Killzone: Shadow Fall screenshots, previews
posted on 10.24.13 at 08:15 AM EDT by (@salromano)
PlayStation 4 launch shooter shows varied environments.

Sony and Guerrilla Games have gone live with new screenshots and previews of PlayStation 4 launch title Killzone: Shadow Fall today.

Previews can be read or watched a the following sites: Eurogamer, Gamereactor, GameSpot, GameTrailers, GameXplain, IGN, Machinima, Official Playstation Magazine, Power Unlimited, Revision 3, and VentureBeat.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • bloodiOS

    I’m loving the image quality of multiplayer! Imagine looking at that while playing at 60fps. Also, I see good news from that Gamereactor article:

    Thanks to the increased precision of DualShock 4 and the crisp 1080p graphics and great framerate, Guerrilla have opted to not included any automated "aim assist" in Shadow Fall.

  • jujubee88

    Any1 know when reviews will be up? Anyword on sites getting debug kits early or something?

  • rurifan

    I’m a lot less excited about this game after reading that single player runs at last-gen 30fps. :(

    Any chance that it will be able to do 60fps when running at 720p?

    • bloodiOS

      No. They capped the frame rate at 30fps to push the visual as much as they could in preparation for it to be a launch title. At least, the multiplayer, the part of the game where most people will be spending time with, is 60fps.

      • rurifan

        The question is whether it will run at 60fps when running at *720p*. There should be more than enough spare resources at the lower resolution.

        • bloodiOS

          And like I previously answered you, NO! It stays capped at 30fps no matter which resolution you display the game at. Sure this might sound like tales-from-my-@$$ but usually when the frame rate output is programmed to not exceed 30fps, it stays that way.

          • rurifan

            That’s a bummer. I wish they’d give users the option to pick moton resolution instead of pixels you can only see while standing still.

            • bloodiOS

              Yeah, I do see where you’re coming from though, running a game at 1080p@30fps is (1.125 times) more demanding than running at 720p@60fps, after all. Well, maybe you can try suggesting that on their Twitter page? Personally, I don’t think it’s something a post-release patch can’t do.

            • bloodiOS

              Okay, it would appear that there have been changes that I wasn’t aware of. Single-player will be operating with unlocked frame rate:


              So yeah, I do suppose dropping it to 720p would likely guarantee a 60fps experience.

              • rurifan

                That’s awesome, thanks for the info! Made my day!

    • EX+

      Us console players have been going off of 30fps or less since the jump into the 3D era. Nothing last gen here, especially with the crisp next-gen graphics the game has.

      • rurifan

        There’s nothing next-gen about 30fps. It was garbage last generation, and it’s intolerable now. This game can only be called a last-gen cripple at that pathetic motion resolution.

        • bloodiOS

          Why, by your logic, the Call of Duty series has been a whole generation ahead of its competitions on consoles for years but astoundingly, no one knew (or would even bother to) consider that to be the case.

          • rurifan

            Sooo … you’re saying that a supposed NEXT-GEN game can’t even live up to the standards of a LAST-GEN game. Way to prove my point, thanks. :)

            Anyway, I understand you have no control over KZ4’s pitiful last-gen framerate. You don’t have to defend it.

            • bloodiOS

              *LOL* If there’s a standard that Call of Duty has set, it would be looks like complete and utter crap while running at 60fps, not a standard I’m hoping anyone would attempt for next-gen. Seriously now, there are more to next-gen than just frame rate. It either runs at 30fps with graphics leaps and bounds beyond last-gen while staying at native 1080p or drop the resolution down to 720p to maintain 60fps. There are special, impressive cases where games run at the ideal 1080p@60fps with great graphics, but I wouldn’t expect to see much of that at launch time. I personally like good graphics that maintains 1080p@60fps myself but really I wouldn’t go call a native 1080p game with jaw-dropping graphics a “last-gen cripple” just because it runs at 30fps. That’s just ridiculous, especially when its multiplayer is running at 60fps while maintaining native 1080p.

  • DarkLegacy

    Awesome screenshots that they’ve showed off. I’ll be playing this until the best games come next year

  • True Gamer

    I like the visuals, cant wait to get my hands on this game.