God Eater 2 character episode introduction video
posted on 10.10.13 at 12:33 AM EDT by (@salromano)
PS Vita and PSP sequel due out on November 14 in Japan.

Namco Bandai has released a new video of God Eater 2.

The clip introduces character episodes—specifically Alisa’s—individual sub-scenarios in addition to the main story through which you can acquire new Blood Arts.

Watch the video below. The game is due out in Japan for PS Vita and PSP on November 14.

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  • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

    So Alisa x MC confirmed in this video?

    Wow everything is going FEA and Persona mode! Social linking everywhere!

    • jujubee88

      Did someone say persona?

      *throwing money at thing*

      • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

        Can someone who knows Japanese confirm what they are talking about near the end 3/4 of the video?

        • Mugen555

          I think she talking about how she work too hard to filled someone role as project leader.

          • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

            Darn.. so no social links? :(

            • neogeno

              Not “exactly” social links but theres a new feature in the game that allows you to do character side quests to improve their battle skills (as seen as a level increased to 3 after the cutscene). What goes on during each characters sidequest can be considered a “social link” event if you like to think of it as such.

  • $18114340

    Vita killer app. This better get localized.

  • Houeclipse

    Is the MC the same guy as the first game?

    • Mugen555

      No, MC are different person.
      The GE/GEB on is first squad or possibly part of Cradle squad same as Alisa now. while GE2 MC(the one on vid) are newbie of Blood squad.

      • Houeclipse

        Will we get to see MC from first game in GE2?

        • Mugen555

          I hope so

  • Elvick

    I always forget this is on PSP too.

    This looks great.

  • MrKappa

    This game needs to be localized, I’ll believe in the new Namco.

  • Mugen555

    From video :
    -New minion Aragami
    -confirmed GEB DLC aragami Yaksha(possibly Yaksha Raja)
    -Some, Licca, Kanon Character Episode

  • DukeMagus

    Kanon Daiba ready to fire at her squad and screw combos again…

    • kirby755

      I’m ready to be pissed off at her again, while needing medical attention at the same time.

  • bloodiOS

    It’s not good to expose your belly button while it’s raining outside, Alisa.

  • bL4Ck

    So hyped for this game, hope to see it in Europe soon.

  • Cursingcomet

    Hope we get a localization announcement shortly after god eater 2 is release.

  • Rangga_レン

    say, the footage is from PSP or PSVITA?

  • zakou

    I really hope this comes out in NA/Europe, this is VIta games i want.

  • Eclipse

    Dat Alisa <3

    The remix of "Tearing Up the Storm" was really nice.

  • SOLOmio

    Does any one know what happen to the main character of burst?

    • DriftSlave

      Read the Manga.

      • SOLOmio

        but from what i got the manga says the he went on a mission and i think the manga doesn’t relate to the game that much!! I mean they could v leaked some info about him/her.