Yakuza: Ishin: Another Life, Cross Play, and more revealed
posted on 09.20.13 at 11:00 PM EDT by (@cameronoharaluv)
Deepen your relationship with Haru to unlock special events.

Sega recently updated the Yakuza: Ishin website with new details on game modes like “Another Life,” PS Vita cross-play, battle style, and more.

Find the summary below. View some new screenshots at the gallery.

Another Life

Live the quiet, country life at Ryoma Sakamoto’s secondary residence with the mysterious girl Haru in this game mode. Grow vegetables, raise pets, cook, and do other things that you wouldn’t be able to do living the stressful life of the Shinsengummi. As your relationship with haru grows deeper, various special events may be unlocked.

  • Meeting Haru – Haru’s parents were killed in an accident and in order to repay their enormous debt it seems she must sell her precious home. For the sake of the poor girl lost on the road, Ryoma shoulders her debt and takes her into his secondary home where they live together. Set in the countryside, here starts Ryoma’s “other life.”
  • Growing Vegetables – You can grow a variety of vegetables in Ryoma’s garden. Take into consideration the many ways to grow plants in the field and find the best way to do it. Vegetables will take time to grow but using fertilizer and other items you can speed up the process.
  • Cooking – Use the vegetables you dig up and fish you catch to cook at Ryoma’s home. You can make food and then eat it on the spot, or pack a lunch box to carry with you. By cooking delicious food not only will you be able to recover health, but you’ll also find helpful status effects during battle.
  • Peddling – Use the vegetables you grow and the fish you catch to sell and deliver to customers and earn loans. Haru will take orders to the customers and when she returns she’ll give you the earnings. If you make rare vegetables and other foods, you can earn even more.
  • Pets – You can take home stray dogs and cats that you find in the town. You can give any name you want to your cats and dogs. If you feed them and pet them you’ll find them trying to communicate with you in their own way. You may even find some rare items if you get them in the right mood.

Cross Play

This time you can also play using PS Vita. Play the Battle Dungeon, Another Life and other mini-games incorporated in the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions with Cross Play. If you have a PS Vita you can now play on the train or even while on a break: level up in the Battle Dungeon or grow things in Another Life.

  • Gambling Mini-Games – The mini-games available with Cross Play include poker, mahjong, shogi, and all games can be played online. No matter which console you use, player rankings will be available. Aim to be the best in the country and log in everyday for a new challenge.

Battle Style

Play with a battle style all your own and become the strongest person in the Bakumatsu era! Use your katana, pistol, fists, or a combination of these. With each style comes special moves.
There are also special weapons like the spear, long sword, and cannon. Other items you find in the street can be used in battle, as well.

Weapon Making

  • Further Evolved Weapons –Ishin‘s weapon making system has been upgraded. Make and upgrade weapons to your heart’s content. The weapons that appear in this game include not only the the pistol, katana, and armor, but also the spear, long sword, and cannon. Weapon synthesis is also possible with tens of thousands of patterns available. Weapon making and strengthening can be done at the blacksmith. You can collect the materials you need for producing weapons during battle.
  • Challenge Strong Enemies with your Rare Weapons – Improving your weapons will raise your attack power, raise your status, and endow you with abilities. Weapon improvement can be decided in mini-games and big success here can mean especially big ability upgrades.
  • The Blacksmith’s Level is the Key to Success – Materials needed for weapon upgrades can be found in a variety of ways: in sub-stories, battles, mini-games, and Another Life. And as you make upgrades, the blacksmith himself will also level up. This means you can make more weapons.

Battle Dungeon

  • The New Card Action Battle Mode – In this game Ryoma won’t only battle by himself, he’ll also battle together with Shinsengumi in new action dungeons. By carrying card representations of your soldier allies into dungeons, you can use their abilities in this new style of battle.
  • Build Your Own Unit – There are hoodlums you can meet in fights on the street who want to work under Ryoma in the Shinsengumi and who possess a great variety of abilities. Discover allies as you progress through the game and whether they are seasoned fighters, skilled in defense, or put stress on physical recovery. Then match them to your play style and build a unit that is uniquely yours. For those who are not good in battle, you can also use money to build your unit. If you do this well, even the strongest of enemies will fall before you. Among these soldier allies exist rare soldiers, as well. Scour the streets to find them.
  • Challenge the Battle Dungeon – Grow your rallied soldiers by fighting together. If you raise your favorite soldiers you will find loyal supporters in your midst. You can even use synthesis to level up your card allies. Collect many soldiers and strengthen your favorites.
  • Acquire Rare Items by Fighting Together – In the Battle Dungeon you can find rare items that are difficult to locate in town. These rare items can be used to strengthen Ryoma’s weapons, and can also be sold for a high price.
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  • Learii

    oh dam it sound fun to do all these things

  • http://twitter.com/kazumalynx Zero

    I want this game so much. I think I want this Yakuza more than any of the previous entries in the franchise. Is that bad?

