Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes to be demoed at TGS
posted on 09.12.13 at 08:07 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Japanese voice version of E3 trailers also incoming.

Kojima Productions will share the latest gameplay footage for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain prologue Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes on stage at Sony’s Tokyo Game Show booth next week, Konami has announced.

The footage will debut first on the show floor and again later on the Metal Gear Solid V official website. Kojima Productions previously confirmed we would see the next-gen version at the Tokyo Game Show, so expect to see the PlayStation 4 version on Sony’s stage.

Additionally, the company plans to debut the Japanese voice version of the E3 ‘Red Band’ and ‘Green Band’ trailers.

The Tokyo Game Show runs from September 19 to 22.

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  • Dandelion

    Can anyone explain me what is this Ground Zeroes? Is it full MGS game or some part of MGSV Phantom pain?

    • Djkarl Pierre

      It’s a full game that acts as the Prologue to Phantom Pain, think of it as the virtuous mission in snake eater but with more work done with it.

    • Zackasaur

      Actually, Kojima himself has not fully stated what it is. It’s a game, more limited in scope than the main MGSV, which acts as the prologue.

      Is it included with MGSV? Is it releasing physically at a discount first? Is it some sort of digital-only title coming first (nooooo)? Kojima won’t say, for now.

      We’re all very eager to find out.

    • Raian Targino

      I also think it’s like a Virtuous Mission, but it’s a whole game with only this mission.
      I think it’s gonna be awesome and i’m gonna play it :D

    • Anime10121

      No one can explain to you, because no one knows. Kojima/Konami have skirted around the question anytime someone has asked it. We are all waiting for more info on it… I myself think that Ground Zeroes will more than likely be release as a standalone title sometime early to mid 2014, and Metal Gear Solid V proper (the Phantom Pain), will be released in 2015.

  • Ritsujun

    RIH, annoying Ribbit Hayter.

  • PrinceHeir

    finally their releasing the Japanese trailer!!!

    can’t wait to hear Akio Otsuka and Tomokazu Sugita!!!!!

    gameplay as well? this is why i love TGS!!!!!

    • DrForbidden

      It would actually make me a little sad to hear Otsuka and realise that Hayter is no longer Snake…

    • Kobracon

      When I hear Jap Snake, all I’ll be able to here is Whamuu now….

  • Gigus
    • Nice Boat

      Hey, who is that babe?

      • Gigus

        Kaz was dreaming again.

        • Nice Boat

          About his last date with Big Boss?

          • Gigus

            Maybe, we’ll have to wait till the game or a new trailer comes out to find out.

    • Raiu

      Now… No one can complain about Quiet and sexism….

      I think….

      • Gigus

        I hope so :/ but this “Quiet” doesn’t need pants XD Take that Girly man Raiden!

        • Raiu

          Then what is Quiet wearing? Underwear?

          Come on… He’s not that girly….

          • Gigus

            Yes, thats just my perception. Some say bikini, others say whatever. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Yes, I am one of those people who didn’t like the character’s outfit but for different reasons. To be honest I don’t wanna get into that troublesome topic. I only posted the snake parody just for the lulz….. Though I think its gonna back fire on me later.

            Thats not Raiden :'(. MGR is another troublesome topic I don’t wanna get into. Some people say “canon”, others rage “no” even though kojima already explained (vaugely I think) what rising is in terms of the MGverse.

            • Raiu

              The MGS series has a lot of funny moments that I never took it seriously…. If Kojima wants Quiet as the way she is, let him be…. It’s kinda unethical to make any developer to change his vision of his creations because people complain….

              As for MGR, I’m gonna just treat it as a spinoff… No more, no less…

              • Gigus

                And I agree, its his vision, his game. I still have my opinion though but I’m not asking or telling him to change it. Not judging him either. Just giving my thoughts on the character design.

                Other games have done worse and those other games have gotten huge free passes.

              • Kobracon

                I like to think its canon ._.

                Raiden’s so cool now…

    • LordKaiser
      • Gigus

        You can thank Anne Pogoda! I actually checked her website and she has a TON of awesome video game art. I think she is collaborating with someone who is making a game.

    • DrForbidden

      That would absolutely make a badass unlockable outfit for Snake in the game…

      He needs more meat in his crotch, though.

