Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition announced for PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC
posted on 10.07.13 at 09:15 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate developer handling PS Vita port.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is coming to PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC as Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition, Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios have announced.

Available on November 12 in North America and November 29 in Europe and other global territories, the game will include all of the downloadable content released for the standard edition. The game will cost $59.99 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, $49.99 on PC, and $39.99 on PS Vita.

The downloadable content includes Lobo, Batgirl, General Zod, Martian Manhunter, Zatanna, Mortal Kombat‘s Scorpion, and over 40 extra character skins and 60 S.T.A.R. Labs Missions. Also included is a music soundtrack featuring an exclusive track from Jane’s Addiction titled “Another Soulmate,” and 11 songs from other popular artists.

The PlayStation 4 version is being handled by High Voltage Sofware, and will integrate touchpad functionality, video sharing and streaming, and link to players’ PlayStation Network feed page during match wrap-ups and pause menus. High Voltage is also handling the PC version.

Armature Studio is handling the PS Vita version, which will integrate touch controls for story mode mini-games and S.T.A.R. Labs missions, ad-hoc and Wi-Fi multiplayer, and collectible hero cards.

The Brazil classifications board previously rated Xbox One and Wii U versions of a ‘Game of the Year Edition’ for Injustice, alongside today’s announced versions. It’s possible those announcements are still lined up for a later date.

View box art shots for each platform at the gallery.

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  • Elvick


  • OverlordZetta

    Neat. I know nothing about this game but if it’s good I’ll give it a shot.

  • TheExile285


    Day one! My waiting paid off :D

    This and Ys Silver Edition are gonna kill my wallet……….

  • PhoenixAutomatic~♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪~


  • captainhowdy

    Nice. PS4 version here I come!

  • gerald

    Hmm I skipped it before because of the MK style gameplay I’m not a fan of, but maybe I’ll try it on PS4 to hold me off until the first next gen SF, GG, BB, KoF or Tekken.

  • bloodiOS

    High Voltage Software?! PASS!!!

    • Gigus

      High Voltage Software killed ZOE HD collection which ended up killing ZOE3. I really hope they’ve learned their lesson from the huge mistakes they’ve made. Why didn’t WB/NetherRealm Studios hire bluepoint to do this? They did an awesome job on PSABR.

      • bloodiOS

        Probably because these guys are hell of a whole lot cheaper.

        • Gigus

          Thats not reassuring for a good port lol.

          • Smoke Tetsu

            Either that are they are so close by also being in Chicago and only an hours drive from NRS.

            • Gigus

              I just hope they do better regardless if they’re cheap labor.

    • hush404

      They ported MK to the PC without too much issue, didn’t they? It’s not like they’re developing it, they’re just in charge of the port.

      • bloodiOS

        Yes, and just like their previous effort, there will be minimal improvement in graphics, with the kind of lazy optimization that clearly just wanted to abuse PC’s brute force. I wanted a more dedicated effort from NetherRealm themselves.

        • Budgiecat

          But bodybuilding roided trannies in 1080p!

        • hush404

          Ehh. I think you’re asking for the entire honey pot when offered a serving. Is it not enough to have the game as a solid port without major flaws?

          It boils down to simple sales and business. They hire a team to quickly port it over to the PC to scoop up some extra sales and they wash their hands clean of it, making some money in the process. To them, there really isn’t incentive to go beyond and re-polish the game for one platform.

          As much as certain gamers seem to think it matters, it really doesn’t when we growl about such things. If the port is a solid one, they’ll make money, even off PC gamers who growled about it not taking advantage or getting extra work done, those gamers will most likely still buy it come a steam sale or something. So, in the end, lots of griping, all WB/NR sees is solid sales to equal the external port effort and they move on to their next project.

          It’s rare to see a developer/publisher of their size take extra care to cater to each and every platform outside of developing a solid (sometimes not even) port for the sake of sales. Heck, NR didn’t even see it fit to develop the PC version themselves, that should speak loudly to their view on it all.

          • bloodiOS

            I think you misunderstood something here. I certainly wasn’t trying to make a stance against how they handle their business. I was simply stating how I feel about this. It’s simple, really, I don’t care how they see whatever it is they’re seeing. If I think the port is worth it, I’ll pay the full price for it, if not, I won’t buy it (and that’s exactly what I’m going to do), or at most, wait for it to show up in the bargain bin (I doubt that I’d care enough to wait.) I could not care less how the rest of the world would think of it.

            • hush404

              The single point I don’t understand is the waiting to see how the port is and if you’re not satisfied, you’ll wait for a sale. Why support a game at all if you’re unhappy with how it was handled?