    • Solomon_Kano

      Nah, this is the most interested I’ve been in the series.

      Never got around to Yakuza 3 and 4, since I’d missed 1 and 2 (wanted to play the whole story), so I’m not particularly hung up on 5, but this? This sounds awesome.

      • Seasqwaa

        Only played 4 so far, but 4 gave a ton of cut-scenes from the other games in order to give the player the story… and it worked quite well, but yeah, playing through it would be much better. 5 seemed a lot like 4, and I still want it, but…. this just looks so amazing. And I’d probably take this over that…

        • Solomon_Kano

          Oh? Well, I can live with that. A recap beats nothing. Guess I’ll pick up 3 and 4 after all, then.

          • Kobracon

            yeah they have recaps for every previous game in the series. Even Yakuza 2 had it. If you wanna see HOW Kazuma kicked the bosses asses (which IMO are the best parts) you can always youtube it.

            • Solomon_Kano

              Yea, I guess that’s what I’ll have to do if I want more details.

      • Budgiecat
  • http://twitter.com/RaiuLyn Raiu

    A life simulator? Great!!! It’s what I’ve always wanted in a Yakuza game….

  • kiri25

    Well i know this has nothing to do with yakuza but it is SEGA related and i think some of u here might like what was just announced.


  • Awnye

    Haru(ka) mai waifu<3

    • almostautumn

      Someone enlighten me; isn’t the usage of ‘mai waifu’ technically derogatory or something? I read that somewhere.

      I also assume that this means “my wife,” so if you’re going to be writing it not in english, but with the connotation of writing it in Japanese in that the wording reflects (stereotypical) Japanese English-pronunciation, why not just write it in actual romanji instead?
      Watashi no tsuma.
      Or better yet;

      • JustThisOne

        Ahh, it’s not quite derogatory. There’s a whole internet in-joke you may have missed.


        Here’s a nice little rundown.

  • Namekaze_Minato

    Wny not simply add an option to enable english menu options and subtitles? That would be relatively more cost effective than dubbing this. Then localization wouldn’t be much of a problem.

    • almostautumn

      Yakuza games are in subtitles.

      Still, this isn’t that much more ‘cost effective’ in that creating English subtitles means hiring a system of skilled translators to do the writing, which is expensive in that skillful writing, which the Yakuza series certainly exemplifies, does cost a pretty penny to create.

      But the real problem is just SEGA’s idea of what is, and what is not, worthwhile in localizing; 7th Dragon 2020, Valkyria Chronicles 3, Yakuza 5, and on and on and on.

      • kiri25

        Well I understand why vc3 didnt come west. Wether u like it or not SEGA is a company and if a game does not sell well it will hurt future releases.

        I think what a lot of you are forgetting is that VC1 while it was great the sells were not that great to begin with, yet SEGA took a chance by releasing VC2 here on PSP and guess what the sells were even worse than the 1st due to the fact PSP is pretty much dead here.

        This why even square backed out of releasing type 0 here due to the dying psp. Therefor to blame SEGA for not bringing over a game that has not sold well for a 3rd time and on a dying system is just plain wrong. The ppl spoke there minds with there wallets by not supporting the 1st two as strongly as they should have.

        Now before you say well they should have released on ps3 not psp, I’ll stop u by saying that Japanese companies think of Japan 1st and handhelds are the big things in Japan so it’s only natural that it would go handheld, just like dq9 and shin megami 4 did.

        Ultimately yes it sucks that’s such an awesome game nvr made it here but u can’t blame SEGA for taking a 3rd chance when the sells figures actually started to fall with the release of 2 and the figures for 1 were ok at best.

        • almostautumn

          Urgh, dude; I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m pretty hardcore with gaming news; I know all about piracy with the PSP, the sales figures for VC 1/2, and also that videogames are, indeed, a million dollar business and that satisfying a niche group of fans is a far-cry from what actually happens.
          That being said, it doesn’t really matter because when SEGA chooses to instead focus their efforts on either a-typical projects, dull projects, or mobile nonsense— well, who are they kidding? When you have something great like VC and a dedicated following of gamers who recognize the significance of the series— I mean, I’m a gamer, not a market analyst, and so I don’t really care what SEGA thinks is more reasonable because, in the end, they are pursuing the same trite and market-sensationalism as every other cowarding company (S-E especially) and their only ‘output’ these days seems to further enlargen the gap between titles that are localized, and titles that are not.
          Going mobile is one thing, but to build extensive projects as 2020 and VC3 and yet choose to neglect these bonafide killer videogames because of speculative market trends, and instead focus on strictly forgettable garbage— ugh. All it does is wish companies like SEGA would fold and the more prominent, risk-willing companies like Xseed and NISA would take over.

