Xbox One receives 150mhz CPU boost
posted on 09.03.13 at 07:12 PM EDT by (@salromano)
CPU increased from 1.6 to 1.75 gigahertz.

One month after boosting Xbox One’s GPU speed from 800mhz to 853mhz, Microsoft has announced CPU performance boost from 1.6ghz to 1.75ghz.

Xbox chief marketing officer Yusef Mehdi shared new of the 8.6 percent increase during his talk at the Citi Global Technology Conference. According to the exec, Xbox One is now in full production with plans still on for a November 2013 launch.

Xbox leads planner Albert Penello corroborated the news on his Twitter account.

In a post on NeoGAF, Penello added that Xbox One demos at PAX Prime this past weekend were running on 1.6ghz units, and that “devs should start seeing this [1.75ghz] soon.”

Thanks, GeekWire (via NeoGAF).

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  • sınew

    150ghz?! (・∀・)

    • Sal Romano

      Just realized how wrong that math is.

      More like 0.150ghz boost.

      Changed title to “mhz.”

      • bloodiOS

        I was gonna say… that’s some serious boost XD

      • coax

        Lower case m is milli, I think you mean Mega.

    • 罪罰


      • TetsuyaHikari

        Gotta go fast.

  • shogunknight

    That console is a cluster of uncertainty……period

  • drproton

    RROD 2.0 incoming

    • bloodiOS

      I don’t see it happening, 1.75GHz is still much lower than 3.2GHz.

      • DenjinJ

        It all depends on what they were targeting for heat dissipation… Even if they ran it underclocked, if they were aiming for small form factor and ended up pushing it closer to failure temperatures, they could end up with a higher failure rate.

  • AdamBoy64

    Hopefully the system isn’t like 30 decibels louder for the fans to cope with the extra heat.

    • McPoo

      Yeah all the reports so far have said its silent, hopefully it’ll stay that way

  • xMCXx

    Is this the reason they won’t say the release date of the One?
    Because they’re still tinkering with it?

    • Sal Romano

      It’s in production already.

  • DarthBrian

    All that plus the infinite power of the cloud!!!

    • Zackasaur


    • 罪罰


  • MasterSensei

    Next they’re going tell us that they’re changing the design of the Xbox One to make it more sleek and smaller.

    • Learii

      next they change the name xbox one to xbox 180

  • InternatlGamer3

    Thats not much of a boost.

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    Ram wise PS4 & XB1 are more powerful in that regard.
    Now GHZ wise they have CPU’s that’re less speed than the PS3 & 360. I would have thought both consoles would have had at least 16 cores.
    I couldnt have been more wrong.

    • rockman29

      Speed doesn’t determine power alone. The 8 Jaguar cores are more capable than the 1 core and 8 SPUs of Cell. We’ve also moved from in-order CPUs to out-of-order CPUs, which are better able to manage many workloads and easier to code. And we’ve changed architecture to x86, which is much easier to code for everyone since every computer or console running games is using x86 now except for phones and tablets. And in PS4’s case, we’ve reversed CPU helping GPU to GPU helping CPU… so the CPU is more free to do it’s thing.

      Damned if I know what all that means, but point is the CPUs are nothing to scoff at, or so I’m told.

      The only real difference is the CPUs aren’t as bleeding edge in PS4 and Xbone, as say PS3’s was. So you can say that’s bad if you want.

    • bloodiOS

      If I’m not mistaken, Cerny once said that the devs don’t want any more than 8 cores to work with, so there really isn’t any reason to add more and complicate things. I guess people need more time to adapt before heading to that direction.

  • camber


  • Ultrapieguy

    Xbox One, now with a plethora of “what the fuck is it going to do next?!”.

  • dead_bones

    All these hardware changes. I’m starting to think they’re rushing this console out the door the same way they did the 360. Maybe there’s some truth to that story of how Microsoft didn’t want to release anything until 2014.

  • LordKaiser

    So they resorted to overclock it.

    • bloodiOS

      If anything, I was always under the impression that both the PS4 and the XBO had the CPU underclocked. I mean, reading up on Jaguar microarchitecture, I saw that CPU can go up to 2GHz so…

      Either way, I can’t imagine 150MHz will make much of a difference.

      • shogunknight

        I agree, i think its the base speed they just increased. The overclocking speed might still be the same. Its not like they have changed the jaguar processor

  • InternatlGamer3

    S O N I C Go S O N I C Go
    Go Go Go Go Go Lets Go
    – Sonic Drive, Hironobu Kageyama.

  • john lambrini

    People complain that it is 2% underpowered compared to the PS4….MS address that. People moan.
    The people may be many, but they can also be tempestuous idiots.

  • Mar Mar

    My GPU has 1050mhz and goes hot and loud under stress. Still can’t believe how they’re saying Xbox One.

  • Sae-Won Yoon

    ……I wonder if someone (or maybe more than one) in the Microsoft marketing department is suffering full time trying to geniunely make the Xbox One legit, despite *ALL* the negativity.

  • Raul

    I’ve never commented on a discussion “which one is better”, but really, … i couldn’t stand the comments on the web any more :)

    Basiclly there are *3* HUGE!! differences:

    1 > RAM: The PS4 will use GDDR5, the XBO GDDR3 memory.
    2 > hUMA: The PS4 supports hUMA! XBO does not, maybe?!
    3 > Data storing: The PS4 supports changeable drives, XBO does not.

    Let alone the use of GDDR5 will result in dramaticlly better performance of the PS4 – just remember this post in a few years :) A single memory space (hUMA) will result in easier software development and prb in an performance boost. Again, you are given the possibility to swap the HDD for an SSD in the PS4. SSDs are the future. PS4 should be supported 10 years. This means, you will be able to change the HDD- for SSD-technology of now, and (if the world still exists) the SSD-tech of 2020 :) even now the SSDs are beasts (compared). Nobody can imagine, what will be available in 2020. But of cource the rest of the system performance have to be able to deal with the respective drivespeed. This slight CPU-Speed boost (News), isn’t something highly notable.

    Of course XBO can benefit from outsourcing the systemload to the cloud – PS4 will also get this feature in the future, but i am not listing this feature, because for me it’s non-existent. It is not something I own, not something embedded, not something I can rely on at any time.

    Nevertheless, every piece of ‘Art’ is written and designed by humans (i think!? ^^). The endresult will always depend on that.

    I am not a PlayStation-Fanboy and if the Xbox will have better specs, i will admit it. But for now, these are facts, at least for me. :)

    • bloodiOS

      Here’s hoping that it’ll support SATA3.

      • Raul

        The SATA 3-standard is final since mid 2009. It would make no sense to support such an powerful device 10 years and implement an older version. You don’t have to hope. (:

        • bloodiOS

          My only concern is that Sony will try to cut the cost by going with SATA2. I mean, standard HDD and the PS4’s Blu-ray drive can’t even reach SATA2’s speed anyway. But since it does have USB 3.0, I kinda hope it’ll support SATA3 too.

  • EX+

    This is a clusterf*ck.
    Isn’t thus still less than the PS4? And aren’t we looking at an RROD2.0 here?