Microsoft planning Japan-developed Xbox One exclusives
posted on 09.17.13 at 07:10 PM EDT by (@salromano)
Microsoft Studios boss teases announcements closer to Japan launch.

Japan is an important market for Microsoft, according to Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer. And while Spencer believes titles like Dead Rising 3 and Metal Gear Solid V will appeal to the Japanese audience, the company appears to be planning more.

In its early days, Xbox 360 had first-party-published Japanese role-playing games with Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey (pictured). Asked during a Famitsu interview if Microsoft would follow a similar path with Xbox One, Spencer replied:

“Yes. Some time ago, [Xbox Japan general manager Takashi] Sensui and I met with a few Japanese developers to discuss Xbox One development. As a matter of fact, we are thinking of developing a few exclusive titles in cooperation with Japanese developers. I believe those titles will be announced closer to (the Japanese) launch.”

He added, “Locally developed content really is important. Especially considering Japan is the place where video games originated.”

Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey (pictured) “were wonderful experiences,” Spencer said. But this time, Microsoft is “looking forward to partnerships with new developers on Xbox One.” The console has received a “wonderful reaction” from Japanese developers, according to Spencer.

Xbox One will launch in Japan in 2014.

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  • TheExile285

    Please god, don’t let it be a Atlus series -_-

    • MrFinalgamer

      i’d cry like a baby for weeks if they get a remake of Nocturne and P5 & 6 exclusive. oh and they better not touch my Tales of again!

      • Arcana Gear

        baba already confirmed that tales are staying in sony consoles, and all tales games have a version in a sony plataform….. the problem it’s coming here. *looks at vesperia*

        • Budgiecat

          I wish he’d comment on Vesperia so we could finally get the truth on that one…

          • AdamBoy64

            Ah, just imagine, the PS3 version being announced for Vita, and compatible with Vita TV.

            Oh man.

            But, in reality, I’m not expecting to hear anything from them about Vesperia ever again.

            • Budgiecat

              It’s swept under the rug unfortunately….much like Tales of Destiny 2…

        • iam_yotbox

          That kept me up at night when I heard TOX announcement back then. “But…. I love TOV…. and my ps3” :'(

    • adhesive

      Shin Megami Tensei NINE remake confirmed.

      • TheExile285


      • Eclipse

        Haha, Shin Megami Tensei: NINE was quite a fun game.

        Atlus is the only developer that could make me even consider getting an Xbox One, so… If that were true, then I’d be sold.

        • Budgiecat

          Why the fuck was that even made. I swear, sometimes these developers take some serious drugs. Why make a game doomed to fail in a dead market for it

          • Eclipse

            I don’t think that Atlus would have known that the game would’ve did so poorly, considering that it was released in the same year that the Xbox launched in Japan.

            I don’t have an Xbox anymore, so I’ve been hoping for quite some time that SMT: NINE would get a re-release…

            • Budgiecat


              “Hey let’s not make our game for Japan on a successful Japanese console series and instead make it on an untested American console with no user fanbase yet in an otherwise relatively loyalist country consumer market….

              Real smart.

              • Eclipse

                They’ve actually released games on “untested” consoles quite a few times already.

                I’m guessing you’re not quite familiar with them…?

    • 罪罰


    • Arcana Gear

      MIcrosoft bought Atlus and is waiting for the TGS to announce it! this is why we didn’t hear anything of the buyout that was completed last month!Persona 5 exclusively for Xbox one!….. please i feel dirty, have to take a shower…. and brush my teeth.

      • 罪罰

        Say that again and you’ll be dirty 20 feet underground >: (

      • Al Buns

        No Atlus would die just like Rare.

  • Xaltmas

    I’m sure whatever Microsoft does, people will freak out and spout shit about how they “took our games”.

    I’d really like the rumors about them working with Platinum Games to be true, and it would be swag as fuck if they picked up The Devil’s Third. Throwing a few bones Mistwalker’s way would be much appreciated as well.

    • captainhowdy

      Microsoft getting The Devil’s Third, could help them out.

      It would be nice if Microsoft kept trying to get more Japanese exclusives for the whole remaining Xbox One generation.

      • Eder García

        that won’t happen, Microsoft and Itakagi had their one night stand, also Itakagi is alone in the Japanese side of this industry, he burned so many bridges there.

        • captainhowdy

          Man. So Itagaki’s ego finally caught up to him.

          Not surprised. He is a d-bag.

          • DrForbidden

            Itagaki is the reason PS3 never got DOA4, IIRC. I have no great love for the man, despite the two Ninja Gaiden games he was responsible for (which wasn’t ported to PS3 by someone else until later).