        • Budgiecat


        • Elvick

          Maybe VC2’s sales were worse because it was…

          1. Not as good as Valkyria Chronicles.
          2. It wasn’t on PS3. Leaving everyone who only had a PS3, but loved VC with no option to play it. Thus not allowing the franchise to build upon it’s momentum.

          VC was a cult hit. And it could have become a sustainable series worldwide had Sega handled it better.

          Don’t blame fans for not buying it. It needed to build off it’s momentum, not stop it in it’s tracks by shifting platforms and losing quality.

          • kiri25

            Again I can’t agree with you here.

            1. VC2 was not that bad it was actually rather fun a expanded on what the 1st one did. Grantedstory was no near as good but again the idea VC2 was not as good is an opinion.

            2. Thats an excuse that does not fly with me. If your a fan of the series u buy the psp then. It was not an expensive system when vc2 was released and had a great deal of RPG’s to justify the purchase.

            In the end I will blame the gamers b/c like I said we speak with our wallets. Also I think ppl just want to hate on SEGA for some reason despite the fact they do take chances and give gamers a chance to show them if u bring this over we will make it profitable for u.

            Example of SEGA risks: VC1/2, Project Diva F, yakuza dead souls sand few others psp.

            Again tho to think SEGA should have released VC3 here in the west when sells would have probably been worse than VC2 seeing as psp was at the end of its life in the west is just wrong.

            Im sry guys but again SEGA is a company and they do take risks but if u were a business owner are u really going to realease a game in a country that has shown throughsells that it’s not interested for a 3rd time?

            I doubt it but if u would and u did it with every game b/c a small group of fans keep crying then u won’t be around long as a company.

            I will also point out that SEGA has been far more daring than atlus this gen. Atlus while a great company has only made 2 consolegames this gen. One of which was only supervised
            by them. Catherine and personaarena.

            Atlus has been playing it safe with just handhelds and it’s aun understandableseeing Japan is their main market, but when u look at atlus on ps2 and then atlus on ps3 u see a huge a difference.

            Anywaymy point stand that when it comes the west and consoles SEGA has released most everything in the west with a few exception, but they see that Sony handheld market here is not as strong so not as willing to take as many chances on it hence the reason no shining or V/C.

            • Elvick

              What again?

              1. I didn’t say it was the worst game ever made. And you admitted it’s not as good in story. And most people feel the same as I do about VC2.

              2. Then that’s your own ignorance. Enjoy.

              • kiri25

                not really sure how that is my ignorance seeing as most ppl would go out right now and probably buy a psp if they believed it would help bring type-0 to the west.

                Unfortunately VC’s fan base just is not large enough for SEGA to justify bringingit over.

                Also yes the story was not that great but u ask most gamers what’s the most important thing to them in a game and I tell with certainty the majoritywill not say story. So while the story was not do great the game was fun and that’s what most gamers care about.

                • Elvick

                  VC’s fanbase would have grown if VC2 was on PS3, not fragmenting it off to a new platform.

                  Yes, niche game fans totes don’t care about story. VC didn’t appeal to that many people who don’t care about story.

                  • kiri25

                    The problemhere is your thinkingthat VC was targeted for the west I think? When it comes to Japanese games japanese companies are going to cater to Japan 1st before any other country.the PSP was and still is a successful device in Japan. SEGA moved VC to PSP b/c they felt it would have a stronger audience since so many Japanese are always on the go and playing their handhelds. As it turns out sells in Japan were strong enough to give the go on VC3.

                    So seeing as it was successful on psp in japan they continued with it. However here in the west we showedit was not so and thus no interest in on a handheld.

                    It’s just like with tales, ff, and many other Japanese game they are Japanese so the 1st targeted audience is Japan. Of course with the ps4 allowingso many games to use remote play via vita maybe this sad tragedy will no longer happen as this will allow for both at home and on the consoles.

                    One final note that I should mentionconsoles in Japan have been on decline that’s one of the reason why ps4 is releasing in the west 1st b/c Sony knows the west is all about the home consoles.

                    • Elvick

                      And your problem is you think that Japanese games can only sell best in Japan.

                      Ni no Kuni sold more worldwide (not including Japan) than it did outside of Japan. And that’s including DS/PS3 numbers for Japan. If we only count PS3 it tanked hard in Japan and did well outside of Japan.