              Doesn’t that just tell WB/NR that indeed they don’t need to put extra work into a port? That people will buy it regardless?

              • bloodiOS

                Um… what are you talking about? When did I say that I was going to support this port or even going to wait to see how it is going to turn out? When I said that I’ll buy a port if it’s worth it, I was talking about all games in general and when High Voltage Software is revealed to be the one handling this port, I already have enough reason to deem this port not worth it, AKA a pass, which means that I won’t buy it. I say that at most, I’ll wait for the port to show up in the bargain bin, but at most is talking about a highly unlikely scenario and I’ve already stated that I doubt that I’d “care enough to wait.” Beside, I thought I’ve already stated that I couldn’t care less how WB would view this?

                • hush404

                  Okay. Your reply just seemed a little less definite on the “Not getting it”. When i hear “I doubt I’ll get it” and view it as being “bargain bin material” it sounds more like there’s a chance you’d still buy it, more so than a definite no.

                  I only brought up WB/NR again simply because you say because HVS is porting, you’re going to pass. That in itself, is saying to involved companies, that you’re not happy with that choice and won’t purchase the product because of that. However, IF you did then buy it in the future (bargain bin or not), it kind of cancels out that view on HVS not being a good choice (again, that’s IF you bought the game, not saying you are).

                  I guess what I’m trying to say is, sales speak louder than us discussing the port on a game site’s comment section.

  • bloodiOS

    Actually, I just noticed that Xbox One isn’t included. A bit odd, maybe they’re hiring a different studio to do the porting since the architecture is more complicated?

    • GhostNomad

      Last paragraph pretty much makes me feel that way. Since they have one studio handling PS4/PC, another handling Vita, it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to think a third studio would be handling Xbone’s version.

      • bloodiOS

        Apparently, there isn’t one coming at all:

        • Sal Romano

          ‘Not as simple as that’ makes me think they’ve set up some sort of next-gen exclusivity deal on Sony’s part.

          • GhostNomad

            His answers to the tweets seem to imply as much, but it might just end up being a timed exclusive. Suppose we’ll have to wait to find out.

          • Bryce Blalex Douglas

            Is it just me or does it seem like more and more devs are making their games exclusive to the PS4. And is this the first big game to be exclusive to the PS4 (in terms of next Gen consoles)

  • syaznifaiq

    No Wii U version???

    This is INJUSTICE!!!

  • Invisbin

    Well at least Ps4 got its fighter….

    • TheExile285

      PS4 is also getting GG Xrd :V

      • Invisbin


        • TheExile285
        • Sevyne

          Yep, and it seems ASW will keep their fighters as PS exclusives. They commented not too long ago that it simply wasn’t profitable to bring the games to Xbox anymore. Dunno if that’ll mean the P4Arena sequel will be exclusive or not (I’m sure Atlus has some say in that as well), but both Guilty Gear and Blazblue are PS exclusive now.

  • Alkhan

    Will it be a PS4 launch title? If so then that is awesome! I’ll buy both the Vita and PS4 version since I never got it before

  • DRIG

    i guess patience has its rewards :P

  • McPoo

    Best fighter since Tekken 3, guys. Am excellent game all round

    • Budgiecat

      What a horrible opinion. Your name is living up to it….

      • McPoo

        How so? Every Tekken since 3 has been disappointing (apart from maybe Tag). 2D fighters like Street Fighter and MvC are just lame. To be fair, as a genre fighting games are pretty terrible.

        That’s why Injustice is a breath of fresh air. Good story mode, good multiplayer modes, great characters for the most part, and some sweet looking specials/transitions. Makes for an entertaining and fun game.

        I reckon if it’d been made in Japan, and was 2D, it’d be absolutely awful, yet everyone on this site would bum the pantaloons off of it. For it is the Gematsu way.

        • bloodiOS

          I reckon if it'd been made in Japan, and was 2D, it'd be absolutely awful, yet everyone on this site would bum the pantaloons off of it. For it is the Gematsu way.

          I’m sorry, but this accusation sounds offensively stupid to my ears. The insignificant amount of people who disagreed with your opinion do not represent the Gematsu community as a whole.

          • McPoo

            Come on now, it’s a site that dedicates a large focus to Japanese gaming news, so it stands to reason that a lot of people who frequent it are into that type of thing.

            Just a quick informal look at profile pictures, popular articles and threads brought up in the open forum show a similar thing.

            • tokyobassist

              Look dude, I don’t like weeaboos either but now you’re just making shit arguments because you have a personal vendetta. Grow the fuck up and learn to debate like an adult.

