitter.

Broadcast and spectate gameplay

The PS4 system also enhances social spectating by enabling users to broadcast their gameplay in real-time to game fans around the globe, using Ustream and Twitch live internet streaming services. SCE provides two ways for users to view live broadcasts. First, the Live from PlayStation application on PS4 aggregates streams from all PlayStation users. Second, users can spectate friends’ PS4 gameplay from PCs, and applications such as Ustream, Twitch, and browsers, which are installed on their mobile devices. These applications can be easily started up via PlayStation App, and users can also use these applications to post comments to gameplay broadcasts. Furthermore, users with PlayStation Camera can stream camera images and microphone sounds along with their live gameplay broadcast.

Play as you download

This feature enables users to play supported digital titles as they are being downloaded. When a game is purchased, users can start playing after PS4 downloads a portion of the data, while the rest of the game is downloaded in the background during actual gameplay. Games may be downloaded in stand-by mode.

Multi log-in

A maximum of 4 users can log-in to a single PS4 system simultaneously. These players can use their own save data to play games, and also earn trophies on their own Sony Entertainment Network accounts even when playing a multi-player game together on a single PS4 system.

Party (Voice chat)

By using the Mono Headset bundled with the PS4 system, users will be able to chat with up to eight friends enjoying different applications or games. Furthermore, users can use Party to chat between PS4 and PS Vita systems.

Face recognition and voice commands

Users with PlayStation Camera will be able to register their facial image onto their PS4 system, and login to their system using facial recognition instead of DualShock 4. Furthermore, users can use either the microphone of the Mono Head set connected to DualShock 4, or PlayStation Camera to navigate through the PS4 home screen (PlayStation Dynamic Menu) with voice commands to start up games and shutdown the system, among other features.

Background music player

Users can enjoy gameplay while listening to music in the background with Music Unlimited, a cloud-based digital music service. Users can also voice chat with friends while listening to music.

Online Multiplayer

PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) members will be able to play PS4 titles online with other players via the network. PS Plus makes it easy for members to join available online multiplayer matches in a variety of ways, including the ability to easily join a game from a live stream broadcast or Party voice chats.

Blu-ray Disc and DVD player

Users can enjoy not only gaming on their PS4 system, but also Blu-ray and DVD video contents.

Some features will not be available at launch, such as “suspend/resume mode” which is a feature that keeps the PS4 system in a low power state and promptly takes users back to their game. We will provide additional information about system software update version 1.50 and features available at the PS4 system’s North America launch, and features that will be available after launch, in the near future.

Two days prior to the launch of PlayStation 4, on November 13 (or November 22 in Europe), Sony will release the PlayStation App on the iOS App Store and Google Play. Once installed, your smartphone or tablet can be used as a second screen for support PlayStation 4 titles, and users can easily access PlayStation Network features like friends lists, trophies, etc.

Find a full list of features below:

Directly access various PlayStation Network features and information

  • Users can access their own profile screen.
  • Users can access/compare their own and friends’ Trophy accomplishments.
  • Exchange messages between PS4 systems, PlayStation 3 systems, PS Vita systems, and mobile devices installed with PlayStation App.
  • Access and filter friend profiles.
  • Notify users about their friends’ shared activities on “What’s New.”
  • Notify PS4 users when they receive any new notifications or game invitations. Users can also display their lists of game items.

Browse the official PlayStation website and access information

Users can access the PlayStation official website to browse through news, blogs and game information. The language and content of the website will depend on the country the user’s Sony Entertainment Network account is registered.

PS4 Second Screen Feature

Users can install PlayStation App on to their mobile devices to use as a second screen in supported games. For example on The Playroom, a title pre-installed in all PS4 systems that requires PlayStation Camera, users can draw pictures on their mobile device screens and flick them towards the TV. The images then appear as a 3D object within the game.

Spectate other PS4 users’ gameplay

When users’ friends upload or begin live streaming their gameplay on PS4 systems, the friends’ activities are displayed on “What’s New” of the PlayStation App screen. When users tap on this notification, they can boot pre-installed applications, such as browsers, to spectate the uploaded gameplay. Users can also post comments on gameplay screenshots, footage and live streams.

Purchase game content on PlayStation Store

Users can purchase game content (video contents cannot be purchased through PlayStation App) while away from home and download it directly onto their PS4, PS3, and PS Vita systems (a user must be a member of PlayStation Plus to download content directly to a PS Vita system).

Use a mobile device as a simple remote to control the PS4 system

Once installed, users can use their PlayStation App to control their PS4 system as long as both devices have access to the same Wi-Fi access point. For example, users can switch their PS4 system to standby mode, startup their PS4 system from standby mode, and use their mobile phone as a keyboard for their PS4 system.

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  • Alkhan

    Sounds like a 15Gb- 25Gb update.

    • Sal Romano

      It’s 300mb.

      • Alkhan

        “Sounds like”

        I’m fully aware that the update is 300mb. It’s right there in the article.

        Hence, “Sounds like”

        • Sal Romano

          You get a lot of comments, unfortunately, where people do not actually read the article.

          • icup ✔️

            a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • True Gamer

    Is there a such thing of being over sold? lol i mean they had me at hello but damn this is wifey material, so to speak lol.

