Rumor: Sony to reveal PS4 virtual reality headset at TGS
posted on 09.03.13 at 11:19 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Or next year. Depending on which site's sources are correct.

Sony is developing a virtual reality headset similar to the Occulus Rift for PlayStation 4, according to development sources of CVG and Eurogamer. CVG reports the headset will be unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show in Chiba later this month, while Eurogamer says it will be unveiled next year.

The headset, both sites report, was originally planned for a Gamescom reveal before being pulled at the last minute. The company is still trying to figure out whether to pitch the device as a key differentiator for PlayStation 4 or as a non-essential add-on.

PlayStation 4 launch title DriveClub will make use of the device to simulate the cockpit view of a vehicle, both sites report. One developer told CVG the device looks similar to Sony’s 3D headset revealed back in January 2011.

In August, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida didn’t deny Sony’s interest in such a device.

“Y’know, we’re Sony, so we have lots of different things and different ideas in R&D,” Yoshida told CVG.

“When it come to researching things, we are doing a lot of things that we can’t talk about.”

The Tokyo Game Show runs from September 19 to 22. Sony will have at least 10 PlayStation 4 titles at its booth.

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  • rockman29

    the crazy thing is this stuff was rumoured since way back in late 2012

    its proactive, so i can only support it

    if there’s a market for it, they will get what they want, so thats good

    my main hope though is Sony at least tries to emulate a more open platform for PS4 as they are doing with indies, and allow support for Oculus Rift, it will only win more good will for the brand and future brand loyalty

    it would kind of be like third party ps2 controllers, except they wouldnt have to wait 5 years to start making them…

  • SuperLuigi

    We can’t even get motion control right yet we are going for VR? I don’t see this working yet.

    • rockman29

      VR wouldnt replace the controller, at least not for a long time

      think of GT5 head control or drive club the “FPS driving game”

      you would use the controller at the same time

    • TetsuyaHikari

      VR is nothing new. Virtual Boy was out long before we even got these motion controllers out, but it flopped pretty bad mainly because it gave people headaches due to how the layout of the games were (red lines and all that). I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this put to use with an RPG though.


      • SuperLuigi

        Lol I know all about virtual boy but I see what you are saying…but without motion it will basically feel like a tv strapped to your face. I am just not excited about this idea. Sony can def change that if they do it right. Also sao would be amazing…besides getting stuck till you beat it.

        • TetsuyaHikari

          Well, it IS a headset for visual representation. Of course it would basically feel like a “tv strapped to your face”. What else would it be?

          You can’t exactly control your movement without a controller. Hell, even .hack only used the headset as the UI/HUD for the game. The movement of your character was done with a controller.

  • EX+

    VR headset? Well, let’s see how it turns out.

  • GhostNomad

    This is gonna be interesting. Unless they present and implement it correctly, to the point where it actually makes a difference and catches on, it’s gonna end up being another gimmick like 3D and every console’s take on motion controls. Not really hyped for this since my expectations are pretty low, but it’ll be nice to see and hear that they’re trying something new.

  • Anime10121

    I’m game as long as it doesn’t make my head spin as much as 3D! That feeling is rough as hell on my eyes.

  • MrRobbyM

    I see it working nicely for a few games but things like these will be and be viewed as gimmicky for a long time until technology advances enough to make it work with most games.

  • shogunknight

    This may work well depending on the type of games its shown with. for example, Gran Tourismo reveal using it. Well, thats if the rumors are true

  • Leon Keyv

    I highly doubt it.

  • Pace

    last estimated price on this thing was around $700 they better launch it at most around $200 or no one will look at it seriously compared to the oculus rift.

  • Jesse

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • oOqUiS

    I will go crazy if this is to be true…i mean CRAZZZY

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Oh lawd. It has arrived.
    The waifu age is coming.

  • Zackasaur

    I definitely want this.

  • gerald

    My immediate thoughts on VR gaming – holy shit awesome

    But after more thought – oh no… even more FPSes

    If VR really caught on it could be the end of many gameplay genres.

  • LordKaiser

    As long as it won’t connect to the brain it’s ok. We don’t need a Brain Buster.

  • Krimson4eva

    Sword Art Online is closer to reality

    • Zackasaur

      We’re certainly not that far yet, but we someday will be. It will be done with nanomachines that tap into our nervous systems.

      • TetsuyaHikari

        That does make me wonder… It would be quite the double edged sword, but I don’t know if I’d be willing to take the dive. I mean, just imagine a world that would be as open ended as real life, yet you could be or DO anything you wanted. Everything would have a smell just as it did in real life, you could touch and taste things too, listen to the chatter of other players as well as wildlife, so forth and so on.

        However… On the opposite side of that coin, every time you took damage in the game, you could actually feel it in real life, as if you were physically struck by something. Slowly, but surely, after about a week of playing the game or so, your brain would be so fried, you’d probably be like a vegetable because of all the electroshocks your nervous system had taken.

        You’d be like one of those guys from Shadowrun, so drugged up on dream processing chips, your body would be left in stasis with you unable to react or respond to anyone in the real world. I guess you’d essentially be AFK for good. Maybe your mind had become so dependent on being interlinked with the “nanomachines” or whatever that you can no longer survive without them and if someone were to forcibly remove you from the game, you would die.

        Pretty crazy to think about.

  • Willgaea

    Will this be another virtual boy? The industry can’t make 3d correctly. There is always some sort of side affect. It always ranges from dizziness to major headaches.

    • Keegs79

      Like all those non-believers in the Oculus Rift but seemed to all turned around impressed and changed their perception. Saying it will always is being ignorant and cynical. I think impressions for those who actually tried it are better to go by than some random person hating on something he hasn’t experienced.

      • AdamBoy64

        I think you’re probably being slightly hard on him. I don’t think he was being as critical as you think.

        I think all Willgaea can go off with 3D and associated technologies is past experience. Which, I’d agree, hasn’t been that good.

        Until this technology comes into the mainstream (which, looks like that could be happening with Sony here), I think people have the right to base things on a previous experience, and be a bit sceptical of it.

      • Willgaea

        I love the rift, but the science behind it still has bugs in it that do give people side affects. Yes some day in the future it can be perfected, but I also think it still a ways away. It’s like trying to find a permanent cure for the common cold. It’s always changing. The day it doe’s happen, I’ll drink a soda to celebrate (haven’t had a soda for 8years).

    • Elvick

      It’s not going to ever be okay for everyone, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t do it at all.

      Much like how video games are still made, despite some people having issues with seizures.

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