Media Create Sales: 9/16/13 – 9/22/13
posted on 09.25.13 at 09:32 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Monster Hunter 4 remains on top.

This week’s Media Create Sales figures are in. Following its debut last week, Monster Hunter 4 sold another 473,000 units on 3DS this week. 3DS hardware sales remain strong, as well, moving another 159,000 units between the 3DS and 3DS XL combined.

Get the full charts below.

Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

  1. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 (Capcom, 09/14/13) – 473,739 (2,188,799)
  2. [PSV] My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Game (5pb., 09/19/13) – 16,469 (New)
  3. [PS3] Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn (Square Enix, 08/27/13) – 10,648 (209,291)
  4. [3DS] Tomodachi Collection: New Life (Nintendo, 04/18/13) – 9,724 (1,441,250)
  5. [3DS] Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (Nintendo, 07/18/13) – 8,645 (311,239)
  6. [3DS] Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life (Namco Bandai, 08/01/13) – 7,853 (271,984)
  7. [3DS] Nobunaga’s Ambition (Tecmo Koei, 09/19/13) – 7,587 (New)
  8. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo, 11/08/12) – 7,483 (3,417,572)
  9. [3DS] Yokai Watch (Level-5, 07/11/13) – 7,226 (179,247)
  10. [PSP] La Corda d’Oro: Full Voice Special (Tecmo Koei, 09/19/13) – 7,062 (New)
  11. [PSP] Brothers Conflict: Brilliant Blue (Idea Factory, 09/12/13) – 6,865 (22,162)
  12. [PS3] JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (Namco Bandai, 08/29/13) – 5,101 (459,444)
  13. [3DS] Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon (Nintendo, 03/20/13) – 4,940 (901,540)
  14. [PS3] Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Ubisoft, 09/05/13) – 4,364 (35,041)
  15. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo, 12/01/11) – 4,285 (2,124,576)
  16. [3DS] Sangokushi (Tecmo Koei, 09/19/13) – 4,250 (New)
  17. [PS3] AKB1/149 Renai Sousenkyo (Namco Bandai, 09/12/13) – 3,570 (30,623)
  18. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo, 07/28/12) – 3,555 (2,097,707)
  19. [PS3] Phantom Breaker: Extra (5pb., 09/19/13) – 3,102 (New)
  20. [3DS] Mushibugyo (Namco Bandai, 09/19/13) – 3,055 (New)

Hardware Sales (followed by last week’s sales)

  1. 3DS LL – 118,400 (236,700)
  2. 3DS – 40,988 (40,092)
  3. PlayStation 3 – 10,749 (12,146)
  4. Wii U – 5,824 (5,003)
  5. PlayStation Vita – 5,155 (6,020)
  6. PSP – 5,082 (5,449)
  7. Wii – 965 (962)
  8. Xbox 360 – 610 (244)


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  • TheBlackRabbit

    yep just as i expected it to be.

  • jujubee88

    Damn VITA! Why u no positive sales trend?

    • TheExile285

      2 reasons:


      New Vita models were announced

      • jujubee88

        I guess, but it was trending down before the models got announced. I’m getting a little worried.

        It’s not that bad (these things tend to even out) but VITA is a handheld.. in Japan. I guess it’s just not what I expect from it or Sony.

        edit: Geez. Look at how close PSP and VITA are sales wise. O_O

        • Sieghardt

          I imagine a number of people will be choosing to wait and buy Vita TV instead too

          • jujubee88

            It sold out on Amazon, but I wonder how many Sony gave Amazon to sell. And I wonder the preorder figures in brick n mortar stores in Japan.

            The new model I wonder about to and the demand.

        • Zackasaur

          The PSP fights on because it was an absolute juggernaut later in its life cycle in Japan.

          The Vita has had periods of slowness in Japan, but it is definitely worth considering that people are waiting for the new Vita model and Vita TV options. Plus, some of their bigger games are coming out a bit later.

          Catching up to the 3DS at this point would be a monumental task, and not a necessary one. Given how much the DS and PSP flipped places last gen, though, I won’t call it impossible.

          • jujubee88

            Was PS2 the same in the early PS3 era? (in Japan)

        • Lester Rat

          Unfortunately it is what is expected because Sony is not doing anything right about Vita. No compeling revision, no system-seller exclusives, no aggressive pricing, nothing that should convince people to make the jump.

          When games like Toukiden and Gods Eater 2 (judging by pre-orders) are still selling well on PSP despite Vita version being the definitive shows that hundreds of thousands still don’t see a reason to buy a Vita despite it having superior versions of the games they want to play.

