Phantasy Star Nova detailed in Famitsu
posted on 09.11.13 at 09:42 AM EDT by (@salromano)
PS Vita Phantasy Star in full development at tri-Ace.

Famitsu this week has first details on Phantasy Star Nova, Sega and tri-Ace’s newly announced single-player Phantasy Star, due out for PS Vita in 2014. Find the summary of new information below.


  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: tri-Ace
  • Series Producer: Satoshi Sakai
  • Producer: Yasuyuki Tsuzuki (Sega)
  • Producer: Hiroyuki Tamura (tri-Ace)
  • Composer: Moto Sakuraba


  • tri-Ace fully in charge of development
  • 70 staff members at tri-Ace on development
  • Only supervised by Phantasy Star team

Character Creation

  • Players can customize the full name and appearance of their character in “Character Create”
  • NPCs are made from the same character creator as Phantasy Star Online 2

Story Mode (1-player)

  • Multiplayer is possible via ad-hoc (1-4 players)
  • The story advances through “Missions”
  • As you clear Missions, more and more story develops

Arks Special Planetory Exploration Group Alter

  • The player belongs to the Arks Special Planetary Exploration Group Alter
  • Alter’s Delta Variant warship (1,000 crew members) crash-lands on “Planet Machia”
  • Planet Machia is an uncivilized planet where photons have no effect
  • Planet Machia is home to the super giant “Gigantes” enemies
  • The player’s aim is to return alive from Planet Machia while fighting the Gigantes

Main Characters

  • Lutia – female human NPC, 18 years-old, Force class, main character’s partner
  • Seil – male human NPC, 18 years-old, Hunter class, a hot-blooded man who is always thinking of his friends
  • Phildia – female human NPC, 28 years-old, Hunter class, Delta Variant’s temporary captain


  • The super giant enemy “Agrios” (part of the Gigantes species) will appear
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 enemy “Kyuklonaada” will appear
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 enemy “Wolgarda” will appear
  • Phantasy Star Online 2 enemy “Wol Dragon (Green)” will appear

Operation System

  • Provided photons have no effect on the planet, “Photon Arts” cannot be used
  • Technics also cannot be used
  • “Something” will replace photons; details will be provided in a follow-up report

Classes and Weapons

  • Hunters can use swords and partisans
  • Forces can use rods
  • Weapons cannot be obtained through item drops
  • By procuring “raw materials” on Planet Machia, the player can create weapons

New Weapon: Large Firing Arms “Pile”

  • Piles are Anchor (lance) shooting weapons
  • Piles create “weak points” on the part of enemy it hits
  • Piles have a special effect when fired at Gigantes; details will be provided in a follow-up report

Thanks, G-Heaven.

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  • Tre W

    …Changes sound very interesting, to say the least.

    But I’m trusting that Tri-Ace will deliver a fun and interesting game, ideally with a very interesting combat engine to boot.

  • Duc PC-QB

    Piles = Weak Bullet

  • michel

    If the combat system is going to have even half of the sophistication of Resonance of Fate’s, then I’ll be satisfied.

    • Sieghardt

      Then it’ll be about 1/64th as good as the combat in PSO2

      • Zackasaur

        I’m with Sieghardt here.

  • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

    Please for the love of the world and world peace. Please localize this game please please please.

    Wasn’t Phantasy Star Portable 1 an 2 localized? Since this is a single player RPG do you guys think its coming over as well!

    With this and Freedom Wars… 2014 is a great year for the Vita.

    • bloodiOS

      PSP2 bombed badly because Sega of Japan announced an expansion title of the game right on its Western release date, causing people to lose Interest. Sega of America deemed the series a failure and haven’t touched it since.

      • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

        No way…….. are you serious?
        When you say Sega America deemed it a failure really?

        But isn’t Sony pushing for games like this on the PSV in NA and EU? Surely there is without a doubt that this game will be localized right? Given how large the development team is and the budget… it doesn’t seem to be one of those niche games that stay in Japan… it looks like a global product.

        … Am I right? Please tell me I’m right… god this game and Freedom Wars will move so many Vitas I tell you…

        • bloodiOS

          Well, the Vita version of PSO2 wasn’t even mentioned to be considered for localization in the West, so yeah… I personally am not going to hold my breath on this one either. Also, remember FFT-0? Yeah, Square Enix didn’t localize that despite the massive amount of resources being poured into it, and Square is usually more generous than Sega in terms of localization, so… Well, let’s just say there are many things in the game industry that we simply can’t comprehend. It would be good if this gets localized but seriously, don’t expect too much from Sega of America.

          • LordKaiser

            Also we didn’t got phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity…

            • bloodiOS

              Yup, and they blamed us for not buying PSP2…

        • Altin

          Go to twitter and look for Gio Corsi. That guy is head of the newly founded 3rd Party Division. The more people mention it to him, maybe the higher the chances are that we are going to see this game coming to the States.

          • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

            I see… I will do that…

            Freedom Wars is 100% set for localization… but this game looks SOOOOOOOOO DAMN GOOD TOO!!! I think Lutis is the character shown at the end of the trailer, the long haired character.

            With Freedom Wars and Nova I think its gona be so good!

            Also, Type-0 was for the PSP wasn’t it? So its not comparable to this Nova thing right? Nova is for a handheld that is getting into its best years (the 2yr sweet spot).

            Phantasy Star 2 is online game … so maybe they think NA and EU aren’t that interested. But Nova is mainly SP…

            • Altin

              I would not be so sure but considering that Sony is working on it, Freedom Wars clearly has good chances of coming over here.

              Well, SE argumented that they didn’t want to release it for the PSP due to its age and low hardware sales and interest in general, just like Sega did with Valkyria Chronicles 3. With PSN however, they can’t say that there wouldnt be interest in releasing it for a current-gen platform.

              Oh trust me, there are tons of people that would love to play PSO2 either on PC or Vita. The problem is just Sega itself, or rather the previous experience with an online-based game,i.e. Phantasy Star Universe.

  • bloodiOS

    Huh, quite a few changes there. Let’s see how tri-Ace will handle this. I’m honestly a bit disappointed that tri-Ace isn’t working on any next-gen IP but whatever, better than nothing.

  • shogunknight

    Come to think of it, star oceans setting does have a few similarities to PSO world setting

  • 永次

    SOLD DAY 1

  • Akshat Jiwan Sharma

    I am excited because tri ace is working on it.

  • Chris Cruz

    Tri-Ace is BACK!

  • ekibyougami

    wait. Wait. WAIT! Weapon crafting on a Phantasy Star game?

    m(_ _)m Take my munnies next year SEGA and Tri-Ace!!!

  • LordKaiser

    I don’t think that SEGA will bring it… It won’t surprise me if PS02 gets cancelled at this point.

    SEGA want to westernize the damn game instead of releasing it like Japan and want to give us different costumes and crap. This is why I don’t like globalization on my games.

    • TheExile285
    • 罪罰

      then stop living in the west, go live in Japan. bro.

      • LordKaiser

        Well if that thing didn’t delay my games well sure westernize it to your heart content.

        I think my point on the issue is valid. If you think is not then is just your opinion.

        Go to Japan? Why? I don’t need to go there to play it. For your information I’m in the Japanese server with a Lv.55 Hunter, Lv.50 Fighter in 1 character and Braver Lv.36 in my other character.

        But it would be good to have more people that talk your language and have the items in English without breaking the TOS don’t you think?

    • Warboss Aohd

      a combination o’ both Japanese an’ Western ain’t a bad thing.

      Dat’z da premise o’ Project Phoenixes’ game design an’ story teliin’.

      • LordKaiser

        I’m talking about PSO2 just in case. Is a bad thing when it causes massive delays.

  • enorka miho

    Tri-ACE!!!!! Where have you been?!

    • (Un)BalNz’D

      Yeah, Tri-Ace… Hrist still needs her own game, like her sisters!

      I mean, even a random peasant got a game before she did!

  • TheExile285

    Everyone interested in this needs to spam Sony and Sega about it!

    I’m curious to see what the new system will be since Photon arts won’t work.

    Also, I hope we get Beast back as a Race in this….

    • Bobby Jennings

      Agreed with the Beast :D

  • Yuri4prez

    YAY!!!! I can’t wait to NOT get this game in NA!!!!

    I have been wrong before, but I am not holding my breath for this game. The chances of getting a Vita tales game at this point looks more promising, and we all know already that is most likely never going to happen either.

  • fallen

    Shut up and take my Meseta

  • Warboss Aohd

    ‘Main Characters’
    ‘human, human, and human.’

    ………………’headdesks repeatedly’ way ta think outside da box wit’ yer Sci-Fi game.

  • DreamDrop♥

    I wonder if there’s any bonuses for PSP and PSP2 saves…

  • stack0123

    Under composer, isn’t that suppose to read “Motoi” Sakuraba? Also if Motoi is composing the music for this game I’m practically sold already lol.

  • Sitrus

    Sounds like a collaboration battle games. They really are popular these days eh?

  • LordKaiser

    I was comparing the Star Ocean series to the Phantasy Star series where Star Ocean feels a bit like Star Trek and Phantasy Star like Star Wars (Planet wise at least.)

    I’m sure this game will be good and hey maybe some things of this game may cross over with PS02 like limited quests, costumes etc.

  • Kobracon

    C’mon Tri Ace. Give me an awesome, complicated innovated battle system!

  • LordKaiser more screenshots here. I see a darker here so this is set in the PSO2 universe.

  • PrinceHeir

    want this Sega!!

  • Oleg V. Volkov

    Seems to be PSO-based. I’d rather have continuation of original PS series.