              • McPoo

                I see. So I say I enjoy a game more than other games, and then get comments saying my opinion is bad and so on, and I’m the childish one?

                Personally, I think if you’ve nothing to add to this childish debate then you probably shouldn’t get involved. But then, that’s just me.

                • tokyobassist

                  “I reckon if it’d been made in Japan, and was 2D, it’d be absolutely awful, yet everyone on this site would bum the pantaloons off of it. For it is the Gematsu way.”

                  “To be fair, as a genre fighting games are pretty terrible.”

                  “Same with these Eastern fighters you adore so much. I’m sure they did lay some of the foundations that Injustice uses, that doesn’t change the fact they look like ass, have crap characters and inferior story modes. It’s evolution, maybe you just don’t like the fact a Western studio made a better fighter than Japan?”

                  “I see. So I say I enjoy a game more than other games, and then get comments saying my opinion is bad and so on, and I’m the childish one?”

                  “Personally, I think if you’ve nothing to add to this childish debate then you probably shouldn’t get involved.”

                  Hilarious how you want to play the victim at the end when you were essentially fishing for a reaction in every post you made. That’s fine but just be cool with people lighting fires under your ass with those opinions of yours,

                  • McPoo

                    I am the victim here. I don’t understand why you’re not sympathising with me to be honest, you must be a cold, heartless beast. I’ll win you over one day though.

                    I also can’t help but notice you didn’t include a quote from my original post, only the later posts which I’ve acknowledged would get a negative reaction. Why’s that?

                    • Budgiecat

                      Well Injustice is not that great as you think as it’s actually trying to be SF IV meets Marvel vs Capcom 3 but can’t because it still has the stiff feeling of MK, and because of that, your opinion of it being the best and Japanese fighters not being good was heavily flawed but I’ll forgive you on that let’s just all agree on that I think that’s the best way. XD

                    • McPoo

                      How is my opinion flawed? I agree, we should all just get along and enjoy each others company, but I would like to hear the justification for my opinion being flawed, if that’s ok with you?

            • bloodiOS

              What type of thing exactly are you talking now? Where exactly are you spinning this to?

              You were saying how everyone here at Gematsu would root for a Japanese fighting game no matter how much of a joke it is, and that’s just downright biased. Because, seriously, a lot doesn’t carry the same meaning as everyone. You think there aren’t people here who actually aren’t into fighting games at all? You just conveniently ignored all that.

              I don’t mind you criticizing Japanese fighting games, since I’m not into the genre so I really don’t think I can properly debate it. However, it definitely doesn’t feel very pleasant when you accuse everyone here (which would mean that I’m also included) of mindlessly supporting Japanese fighting games, regardless of its quality. I’m sorry, but that is just really insulting to me.

              • McPoo

                You’re right, I should have chosen my wording better so as not to tar you all with the same brush.

                To be honest I didn’t really think much about it, I must have been being hyperbolic. I do know not everybody shares the same opinions on here, I meant that there seems to be a lot of people that do, not all.

                My apologies :)

        • tokyobassist

          Your post gave me cancer.

          I’m sorry but so far every Western fighter I’ve played has been shallow or complete ass. They are interesting as far as being unique mechanically but they aren’t fluid (Primal Rage, Eternal Champions, MK1-4) usually or have back assward ideas going on (block button?)

          I dunno man. To each his own but Inbustice: Frauds Amongst Us tries so hard to be Street Fighter. Clearly Japanese fighting game design choices (crossups, no dedicated block button, etc.) have created a foundation for which most fighters should follow for the sake of being a good fighting game.

          • McPoo

            That’s like saying Shakespeare laid the foundation for modern playwriting. He may well have done, but things far more interesting have come along since and I wouldn’t read any of his stuff by choice.

            Same with these Eastern fighters you adore so much. I’m sure they did lay some of the foundations that Injustice uses, that doesn’t change the fact they look like ass, have crap characters and inferior story modes. It’s evolution, maybe you just don’t like the fact a Western studio made a better fighter than Japan?

            • tokyobassist

              I’m not even apologetic about it so I’ll outright break the ice. Even these more recent attempts at a story mode in fighting games are pure garbage. Mortal Kombat forced me to play a bunch of people I didn’t give a shit about same with Injustice.

              Taking away player freedom even in something as small as story mode goes against everything fighting games are about. NRS games have factory manufactured combos and to be that just kills the whole aspect of experimentation in a fighting game. Making predetermined button sequences is an artificial limit to player creativity and I always hated that in MK9 and it’s the same deal in Injustice. It gets boring and predictable so quick.

              Crap characters? Any game can have lame characters. That’s a piss poor argument to make.