          • Zackasaur

            The Vita’s pricing is deeply aggressive, considering they’ve sold at a loss. It always was deeply aggresive. And there is absolutely no compelling revision of Vita hardware that they could do, besides the expansion they’re doing with Vita TV (which also has an insanely low price point).

            It’s sort of a game of luck, sadly. If the Vita-2000 and Vita TV take off, that will be great. And they do have quite the onslaught of Japanese games. But people are stingy, and the 3DS hit its lucky stride first.

            The PSP’s success was largely generated by Monster Hunter, which nobody could have predicted beforehand. MH wasn’t that big a franchise until it hit PSP. Thus, we have precedent for the software side of things to be hard to predict. It’s a bit easier to predict for Nintendo, because staples like Pokemon are obviously huge.

            I can’t say what will happen, but I can definitely say that hardware and price are two things Sony have done intensely well, except maybe on memory cards, which aren’t that big a deal in Japan anyway. Software, though, is always up in the air. They just have to keep throwing pasta at the wall until it sticks! That’s how we got Monster Hunter as a juggernaut in the first place.

            • Lester Rat

              Vita may have been sold at loss, however its price is not good for what it has to offer. Besides, the lack of a compeling hardware revision will not help Vita’s cause as 3DS LL did.

              PSP success may have been enhanced by Monster Hunter, but Sony cannot do nothing and pray that another thing like that hits Vita. PSP was not only Monster Hunter, and there is life without it. The problem is that Nintendo did what they had to do before Monster Hunter or Pokemon hit 3DS, while Sony did very little to help Vita.

              No matter what people say in defense of Vita, still hundreds of thousands obvious Vita buyers have not made the jump yet, and it hurts the long term plans for the hardware as the big third parties will avoid Vita exclusives and the handheld will not become a must-buy anytime soon for people who haven’t bought it yet.

              • Elvick

                PS Vita has always been priced perfectly* for what it offers. I don’t know what system you think it is. It’s the best handheld ever made.

                Games are subjective, and people love to nitpick PS Vita games to death to justify the fact they choose to never buy one. Or just so they can circle jerk onto their 3DS. Whichever.

                *Excluding memory cards. Those are overpriced. I understand why they went propriety, but the mark up is dumb.

                Sony doesn’t have the $$$$ to pay off developers that Nintendo does. And Nintendo has that for doing the Wii, which was not at a good place for 3rd party software. Even the Wii U is having those problems.

                And the 3DS doesn’t have any AAA western support. So if Nintendo with it’s money can’t get it, why do you think Sony who’s been struggling can manage it more so?

                Western developers have forsaken the handheld market and are moving to mobile. Sony and Nintendo can’t stop that. Both get plenty of Japanese support. Whether the support appeals to your tastes or not is another issue.

                And indie support easily goes to PS Vita.

      • Xaltmas

        I have a feeling the new Vitas are more for cheaper production than enticing new owners.

        • Nick Pantazis

          Considering the Vita Slim has a hardware downgrade from the original model with its LCD screen instead of OLED, I’m inclined to agree. The Vita TV is a more interesting matter though…

          • Elvick

            It also has some upgrades. Easier to use start/select (though hideous), 1GB internal memory, I think 1 hour longer battery life…

            And it’s thinner, which to me is a negative, but for some it could be positive.

            But personally OLED or death.

            • Nick Pantazis

              All those things are true, but I agree, I’m not going to downgrade my screen experience. I was pretty relieved as an early adopter that the Vita Slim is a downgrade (for me) and my initial hardware is still great.

      • Homero21

        MH4 is the only reason 3DS is the best in software and hardware… and besides Sony still want/need psp in the market…

  • TheExile285

    well I’ll glad My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU sold something lol

    • Renaldi Saputra

      well, that amount of sale is kinda usual for that type of game anw
      and it definitely sells..

    • Ni ~Algidus~

      16k for this type of game is good. specially with a titan in front of him and many others games

  • Alkhan

    Wow, the 3DS sold over 44x what the Vita did.

    It’s funny when I think back at all the Vita trolls on the 3DS boards on GameFAQs who were convinced that the Vita would crush the 3DS when it came out.

    (I prefer my Vita over my 3DS, but I still find it hilarious)

    • jujubee88

      Go back to GameFAQ’s if you want to tell that story. That doesn’t apply here. (You should know it doesn’t)

      • Alkhan

        Actually it does. It applies here, Siliconera, GameFAQs, IGN, Joystiq, Facebook, YouTube, Giantbomb, Kotaku, GameInformer, RPGFan, and the late Andriasang.

