Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Eurpoean premium edition announced; ‘Dracula’s Vengeance’ trailer [Update]
posted on 10.31.13 at 11:46 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Includes tomb casing, miniature figures, and more.

Konami has debuted a new trailer and announced a GAME-exclusive European premium edition for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2.

The “Dracula’s Tomb Premium Edition” will include:

  • A copy of the game
  • SteelBook case
  • Tomb casing
  • Four highly detailed miniature figurines designed by comic book artist Neil Googe (Judge Dress, Wildcats)
  • A4 hardcover artbook

Additionally, pre-orders placed at Zavvi will include an alternative SteelBook featuring an image of Dracula on the cover.

European pe-orders will also include the alternate ‘Premium Dracula’ suit, a ‘Dark Dracula’ costume, or a ‘Relic Rune’ pack, which adds “a wealth” of relic items to the user’s inventory, depending on where you pre-order.

Watch the new trailer, dubbed “Dracula’s Vengeance,” below. View images of the Dracula’s Tomb Premium Edition at the gallery.

Update: Konami of America has announced North American pre-order incentives for Castelvania: Lords of Shadow 2. See the retailer-specific bonuses below.

  • “Premium Dracula” Skin: Available exclusively at Gamestop, gamers will gain access to an all new, highly detailed skin for the famed Lord of Darkness, Dracula. Includes a full length, leather textured coat with new filigree designs throughout and completely redesigned central belt armor. New battle greaves and pants with adorning paraphernalia add a powerful finish. Dracula himself has a new beard to complete the look.
  • “Dark Dracula” Skin: Available exclusively at Amazon, gamers can alternate coloring for Dracula’s iconic outfit. Taking its cues from the classic designs of past Castlevania games, this skin includes the classic white hair and beard coloring for the ultimate Prince of Darkness.
  • “Relic Rune Pack”: Available exclusively at Best Buy, players gain access to most of the game’s relics once they find their first drop. Some enhance skills, some enhance abilities, and others have a more mysterious and surprising effect. Using the transmute rune, players can turn any relic into another to gain the upper hand.

Additionally, a new set of screenshots, artwork, and the game’s final North American box art can be seen at the gallery.

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  • Finalshoryuken

    That trailer was amazing! But, this is just speculating, did Trevor become Alucard?

    • SuperLuigi

      Spoilers from mirror of fate buttttttt yes he did after his father killed him. He found out who he was after he killed his own son and turned him into a vampire.

      • Finalshoryuken

        Thanks for that!

        • SuperLuigi

          Np. I’m a huge fan of Castlevania new or old. Any questions send my way lol

  • bloodiOS

    What a tragedy… it makes me so interested.

  • SuperLuigi

    That is some really sexy boxart. I want this collectors in America.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Teehee. Judge Dress. Teehee.

  • artemisthemp

    It’s sad that GAME is getting this nice exclusive

  • Sal Romano

    Post updated.

  • Gigus

    I hope na region and eastern regions get a collector’s edition just like eu. I want an art book, four figurines, and.a steel book too. I missed out on the first ce.

  • disqus_rIjnBIKvqC

    I havent played much castlevania except CVLOS1,but I think that CVLOS2 doesnt look that impressive,alucard and gabriel looks totally different in actual footage. The voice of gabriel sounds to forced,and the fact he keeps saying I am Dracul sounds lame.
    Tho I bash on CVLOS 2 I love CVLOS1,the combat is 1 of the best I have played in the H&S genre and it cant be done with button mashing,and you cant stun big enemies which I really like compare to gow.

  • LastBoss

    This is a must on all fronts!

  • Laharl

    “. Taking its cues from the classic designs of past Castlevania games, this skin includes the classic white hair and beard coloring for the ultimate Prince of Darkness.”

    Since when? The only time I’ve ever seen white hair drac is the stinger of LoS.

    • Czikkan

      WOAH! I made a name on this site to ask you: Ever heard of Symphony of the Night? You just made my head hurt.

      • Laharl

        WELP, you are totally right, weird…

  • Sven Luiks

    When can i pre order it??? Got to have it!!!! :D