Vote for our Kingdom Hearts art contest winners
posted on 09.12.13 at 09:28 AM EDT by (@KazumaLynx)
Two winners get Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix.

Hello again, everyone. Your neighborhood Gematsu community moderator Zero here. I recieved some great entries for our Kingdom Hearts art contest. Thank you all for entering!

Now I need your help in picking the winners! So, how do you vote? Check out all the artworks below. Each image has a number caption that appear below it. Figure out your favorite entry, then select its corresponding number in the poll at the bottom, then click submit.

The two entries with the most votes will receive a copy of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix for PlayStation 3!

I really appreciate everyone taking the time to help pick the winners. I also have a request. It’s not required, but if you can, please make a comment explaining which entry you voted for and why. I’m going to pick two comments at random from the replies, which will win a $20 gift card for the PlayStation Store. The voting will stay open until September 17. The winners will be announced later that day.

Let the voting begin!

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  • McPoo


    Got a nice styling to the art, I don’t even know how I’d describe it tbh. The style, along with the outlines in the sky remind me a bit of Gravity Rush on PS Vita tbh, and that’s a very pretty game.

  • Ivan Junior

    Well… I found the 15th fantastic, it’s very colorful and vivid indeed. The person who drew that one deserves my congratulations (:

  • Azuardo


    I love everything about this picture! From the snapshot of the sketchbook and pen on the desk, to the rainbow colour effects that resonate with the artstyle of Kingdom Hearts, it really stands out. The level of detail and character expressions are wonderful, too.

    Good job to everyone who entered!

  • Yuri Meitzen

    voted #6 because it’s simply beautiful, and rikku looks cute ^^ good luck to the artist.

    riku* my bad =P

    • Martian Wong

      Rikku is in FFX…that is Riku that you are talking about.

  • Kkdog4Sado

    Pretty impressive Gematsu users! We have some pretty good artists here.

    I gave my vote to #6, captures the KH air accurately.

  • José Francis

    Art #6 is the best drawing, you need some ability to draw something like that. Most of the other imagens seems lacking something “awesome”, hehehe!

  • Raiu

    Pretty good…
    #6 really reminds me of the manga version of KH…
    #7 uses colors really well…
    #10 Whoever drew this deserves praises…
    #12 good lineart…
    #15 is the most interesting one I find… Below, you find Sora on Destiny Islands and above, you find Roxas on Twilight Town… Very creative…

    I also did draw something myself but I wasn’t satisfied and a little embarrassed with it…. So ultimately, I skipped the contest in the end… ^_^;

    Edit: Before I get eaten, here’s the link for the artwork…

    • Gigus

      Post it! Or Quina will eat you! (mostly hug you)

      • Raiu

        Arghhh!!!! But I don’t taste like frogs…. ;_;

        *Quickly slaps link to my original comment and runs away*

        • Gigus

          *clicks unfinished art* Why didn’t you enter?! It looks great. At least you can actually draw. I can only do vector art :/ I tend to force it when comes to drawing by hand. You can tell from my quina quen drawing when I was redrawing it in vector.
          I’ll post my KH entry later when I finish it.

          • Raiu

            I wasn’t happy… Didn’t felt ‘complete’ to me….

            Cool… Can’t wait…. ^_^

    • Zero

      Looks good. =)

      • Raiu

        Thank you… Shame that I couldn’t participate at all…

        • Zero

          Thanks for sharing anyways. I understand why you didn’t feel comfortable with submitting it. Those feelings are natural. ^^

          I’m sure another contest will come along that you can participate in. I know it will! =)

  • Anime10121

    #15 because its creative as all heck! Love how Twilight Town and Roxas reflect Destiny Islands and Sora respectively. Its a VERY unique piece and while I like #4 (DAT MICKEY) and LOVE #6 (very nice), I’m just really feeling that last entry!

  • Brittany

    It was a hard choice, but I decided on number 6. It is just really pretty.

  • bldudas

    It was a hard choice, but I finally decided on number 6. It’s just so pretty.

  • Gigus

    I voted #9. Just felt like it had more originality in terms of its art style. Well executed.

  • Bangarang

    I voted for number 4! I guess being a sucker for shading and lack of color, this design caught my eye immediately. Also, I really think it does a great job of not only including the major characters of the series, but laying them out in a way that defines their role in the story! Nice work :)

  • Nice Boat

    I can’t contain all these belts

  • Gianluca Michelini

    I voted 15. It’s drawn really well and is really creative!!