            • captainhowdy

              Didn’t he hate the PS3’s architecture, because it was to difficult to program for?

              I remember him saying that in an EGM magazine in 2007.

              • DrForbidden

                And yet, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, DOA5, and DOA5U all run smoothly on PS3. That would argue that it is very feasible to make the games for PS3 if the developers put in the effort.

                IMO, the man’s just lazy, and using excuses to cover his arse.

                • captainhowdy

                  I agree. Itagaki seemed extremely lazy and stuck up. But he made some really awesome games.

                  It’s a shame his attitude is what’s dragging him down.

    • Eder García

      if the rumors of Platinum and Microsoft collaboration are true, it would be good for Sony because Platinum will learn how to develop in next gen graphics and PS4 and Xbone are identical

      • Zackasaur

        The PS4 is 50% more powerful. Definitely not identical. lol

        • Eder García

          but still the development process will be the same, both are PC consoles technically,

  • captainhowdy

    PLEASE please, bring it to the US Microsoft.

    Also, Lost Odyssey sequel :).

    • Xaltmas

      I’d give anything for them to revive Cry On. There is nothing Sony could pull in my mind that would top that.

      • captainhowdy

        That would be great, Cry On was very interesting. I hope Microsoft keeps this relationship with Japanese developers close, they could make some amazing games together.

        Sony and Microsoft are both coming out swinging this generation coming up.

      • iam_yotbox

        Legend of Dragoon for ps4 might in my eyes. Virtually impossible, but a man can dream…

    • Budgiecat

      Sakaguchi aint working with M$ anymore

      • captainhowdy

        Well, that sucks. There so many other good games that could come out of this.

        I’m hopeful.

  • Zackasaur

  • King-Podigy-X

    My Reaction:

    hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!…… Oh you were serious?

  • almostautumn

    Ugh. I wish exclusives would just die. Loved LO and BD, not to mention Tales V— but I am just not doing multiple console purchases again. Way too much money expended on entertainment purchases even after I waned it down to PS3 and PSP (now Vita).

  • Alkhan

    Sudeki sequel? Lost Odyssey 2?

    Otherwise XB1 will remain irrelevant to me.

    I hope they aren’t the ones who bought Atlus and have been keeping it on the low until the TGS. That would literally kill me :(

    • Warboss Aohd

      Sudeki woz made by a Western company.

  • LordKaiser

    I will only buy a console this upcoming gen and i had decided that it would be a PS4 (If it gets more RPGs). Anything released on this console will be skipped just like i did with Lost Odyssey, Vesperia, Blue Dragon and ……

    • Arcana Gear

      to be fair, vesperia isn’t a exclusive….ps3 it just never left japan. I know your pain.

      • iam_yotbox

        Heck, I’d buy it if they released it now. TOV is my favorite Tales to date (no, I didn’t play Symphonia) purely because the character chemistry felt so right….. now I’m depressed again :(

  • alexei

    i dont think japanese gamers ever forget that many of your exclusive actually timed exclusive , ToV, star ocean 4 ,Eternal Sonata all appeared on ps3 a year after xbox360 release …. i read from kotaku long ago that someone burn his xbx360 ToV dics when famitsu published the article saying ToV will appear on ps3 ..

    if you think a few timed exclusive will make japanese gamers change their mind and choose xbone , you delusional microsoft

    • fyi1191

      I sure learnt my lesson with ToV on Xbox360.

  • Arcana Gear

    Well probably i will miss it, cause my plans are this year Vita/3dsxl, next year the other one, and then in the next one a ps4. But i remember that microsoft announced a lot of “exclusives”, but they turned to be timed exclusives AND got re released in ps3 in a better version.

  • ギャビン

    Well at least someone is getting Japanese made games, after Sony’s TGS event it left me a bit baffled. I just want japan made content.

    • bloodiOS

      Sony’s TGS event?

      • CosmicNova

        I think he or her is talking about Sony pre TGS event.
        Their was allot of Japan content shown at Sony pre event, where you were @ギャビン when they was shown is beyond me.

        • ギャビン

          Maybe I should have worded that better. I’m just happy someone is trying to get exclusive japanese games. Most of the stuff at the TGS Sony event wasn’t confirmed to be exclusive. The one thing that stood out to me, was EDF.

          • Al Buns

            Nothing that MS has said suggests any thing is exclusive to their platform either. This is probably more DLC like they promised to deliver exclusive games at gamescom but failed. When will you naive fools stop buying into the hype announcements that MS makes and realize that they never deliver what they promise?