              The problem with Japanese games in more recent years is complacency so while Western games made big pushes in innovation from gameplay to technology this console gen (especially in the open world/sandbox style games) but much like the Japanese they are now just content with doing the same old shit these days as well.

              I’m not trying to single out Western companies as a whole but I AM saying that they have yet to prove their muster in the genre of fighting games. Killer Instinct looks like it “gets it” but too bad it’s a system I’ll probably never buy.

              • McPoo

                So getting you to try different characters is a bad thing? In a game like Injustice where the people playing it presumably know enough about DC characters to already have favourites, I think getting you to play as different people helps break you away from that. When I started, I thought ‘I wanna play as Nightwing and Aquaman, as they’re pretty cool’. Several hours later I was using Batman, Aquaman and Green Arrow as my three main characters. I had no interest in two of them until using them in story mode.

                I won’t lie, I’m not really sure what you mean by the factory manufactured combos. Don’t all fighting games have combos?

                I know any game can have crap characters, but it seems to be a running theme with the fighting game genre. Personally, I found Injustice to be an exception to that.

                I completely agree with your point about Japan and complacency, and for some genres Western devs are probably as bad. In the fighting game genre though, I think Injustice is an example of how to use those foundations mentioned earlier and breathe a bit of life into them.

                I’ve not really looked at Killer Instinct beyond the initial videos that got shown. Didn’t look like it was for me, to be honest, and I never played the original either so there’s no nostalgic factor.

        • DrForbidden

          Please quit it with your false equivocation attacks. While I do not think your original post deserves the vitriol, you weren’t polite about it either. Tekken 3 is 15 years old, and lots of fighting games have been released since then. A simple qualifier like ‘IMO’ would have gone a long way towards your comment not attracting the negative attention it did. You are entitled to your opinion, but it’s not shared by others.

          In any case, identifying yourself as the ‘poor victim’ and accusing others of downvoting you because of Japanese game-bias does not help your cause in any way. Just because a person enjoys Mexican food on the whole does not mean they will be appreciative of instances where the ground meat in tacos are swapped out for faeces.

          • McPoo

            Are you insinuating that I don’t like Mexican food? I don’t mind it, although it’s definitely not my favourite. I much prefer pizza or Chinese. To downright say I don’t like it though? Well, I find that offensive to be honest.

            I probably should have used ‘IMO’, but I think it’s a sad state of affairs when we can’t write a post without book ending it with it. It’s very obviously my opinion, so ‘IMO’, there was no need to use it.

            • DrForbidden

              I was actually referring to the fact that even though someone may be fond of most Japanese entertainment, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will like a Japanese game that’s shit. Aside from fanboys, most people do have some sort of standards. If I was too vague, I apologise.

              I don’t disagree with your second point, but I think that, unfortunately, that’s the state of internet communication. I’ve had to learn to attach smilies to posts even though I don’t have that habit of doing so, in order to avoid what I believe are obvious jokes or sarcasm from being misinterpreted. And they still are, occasionally. I’m not sure what that says, though.

              • McPoo

                I was just teasing with the Mexican food comment, no need to apologise :p

    • fallen

      “Great game. I really like this game.”


    • Kobracon

      Wow thats alotta downvotes…. let me help you out

      • McPoo

        Haha you’re too kind :p To be fair, I’m being a knob in the comment below so the down votes are probably justified. That one above though? I thought it’d get ignored, more than anything >_>

    • MrFinalgamer

      so for someone that’s complete ass at all fighting games, would you recommend it?

      • McPoo

        I’d recommend it to anyone, so yes.

        If you’ve any interest in DC characters too, that probably helps.

      • MasterSensei

        I would also Recommend Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
        Both Injustice and Marvel are good fighting games

  • Hidayat246

    thanks god i am not fighting game holic

  • Kobracon

    HAH! Ever since MK9 Komplete Edition, I knew a version like this for Injustice would come out sooner or later! Man, am I glad I waited now!

  • Serovath

    note to self, wait 1 year to purchase netherealm fighting games. oh wait, all the fighting games these days need to wait a year… or 3, in capcom’s case.

  • Fango

    Must be inspired by capcom…

  • Zero

    Gosh. Lots of “strong” opinions in here. Even if we don’t agree, let’s try to keep the conversation civil. Please.

    As for Injustice ultimate edition. If the next gen port is good, I could see myself picking it up.

    • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

      1. RAGE comments?

      2. YES!!!! An awesome video game!!!!

  • MasterSensei

    Personally I’m waiting for Injustice: Xtreme Beach Volleyball Gods Among Us.