  • MrRobbyM


  • Zackasaur

    Voted! I can never get enough KH. <3

  • Charlottes Guardian

    I voted #2, that’s just amazing! xD

  • Zero

    Thanks for the votes and replies. Keep then coming!

  • Panda

    Voted #4 because it includes characters most of the others doesn’t have. Plus I like how the characters are spread out

  • Awnye

    Nice job, everyone!

    I do like #15 above the others though, it’s very creative & original. :)

  • LordKaiser

    I voted #6 but #4 was close.

  • fallen

    Number 10 needs more love! Take another look at it, there’s a lot going on. All the different Keyblade outlines, the careful shading, and a lot of very precise line work. All that beyond the already great idea of Sora in Cloud’s outfit, which should be enough to get a vote as it is. Great job, whoever!

  • Chippy

    IMO #2 would have wiped the floor with all the entries if it was colored or filled the empty space with heartless/nobody things. A lot of detail in the characters, i don’t blame the artist for not finishing.

    #4 & #6 artists are also very good in drawing ability

  • Jesse

    I voted for #6. It just looks really nice to me. ^^

  • usagi_san

    #6 for me – I love it!

    Note: I have no US PSN account, so the $20 would be of no used to me.

  • kirby755

    I voted #1 it is really funny to me in a good way. That and they got Sora’s face down pretty well. Also it would be funny to see who the others would be.

  • Enigma_XIV

    I voted #15 because its really cool, and well drawn. I love the whole different dimension perspective with Roxas and Sora.

  • DesmaX

    Voted #14

    Whoever made that is really talented

  • SeventhSanctum

    I voted #12 due to the fact of it’s simpleness and color scheme. The fact Sora is holding an IceCream reminds me a lot about the KH DS game and it was a really fun game. It’s also a relaxing drawing and it captures a Disney feel to me.

  • Moneygotit

    I vote for number 4 because the artist add the main characters that is important to the story

  • baek

    I picked #10, got the keyblades right and time well spent drawing those! It also captures the image KH1 pretty well. This one deserves some love^^

  • SuperLuigi

    Voted number 3. Love the art style. They are mostly all great though. Good job to the artists!

    • AzzyFox

      I’m glad you like my art style. =) Is there anything in particular you enjoy most about the picture?

      • SuperLuigi

        The fact he is in the darkness but you see the light in him. Sounds weird maybe but that’s the big part.

  • cookiewaffle

    There’s some pretty neat stuff here.. good job, people!

  • Vinnyhawj

    All of these art are unique. Good luck to you all. Beside voting for mine. I vote for number 6 because it caught my attention when first scroll down.

  • ryougazell

    I voted for #6. Its really standed out for me because it didn’t really need color to catch my eye. Its a beautiful artwork with clean usage of the pencil. Plus really liked the character expressions.

  • Martian Wong

    I voted for Number. 6. I agree that a lot of them are very pretty. But I have to choose one. So Number 6 got my vote. After I looked at each of them and study them. Number 6 stands out to me the most for various reasons. First I really liked the style of drawing. I can tell that that individual really did spent a lot of time drawing in similar style. The expression of the three main characters make them adorable. Sora’s expression really captured his youthful personality. In order word, you can tell his personality from his expression. Kairi, she is my favorite character in Kingdom Heart series. Her expression is Simple and Clean and the hair is very good. As for Riku, his expression is emotionless. It depicts his cool personality. Now for the details of the clothing. Based on Sora’s jacket, you can tell the wind is coming from the left to the right. The Keyblade also very standout and very pretty. And the details in Kairi’s and Riku’s clothing is very detailed. As for the choice of the background, the drawer picked the best place for the main characters to be: Destiny Island. A tree that gives off the starry fruit(forgot it’s name) This is a very good picture, however nothing is perfect. There are two minor flaws. One is related to the painting while the other one is related to the picture being submitted. If you look at Kairi’s hand closely, you can see some pencil mark that is not being erased completely. As for flaw related to the picture is that the pencil is in the way. But that is just some minor flaw in a masterpiece. I would give it a 10/10.

    By the way, I saved the picture since this is the one I like the most for the reasons mentioned above. But please don’t sue me for saving this picture….=] And Special thanks and good luck to all those submitted all those wonderful picture.

  • whiteferrero

    noooo! it’s a landslide defeat! :D congratz to the poll leaders/ :)

    • Zero

      I really appreciate the entry. Just wanted to post that. You should be proud of it, I know I am.

      In fact, I’m planning on trying to create a possible section to post these great pieces on the website. I’m in talks with Sal abut it, early talks. =P What do you think about that idea? I’m curious.