      • syaznifaiq

        not funny at all .. stupid joke

        • Kobracon

          Wow really? Some people can’t take a joke…

          • syaznifaiq

            im just joking …

            • Kobracon

              It might be the cultural difference, but I fail to see how calling something ‘not funny’ and a ‘stupid joke’ counts as a joke…

              I apologize if you indeed were joking but it really isn’t clear…like…at all

      • Gigus

        lulz, I’d be surprised if we see another kaz date XD

    • Jahla Din

      Laughing and puking at the same time.

  • Anime10121

    Hope we get a new trailer outta this too! And also, an estimated release time frame, at least for Ground Zeroes! I need my SNAKE FIX!

    • Gigus

      *points down at my previous comment* ;)

      • Anime10121

        I can do without that Snake O.O

        • Gigus

          Blame Kaz. He drew it.

  • syaznifaiq

    finally after being microsoft bitch this whole generation , konami decide to stick with sony …

    • Anime10121

      ??? Wait, what? When and how have Konami been Microsoft’s bitch?

      I know many developers went to Microsoft the beginning of this gen, but that wasn’t really a dumb move. 360 was easier to develop for, it was selling the most in gamings biggest market (the US), and it was cheaper (at least in the beginning). I can understand how many of them thought the 360 would have been the best bet, because (even as someone who likes Playstation more) starting out, it was the best bet.

      But I fail to see how Konami has done anything more for the 360 than they did for PS3…

      • syaznifaiq

        try learn some history betwwen microsoft and konami these recent year ..

        • Anime10121

          How bout you actually explain your own claim instead of a copout response.

          You bear the responsibility of backing up your own statements. Telling me to “learn some history” does nothing to advance your point and only serves to prove that you have none.

          • syaznifaiq

            seriously ? damn kid these day is it really hurt for you to go to the internet which you already doing it right now and open up another Google or whatever search engine you preferred and doing your own research about this simple matter ? dont expect people to spoon feed you all the time kid ..just type ‘konami microsoft’ for god sake . .

            • DrForbidden

              Seriously? How about you quit being a douche? If you are going to post argumentative statements, you’re expected to be able to back it up. You don’t get to pull the ‘just google it’ bullshit excuse when someone calls you out for it, regardless of how simple it is to do. It just makes you look like you don’t know anything about the matter but decided to mouth off anyway. If you’re not willing to even write a few sentences to support your original statements, perhaps you shouldn’t bother posting it in the first place.

              Thank you for your attention.

              • syaznifaiq

                a douche call someone a douche.. how classy

                • DrForbidden

                  Still not as classy as a douche being upset that he was called a douche. But hey, knock yourself out.

                  • syaznifaiq

                    so you admitted that you a douche ? .. idiot

                    • DrForbidden

                      Of course I do. Unlike you, I’m honest with myself. Also unlike you, I try to avoid acting dismissive and running and hiding behind ad hominem attacks when asked to justify my comments. Now THAT’S real class you’ve shown there, champ…

                      You’re not really a bad commenter, judging from most of your other posts. However, your responses to and implied insult on anime10121 in this article are as transparent as glass, however you may wish to deny it. I’m afraid I don’t expect any legitimate responses from you given the record, so, I must bid you adieu, as amusing as this has been, and I wish you a nice weekend.

                    • syaznifaiq

                      Man you sure take internet too much serious .its like your live depend on it .. . ok about that ‘idiot’ thing … sorry for being rude .. honestly this nonsense heat argument will not happen if you simply approach me politely .. yeah, we are all entitled to our own opinions but that’s does not mean that we have to argue with the person who have another opinion than us .. and sorry for all who feel offended

                    • Zero

                      Let’s just drop this and move on, please. Thanks.

    • SuperLuigi

      What? Mgs4 was probably konami’s biggest title last gen and it was ps3 exclusive. And even though they are “sticking with sony” this is coming to xbox also.

      • syaznifaiq

        Everyone know the reason why MGS4 stay exclusive on ps3 is becoz the game size .. .. i know this game also come on xbox360 and xbone ..and of course i dont mean ‘sticking’ with sony mean game exclusivity to sony

  • EX+

    Yeah, Definitely gonna need some new pants.
    I hope we see that we’ll see some of the open world gameplay to this. I wonder how Kojima will handle it? Thoughts?

  • 罪罰


  • King-Podigy-X

    I’m still confused. Is it 2 games on one disc or is it 2 disc, 1 for Ground Zeroes and the other disc for The Phantom Pain.

  • Kobracon