    • TheBlackRabbit

      I want a wife that is oversold…Q~Q LOL

  • GhostNomad

    SCE anticipates that most PS4 titles will be playable on the PS Vita system through Remote Play.

    Not sure how to feel about this. Are the launch titles confirmed to work or is it going to be ‘soon’ like PS1 compatibility for the Vita?

    Also, Multi log-in = <3

    I wonder if that means they'll be changing the policy on having your account active on only two systems at a time.

    [EDIT] Forgot to mention that the phone app actually sounds pretty damn impressive too. Looking forward to all of this!

    • True Gamer

      I strongly agree!! Everything we have heard about the Ps4 thus far sounds incredible.

    • JuhRo

      They pretty much always put the caveat of “games that require the Playstation Move feature heavily will not be Remote Play capable
      So let’s hope they stick to that.. Developers literally just have to button map…

    • Gigus

      I think they’ll still limit your account activation to “X” number of systems. They’re just explaining some new extended features to the multi-login feature. I think thats pretty cool that you can swap in and out of different accounts on the fly, and earn trophies at the same time if “X” number of accounts are playing multiplayer on one console.

    • MrFinalgamer

      the whole thing about games playable on vita is up to developers whether they do it or not. Knack AC IV, and killzone will support the feature (the only ones that i know of) on launch.

  • hush404

    I’ve got not issue updating, but man, why are some features like ‘DVD/BR playback’ not included in stock fw? Thats just strange.

    • PoweredByHentai

      Suspend/resume mode wasn’t working for people who were watching movies via DVD/Blu-Ray. This update fixes that.

      Unless I totally misread that due to the formatting.

      • hush404

        I read it as that feature being something related to games. Not the DVD/BR playback. *shrugs. That’s just was I saw.

        • PoweredByHentai

          Yeah, I don’t blame you. Was too early in the morning for me.

  • EspadaKiller

    Next gen is so closeeeeeeeeeee. OMG awesome!

    • True Gamer

      3 more weeks left!!!

      • EspadaKiller

        Yeah…can’t wait! The feeling of next gen gaming is always nice ;)

        • True Gamer

          what games will you get for the ps4? I know that imma get that killzone,and COD (to play with friends), and hopefully battlefield 4 if I can

          • EspadaKiller

            I will definitely get Killzone on launch. But as for COD I would have to see first haha. I will be playing BF4 on my PC though!

            • True Gamer

              I heard PC games look beast, maybe more than beast lol. but I have always been a console gamer at heart, and also because my computer cannot handle or support games of that caliber.

              • EspadaKiller

                Ah yes the graphics. But my main reason would because playing fps games with a kb + mouse is easier, and my friends that are getting BF4 are all getting it on the PC. :P

    • Kougeru

      Technically PC has been “Next Gen” for years, but I get ya. I’m holding off for some better exclusives though. Cant wait to get a PS4 for MSG5 (unless they finally announce that for PC by then)

      • EspadaKiller

        I’m referring next gen consoles though, not PC. IMO PC gaming technically doesn’t have a generation Lol.

        And yes… MGS 5 would be so awesome. Can’t wait!

      • DXVII

        And someone brings up PC…..please T_T Go….

  • True Gamer

    Quick question. Can you still have pictures and themes on the XMB?

    • Gigus

      I hope so. I think we’ll get an info on that soon. I’d find it weird if you couldn’t.

      • True Gamer

        Yea no doubt.

  • TheExile285

    Users can use the PS4 Link application for the PS Vita system

    Oh cool, so Vita does support it.

  • MrKappa

    Just turned on my PS3 for first time in a long time and man the store is laggy as hell and XMB is chugging.
    I really hope the PS4 runs fast and smooth as silk.

    • badmoogle

      Yup and today was even worse than usual.For some strange reason my whole friend list was disappeared lol.

    • icup ✔️

      That’s intentional lag, to give you time to reflect on your life as you wait.

  • Invisbin

    I can’t contain my hype. Comment for a hug

    • Zackasaur

      Hug me, brother!

      • Invisbin


        • Zackasaur


  • captainhowdy

    Looks like the X1 and PS4 will both have day one patches.

  • Ace

    Firmware Update ought to be a game in and of itself.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    I’m now sure that I won’t be getting PS4 at launch. I’ll just wait for inFamous: Second Son.

  • Elvick

    The days of consoles/handhelds launching with all features is long gone.

    Kind of a bummer, but at least this is a day 1 update.

    • Zackasaur

      Well, it SEEMS like a bummer, but I think it’s really not. In the past, they’d plan features that didn’t make it… And we’d never get them at all.

      Now we keep getting features over the years! I love being an early adopter nowadays, because I love getting into the platform and then being a part of all the new features, updates, and improvements.

  • artemisthemp

    So I can answer PSN messages and buy content from PSN from my Android :)


      PS Messenger :)

  • GhostNomad

    With all this talk of features, one really small thing that I kinda hope the PS4 has/adds at some point is gameplay tracking, in the sense of how many hours you’ve spent playing a game, in total. I love that feature on Steam as well as Xfire (though it scares me to know that I’ve played Conquer Online for over 7000 hours throughout my high school/early college years), so it’d be kinda neat to have that kind of tracking.