  • Kobracon

    Aw theres quite a few good choices. Man this is tough…..nyaaargh I vote for #10. Because goddammit, I love keyblades and those keyblades look awesome!. The runner ups were definitely #6, #13 (nice Gematsu Keyblade design :D), and #15 (love the idea and looks great)

    But ultimately…dem keyblades….

  • Blixemi

    All of these pictures are really good, but Number 3 is my favourite! I love the shading and the effect of the light. It really stands out from all the rest! So, #3 definitely has my vote.

  • Charlie

    Why they were all really lovely, I preferred #6 due to the fact I love the attention to detail.

  • PhoenixAutomatic~♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪~

    #15 looks really well drawn!

  • Willgaea

    It came down to # 15, and #10


    Style- 10 (Great drawing, although it appears as if the character doesn’t belong there. He’s not apart of the environment)

    coloring- 9 (Overall nice coloring)

    Creativity- 7 (nice cloud suit, a little more dark than I can appreciate. Since it is the boneyard, I would have liked to see some brown in the foreground)

    Story -5 (IHey it’s kingdom hearts and also he’s wearing a soldier uniform)



    Style- 9 (brought a realistic flare to the two characters)
    coloring- 8 (subtle and easy on the easy, would have liked to see better shading on the pants. I do like the Island coloring)
    Creativity- 9 (I really like the two world concept)
    Story- 7 (The circle brings me into a yin yang which follows into the story of Roxas and Sora. It also comes into place with one being a clean canvas while the other side in color. They really put some thought into the picture)

    Final statements
    While I believe #10 is drawn the best, I’m actually more drawn to #15. #10 is just an overall cool picture, but the meaning behind the picture fell short. Also seeing kingdom hearts should involve a more dynamic picture. Anytime kingdom hearts is opened, it has always been crazy, or very sad. #15 fell into the story perfectly. I know I became a little to critical, but if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to pick a picture because I like them both.

    Overall #15 won in the end with 33 out of 40 winning over #10 which got a solid 31/40

  • Willgaea

    How is #3 winning yet no one has commented on it x]? Sounds like someone is changing their router’s Ip and is spamming votes :P.

    • Zero

      I sure hope not. It’s not required to comment about which one you vote on. So, there is that.

      • Willgaea

        Well technically it’s easy to rig online votes. It’s just weird that how not one person has talked about 3. On a side note, I didn’t know about the contest till today. Can’t win em all :]

      • Gigus

        You may have to check on that. I find it really strange too -__-

  • Moneygotit

    I’m so confuse how 3 got the most votes when barely no one
    comments about it. I mean I like the art, but it just so strange. Maybe people mistaken it for #4 or 2? But the thing is; isn’t it me or I can’t see the # caption that appeared below it?

  • AzzyFox

    Wow, everyone seems to love my piece in the polls but no one loves it in the comments. Not sure what to make of that. Personally, I would love to see some opinions and critiques of it, but to each their own.

    I quite like entries #5, #6, #7 and #15. They capture the underlying themes of friendship and connectivity, two of the most prominent themes of Kingdom Hearts, quite nicely. #15, in particular, is very well done, though it took me two glances before I spotted Roxas in Twilight Town. That picture would have benefited from the Twilight Town scene being a wee bit more visible amidst the blue sky.

    • Willgaea

      It’s like a hidden gem in the sky.

  • Zero

    I’m really enjoying this great response from the community. You guys make me proud. =)

    I’m also really happy for those who submitted entries. I’m happy so many people get to see your great pieces. ^^

  • PintSizedPurple

    Number 6 is my favorite!

  • Tetsu

    I liked #6, #10 and #15

    #6 is fantastic, the quality of detail is quite good.
    #10 is awesome because of the keyblades, love me some keyblades
    #15 is cool because of the abstract angles, it really is unique and interesting.

    Ultimately I went with #6 because it stands out to me above the others. I also like the water color rainbow coat over the pencil, its a neat effect.

  • futuristic_imagination

    I like everyone’s piece (a lot better than what I can do), but 6 and 15 stands out for me.

    6 is great, I like the use of space and detail is really spot on. It reminds me of the KH manga.

    15 is also great, because of the two perspectives, but I almost did not see it if I didn’t enlarge it.

    I voted for #6 because of the reasons above and I’m a fan of pencil/pen and a sketch pad.

  • NoctisNightSky

    Wow, these winning pictures are really close in votes. Zero, maybe you should just make it a 3 way tie?

  • Zero

    The voting is now officially over.

    I’ve taken a screenshot of the current votes. Any future votes will not count towards the contest.