        All these sites had very vocal trolls who would rag on the 3DS and its abysmal sales at the time and would go on about how the Vita (Next Generation Portable at the time) would come in and sweep the 3DS out of the game for good.

        So yeah, it applies here. The truth applies everywhere. No matter how big of a Sony fanboy you are or how much you hate Nintendo or whatever your deal is, you can’t deny the truth that’s right in front of you and that is that the 3DS sold 44x what the Vita did this week.

        I’m not a fanboy of Sony or Nintendo, I like all game systems as long as they have games that I want on them.

        • GhostNomad

          As a frequent user of GameFAQs, no this doesn’t belong here. The frequent visitors on Gematsu have enough sense not to troll like about 70% of the idiots on GameFAQs.

          The only part of your original post that was necessary was the first line. Everything else about finding this and that hilarious, not so much.

          • jujubee88

            ^What @GhostNomad said. And the need to label people Nintendo and Sony fanboys is clearly something people don’t engage in the culture here, but it is more suited to console warriors in GameFAQs and the like. Why? People want to make little groups and put them in check like that.

            My (and I’m sure others feel like this) point is, don’t bring that type of seperation to this culture. A lot of people here own a 3DS and VITA. Get over yourself or go back to GameFAQ’s if you want to talk about whatever console warrior related stuff you do talk about there.

            edit: This isn’t is a demand (obviously I’m not a mod or anything) it’s just a simple request. Please, leave that mentality to GameFAQ’s. Thank you.

            • Alkhan

              I mentioned GameFAQs because that’s where the worse of it was and still is. Don’t pretend like I didn’t mention all those other places including here. Andriasang had a TON of people on the “NGP will crush the 3DS” bandwagon and When Andriasang went under some of its frequenters who only visited that site were split between Gematsu and Siliconera. Maybe they quit when they got that rude awakening or maybe they just came around when the 3DS shook back from its slump.

              The bottom line is, they were here, they were all in the gaming journalism(Joystiq and IGN were the worst offenders), and of course(as usual) the analyst were waving their anti Nintendo flags, even places like Forbes were talking about how they were both priced at $250 and the Vita has the edge being a “portable PS3” and all.

              • jujubee88

                Yeah, I never said they didn’t exist or that I never saw them. The rest stands. Again, the GameFAQ’s console warriors, forums in the same brush strokes.. Stick to those places and keep the narratives there now.

                edit: DON’T HIT THE REPLY BUTTON! I WONT REPLY TO THIS ANYMORE. /conversation

              • MosquitoLemon

                NGP = Neo Geo Pocket?

                • AdamBoy64

                  It was Sony’s code name for ‘Next Generation Portable’, before the Vita had a name.

                  • MosquitoLemon

                    Ohhh, lol, that seems like forever ago

          • TheExile285

            You see the trolling yet you still visit GameFAQ? WHY????

            • GhostNomad

              I’m a karma whore D: And the daily poll.

              But mostly the whore thing.

              • TheExile285


            • MosquitoLemon

              GameFAQs isn’t a bad site if you want to talk about super-niche games with pirates. Which admittedly sounds terrible, but it’s better than reading ignorant comments about those same games on any given news site.

          • MosquitoLemon

            True, but that’s just because there are a lot less Gematsu readers.

            • GhostNomad

              I’d say there’s quite a few readers, just not every single one of them bothers to comment. And of course it’s a much smaller community than GameFAQs because over there, the troll board isn’t the only feature. There’s walkthroughs, cheats, release dates in a nice, organized fashion for all regions… Y’know, whole bunch of goodies.

              • MosquitoLemon

                My point is that if there were more Gematsu readers, there would be more trolls. It only takes a few trolls with no lives to make a site seem like a cesspool.

        • sherimae1324

          ok i get ur point, fair enough, but if you go to the vita forum of gamefaqs lots of 3DS fanboys trolls it too like almost everyday mocking and nsulting every positive vita news….
          now tell me is it being fair too?
          sure they insult the 3ds long ago but those fanboys pretend that wii u is in good position and doing fine or looking the other way and its the vita

      • Charlottes Guardian

        Not really taking sides here, and although there is some obvious trolling, he has his freedom of speech to share whatever opinion he has. Even in a satirical way. If you really disagree with it, the best thing is to ignore it and respect the opinions of others that differ from yours. Thats all I got :P

        • MogCakes

          Don’t forget to downvote him!