            • ギャビン

              What are you talking about? Naive fools? They have at least one Japanese game at launch that I would really like to play. Crimson Dragon. If that makes me a fool, than whatever. I just want to play games.

              • Budgiecat

                yeah we call it like we see it…

              • captainhowdy

                You’re not naive. You have every single right to like whatever game on any system.

                Sony and Microsoft both have great games. The user is just trolling you. Microsoft has very good exclusives.

            • DrForbidden
          • bloodiOS

            Err, you don’t know that. Wait till their upcoming TGS conference, where good stuffs are usually announced, before actually feeling disappointed.

          • Budgiecat

            Are you fucking serious…..

        • bloodiOS

          We’re talking about the SCEJA conference right? So, yeah, they could be showing even more stuffs at their TGS conference. Not time for our friend here to be disappointed yet.

  • InternatlGamer3

    As long as M$ does well then the competition SONY will be kept on their toes and also do their best.

    • kiri25

      Sony had no real compitetion during its ps2 era and it provided us with some of the greatest game we’ve seen. So wether Xbox one succeeds or not I doubt it will effect Sony.

  • Al Buns

    Why bother the games will flop just like Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon?

    • zeothedeathgod

      they did drive several companies into the ground in japan ;/ a bit worried. and i like microsoft.

  • InternatlGamer3

    Let them try, cause Japanese games sell more on Nintendo & Sony consoles anyway.
    Xbox isnt a big seller anyway.
    Ill admit i thought they’d give up after the flopping JRPGs on 360. Japanese games arent really Xbox sellers.

  • Budgiecat

    So Sakaguchi isn’t working with M$ anymore?


    • Locksus

      Most likely not. He did say that he’d like to make a game that utilizes the Wii U’s gamepad. We’ll see, we’ll see.

  • Ultrapieguy

    They best not be taking away anything awesome from the other consoles.

  • Bob Obb


    • iam_yotbox

      I can’t disagree

  • kiri25

    So basically 2 to 3 yrs of timed exclusives only to give up once they fail??

  • Nate

    Awesome. I hope they get more exclusive games on the xbox one.

  • Kurisu Makise

    I’m glad they are continuing the efforts. I’ll wait to see the fruit of their labour and hope for more 1st party work.

  • Warboss Aohd

    am i da only one who iz gonna get all next gen consolez regardless?

    • Carlos Luis Ayala

      No but we don’t care :-P

    • adhesive

      Yeah, I’ll be getting all 3 by the end of the generation hopefully, I just hope the Xbox division is sold to another company or is conducted by someone more competent.

    • captainhowdy

      I’m getting all as well :). You’re not alone.

  • LegoBaka

    “Locally developed content really is important. Especially considering Japan is the place where video games originated.” <– Which is why all my Atari, IBM, and Commodore 64 games were developed in Japan, right? And half the local arcade? Pretty sure Asteroid, Sinistar, and Paperboy were all Japanese, definitely.

    Well, at least they know the importance of pandering.

    • Warboss Aohd

      he’s got a point humiez, Video games were technically invented in da West.

  • Karl Josef

    A big No!
    Japanese will never like xbox one ever!

  • Azure

    Lost Odyssey 2 will make me buy X1.

  • Elvick

    I don’t care. Nothing they do will get me to buy their console. I refuse to support a terrible company. Already regret doing it this generation by buying the Xbox Lawnmower.

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    I bet they’ll feed MAGES. with Microsoft money.

  • fyi1191

    First, late release in Japan. Now, trying to get exclusives? Oh Microsoft.

  • kenshee

    As much as I’m completely uninterested in the xbox one right now, if they have a few exclusive games like they did with lost odyssey, blue dragon, infinite undiscovery, magna carta 2 … I know I’ll get one. (I know not all of these were popular or well received, but I finished and loved all of these, it’s all just my personal pov)

    I just don’t feel like missing out on good games because I don’t care for the system itself haha. (didn’t own a ps3 until way too late, thought I shouldn’t spend such money when I already had a 360. Now so many years later I’m loving my ps3 and I’m realizing I was wrong lol)

    But yeah, PS4 first, xbox one later on if they do manage to make some equally good deals as they did with the beginning of 360, otherwise I’ll pass.

  • Tetsu

    I don’t like the sounds of this.
    The last time I got an Xbox was because of a Japan developed Xbox exclusive.

    Damn them, DAMN THEM ALL!

  • EX+

    If it’s a 3rd party game, I feel sorry for whoever it is. It’s gonna flop hard.

  • giulio graziani

    wow .. a General Manager of Microsoft doesn’t even know video games originated in the U.S.? Where do they find this people?