60 minutes of Ryse: Son of Rome multiplayer gameplay
posted on 10.30.13 at 06:15 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Microsoft streams Xbox One gladiator game on Twitch.

Microsoft live streamed 60 minutes worth of Ryse: Son of Rome multiplayer gameplay on Twitch today.

The game’s co-op multiplayer mode pits players against hordes of enemies in a gladiator arena. Before entering the arena, players can choose a god to receive different perks, like extra damage.

Watch the footage below. Ryse is due out with Xbox One on November 22.

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  • MrFinalgamer

    so…the game looks (graphically) quite good. but the gameplay looks so god damn bland! like, almost Assassin’s Creed levels of bland combat (and OP with the block thing too)

    • Bobby Jennings


  • gamelayer

    This looks like a poor man’s Shadow of Rome.

  • HighBrowDrifter

    B-b-b-b-boring…….I am sorry, but the only redeemable aspect of this game are the graphics. Regardless…..I hope anyone buying an Xboner still enjoys this piece of entertainment……….*crrgh*


  • Budgiecat

    Looks boring. Why can’t Western developers think outside of European history?

    Japanese developers have done Western AND Eastern history tons over as well as unique fictional worlds (no D&D/LotR copypasta) with INTERESTING unique characters….not these muscle bound lifeless neanderthals..

    • http://shinsua.tumblr.com/ Shinsua

      This game is being made by a German studio……

  • JuhRo

    Yup… can’t believe they’re receiving any praise at all for this game. It’s a blaring MEH.

  • Strid

    This is the kind of garbage that will do kind of alright at launch, without much competition, but if it released a good year later would just flat out tank. Looks pretty damn awful to me.