                      Other Level-5 games have been the same way. Some of the games NISA publishes sell better than they did in Japan too.

                      Sega clearly wanted it to work worldwide, or are you going to simply ignore the fact that they localized VC2?

                      And it could have, if they kept it PS3 and released the anime for promo. VC was a cult hit, but no one likes to talk about it now because we never got VC3 and the series has no real future as it seems.

                      So much for the PSP making the series some huge success in Japan like you believe it should have. Where’s VC4 then?

                    • kiri25

                      I never said Japanese games don’t sell outside of Japan read my posts before u reply plz.

                      My point was that the target audience for is Japan 1st and as such companies will release the games on said consolethey consider to be the best for the Japanese. If it so happens that it can be successful outside of Japan then that’s great and its what companies want.

                      As for VC2 why was it released here? Because the sells of VC1 were decent enough to suspectit might me profitable. However the sells showed otherwise hence the release of VC3. VC was nvr meant for worldwide release like u think. I recall many a forums I was in asking and hoping we would get VC1 b/c there was no guarantee.

                      Also the difference between ni no kuni and nisa games is that

                      1. Ni no kuni was not the 3rd title In the series and it’s usually the same NISA. If say nrptuniaflopped do u really believe that NISA would bring over its sequel for 3rd time?

                      As for VC successit just recentlyreleased a new VC game on mobile phones that we won’t see b/c such games are not that large here in the US.

                      AnywayI’m just saying ur mistaken if u think a Japanese company is going to cater the west for a niche game.

                    • Elvick

                      What on earth are you talking about?

                      Ni no Kuni is a new IP. And nothing you said has anything to do with what I said. Which is that it sold far more in the rest of the world than it didn’t in Japan.

                      And nothing you said about NISA has anything to do with what I said either. A lot of games they publish do better in the west than they originally did in Japan. What did your comment change about that? Nothing. Since it didn’t even address that.

                      That’s why when something tanks in Japan, we don’t assume NISA will pass on it. Since that’s not how they run their business.

                      A shit mobile game isn’t real support of an IP.

                      The niche audience in the west is loyal, and the competition less. So it makes perfect sense for companies to cater to the market their game appeals to. Especially since there’s a proven record of Japanese games selling more in the west.

  • MrFinalgamer

    wait, so i won’t be able to play the actual game on my vita?

    can someone please explain…?

  • Eclipse

    This game is sounding (and looking!) absolutely amazing.

    The previous games were quite addictive, but also very time-consuming… I have a feeling this one’s going to consume a big chunk out of my life, haha.

  • http://twitter.com/Sieghardt Sieghardt

    Atelier Ryoma :D this is great, always love the extra stuff to do in Yakuza games and it’s awesome to have such different stuff in this one

  • talesoffan

    Need this game in English Sega, just subtitles will do.

  • Kobracon

    Yup, this is pretty much the depth I expected. So many gameplay modes squeezed into one game. This doesn’t even mention the (medieval) Karaoke sessions and the (medieval) Host clubs (which are prolly just whore houses in that day and age)

    Still waitin on that Yakuza 5, Sega. If you can localise Dead Souls, you can localise 5 and this!

    • Niji Hearts

      Yakuza 5 is way bigger than any other yakuza in the series, it’s filled with so many dialogues and Japanese culture that it’d take a really long time and a great deal of money to be localized. If they’ll ever do it, they’ll cut stuff as they did for yakuza 3.

      • Kobracon

        Wow really? Hmm….siiigh Can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs huh?

      • Budgiecat

        Dude ain’t nobody want to hear no excuses

  • Budgiecat

    Cool but the only thing I find kinda dumb is the card action battle mode.

    It should have been a randomly made dungeon mode with online/offline co-op with the single player option of having A.I. partners that you can control on the fly at a switch of a button to chain attacks. Like, say you’re Majima…you can do a striking combination to a grab hold on an enemy in a full nelson, then switch to control to Akiyama who could then do a multiple round house kick combination to him making him fly into Kiryu’s direction, of which you then switch on the fly to spear them with a sword finishing attack

  • Alkhan

    I’ve never payed attention to the Yakuza series but this looks like something I can get into. Screw Yakuza 5, give us this.

  • benbenkr

    SEGA needs to stop being idiots and localize Yakuza 5 first, plenty of content or not. It’ll take a while, but don’t be wishy washy and say “no, we won’t do it because there’s no interest in the west”.

    There’s no interest because you aren’t pumping interest into the western gamers. All Yakuza’s marketing has been in the west is just “you’re a japanese gangster that kicks major ass”, since the very first game. How is that going to garner people’s interest who doesn’t know much about Japan’s culture?

  • Bob Obb

    For the lolicon in you