Call of Duty: Ghosts ‘Squads’ trailer
posted on 10.03.13 at 01:14 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Squad Assault, Squad vs. Squad, and more.

In Call of Duty: Ghosts, Squads allows users to play a variety of game modes—like Squad Assault, Squad vs. Squad, Safeguard, etc.—and with customized squad-mates. You’ll be able to play solo against another player and their squad, or cooperatively with friends, competing against an AI-controlled squad.

A new trailer released today showcases Squads. Watch it below.

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  • Nate

    Looks fun. I’ve never been a zonmbie fan and I’ve liked infinity wards co op modes better than zombies.

  • shogunknight

    Always forget about this game, maybe its because BF4 is everywhere. Still looks the same….graphically, new mode might be challenging. Probably would get on PC just to be sure, hmm

  • Matthew

    Battlefield 4 gets a free pass for being a rehash because it looks prettier. Ghosts has shitloads of genuinely new features.

    • Peacenutman

      AI bot match is nothing really new, for cod perhaps.

      • Matthew

        Have you actually looked at the list of new features? They’ve added sliding, proper mantling, and leaning mechanics. There’s selective destruction on maps now, vastly improved audio technology, 20 new killstreaks, and new maps and game modes, as well as obvious graphical improvements. You can do these AI bot matches but you can also compete with other players’ teams for control of certain geographical areas.

        And anyway, it’s not like BF4 has done anything new. What’s new? Commander mode, which was in previous BF games?

    • $18114340

      Black Ops II had genuinely new features. Actually, most CoD games since the first Modern Warfare have had genuinely new features.

      That says nothing about the lasting value of those features, or whether the game is actually good or not, or whether the core gameplay is something people should be praising in the first place. Just to put things in perspective. There are no “free passes”.

      It only looks like games are getting free passes because the developers are releasing them in such high frequency. With a new installment every year the CoD series is bound to grow old for many people, especially those that don’t even play it. In my opinion this may maximize profits but it comes at the cost of the property’s lasting integrity.

    • adhesive

      New to the series maybe, but CoD doesn’t have a single original bone in its body. Everything it has done by now has either been done better by other franchises, or better by its predecessors. There’s also the possibility of the new mechanics introduced being poorly implemented, but that’s a different can of worms altogether.

  • Willgaea

    Call of Duty: Modern Man Land. So when are they going to introduce female soldiers into the game?

    • adhesive

      If they’re going to introduce females they should also let me play a Laotian transgender furry. They’re very much an underrepresented minority.