Xbox One launches November 22
posted on 09.04.13 at 09:01 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Console available in 13 markets at launch.

Xbox One will launch across 13 markets for $499 / €499 / £429 on Friday, November 22, Microsoft has announced.

Those markets include Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. More will follow in 2014.

As announced last night, the console is now in full production following an 8.9 percent CPU boost and seven percent GPU upgrade.

If you missed it at Gamescom, find the system’s full launch lineup here.

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  • Ivan Junior

    I don’t dare even to imagine the price of this thing here in Brazil. Or in Australia (people complain about the price there too).

    • Rogerio Ap Silva de Andrade

      yep, but at least Australians have a (much) better per capita income. All for all, we pay a lot more for consoles than they. Shame. :(

  • Anime10121

    Hmm so exactly a week after ps4’s launch!

    Can’t wait!

    • McPoo

      A week before in the UK. I’m curious how it’ll do, cos we’re definitely a 360 territory.

      • Anime10121

        True the UK, much like the US is Xbox territory, so it’ll be interesting to see its numbers in either territory. But considering they are just NOW going into full production, I’m thinking there will be far more PS4s than XBOnes available for sale.

      • gerald

        The US is 360 territory, the UK is not. Having a lead isn’t the same as being “360 territory”. PS3 is still very competitive.

        Anyway, that was a different gen and PS4 definitely has all the momentum going into next gen, so I don’t think 360 success matters too much anywhere outside the US.

        Sony also officially stated [PS4 UK Pre-order Levels Are “Unprecedented” In 20 Years of Business]

        • McPoo

          The UK is most definitely regarded 360 territory. The PS3 is competitive, but the 360 always tops the single format charts when it comes to multiplats.

          Eurogamer among other sites refer to it as being a typically Xbox dominated region.

          Wasn’t the Xbox One the most preordered item on Amazon UK or something too? I forget what exactly.

          • DeadnBuried

            I can’t speak for much, but as far as the Amazon UK charts go; the PS4 has been in the top 5 best-sellers list since E3, occasionally slipping down to 7th place at a stretch, but typically staying around 4th behind a few recent games (GTA5, The Last of Us), meanwhile, the Xbox One has struggled to get into the top 20. It made it into the top five when the FIFA pre-order bonus was announced and was then back down to 40th place just a few days later whilst the PS4 stayed in the top 5. Again now, the Forza announcement has grabbed it 4th spot, but it’s not likely to hold more than a couple of days.

            Microsoft have put a lot of work into regaining some faith for the Xbox One, but it’s not going to help them win at launch time; Sony are looking very likely to have a huge headstart in all territories, especially given that they’re launching in 32 countries rather than 13!

  • SuperLuigi

    Can’t wait! Got to really start saving and stop buying current gen games haha.

  • kuusou yume

    So i should post my eBay listing for it on Nov. 21 :3

    hahha, jk. i’ll probably keep the bastard

    • Bob Obb

      I think youd probably LOSE money trying to scalp the Xbone

      • kuusou yume


  • EX+

    Interesting. The stage has been set!

  • Tac-Mex

    Well, i am glad that my country is “blessed” by the freedoms of the Xbone.

    Anyway, the damn thing is pretty expensive here in Mexico (8500 pesos = 670 USD), I already pre-ordered a ps4 for 400 USD.

    I am curious, the Xbone is only released in Mexico and Brazil but what about the rest of the Latin American countries.

  • RSene

    Here in Brazil the console will be sold for R$ 2.199, which means around U$ 960.

    No, it’s seriously!

    • Rogerio Ap Silva de Andrade

      On the other side, the white WiiU (at its regular price) can be found at around R$ 1100 ($ USD 480). Ouch ! It´s half the price ! If Gaming do Brasil really launches it officially in the country, I can see lots of WiiU being sold here and Xbox1 waiting on store aisles

  • shogunknight

    Next gen consoles November 15-22-29th. The date has been set. Game Stores are in for a 3 week blast

  • rockman29

    I want this battle to begin already, should be fun stuff.

    Go PlayStation!

  • DarthNemesis

    There is no battle as the PS4 has already won with pre orders including the US.The 360 only succeeded because of the circumstances.Everyone should know that MS can not compete head to head with Sony.Just look at how this generation turned out.There is zero benefit or interest to buying an XboxOne.

  • Derpazu

    Dead on Arrival