  • Mugen555

    So even in 2nd week, MH4 sold less than portable 3rd.
    If in month this still happen, MH4 might be have less chance to become highest selling MH that capcom targeted.

    • Zackasaur

      Yeah, they don’t seem to be coming anywhere close to the sales of their PSP titles. 4 will probably surpass Tri 3DS, given this start. But Tri 3DS is in fourth place on the Monster Hunter sales charts, behind three PSP entries. And Tri 3DS hasn’t sold half of what the second-best selling entry on PSP sold.

      I do wonder what Capcom will end up doing. I mean, MH4 was no doubt not that expensive for them to make, so they have to be pleased that they’re raking in piles of cash. And they can no doubt add a bit of content and rake in more millions with some sort of resale, as they’ve done in the past.

      But some people think they will have to do a true engine upgrade (finally) and move to Vita to recapture the PSP levels of success. Is that true? It’s hard to say. lol But the PSP’s massive success was largely because it and MH worked so well together, so the possibility is there.

      It’s a fascinating, quirky series to analyse.

      • Nick Pantazis

        You seem to be mistaken about PSP vs 3DS MH sales levels. MH4 actually beat the PSP’s record (MHP3rd) first week sales counting digital numbers. If you pull up old historicals MPH3rd only sold 1.9 million (rounded) week one, while MH4 sold over 2 milion week one with digital. Week two MHP3rd sold about 600K, while MH4 sold about 470K, before checking in digital sales. So it’s keeping pace quite well, especially considering the difference between holiday sales (Portable 3rd) and off-season sales (MH4). I have more detail in the post above.

    • Nick Pantazis

      Actually adding in digital sales (MC doesn’t track them) Capcom shipped over 2 million copies of MH4, making it the best selling first week in the franchise. We don’t have digital numbers for the second week yet, but judging by the fact that they were roughly 15% of the physical numbers week one we can deduce that it’s very likely still keeping up with Portable 3rd.

      Combine that with the fact that Portable 3rd was launched in the holiday season in Japan while MH4 was launched in a post-holiday “dead zone,” the fact that this is the first main entry in the franchise on its new platform home, and the fact that in two weeks it has already handily surpassed Capcom’s total FY 2013 shipment expectations, I’d say there’s no disappointment involved.

      With the holiday still yet to come and the 2DS still not released in Japan, it’s very likely that MH4 will indeed be the best selling Monster Hunter ever.

      • Kevadu

        Where are you getting your digital numbers? Seems rather speculative to me…

        Besides which, PSP games were available digitally too, you know. Those numbers weren’t tracked either.

        • Nick Pantazis

          Capcom reported the total with digital added in right here

          As for PSP digital sales, it was not released day one digital (Sony didn’t even start that policy until last year), so the week one sales total of the PSP version is retail only. Of course it has been released on PSN since then (downloadable by both PSP and Vita owners) so sales totals will be slightly higher than the reflected lifetime totals represented by Media Create alone.

    • Heisst

      Actually MH4 beat P3rd’s first week, sold 1.97 million units on the 2 days of sales it was recorded compared to MHP3rd’s 1.95 million on the 5 days of sales. MH4 has had the highest debut in the series’ history.

  • gerald

    Poor Wii U, only just beating out PSV and even PSP. It’s about to get worse too, with new consoles right around the corner.

    • Lavos

      Not really, PS4 on Japan is only next year.

      • Sevyne

        5 months really isn’t that far away.

        • MogCakes


          • Sevyne

            lol. Make no mistake; I think Nintendo will be just fine with the Wii U once they pull out all of the big guns. Already got mine just waiting for some Bayonetta, X, and a good dozen others that will probably land in 2014. I was just making it clear that the other consoles are a lot closer to releasing than he may think.

  • Xaltmas

    The fact that Vita games can still sell, despite hardware sales going down at least shows that the people who do own Vitas are buying games.

    I imagine the attach rate for the Vita is beastly.

    • jujubee88

      Yeah, I barely noticed the second best selling title is a PSV title.

      Though, it’s a cavernous gap behind Monster Hunter 4 sales on 3DS. Wow!

      • Xaltmas

        While the Vita will never catch up to the 3DS, I’m sure things like Phantasy Star Nova, God Eater 2 and Soul Sacrifice Delta will improve things a bit.

        And who knows about the Vita TV. Personally, I have high hopes for it.

        • MogCakes

          I’m glad Ninty is doing well with the 3DS. I’m hoping they get their act together for the Wii U as well. Vice versa for Sony and the PS3/4 and Vita.

    • Heisst

      I’m not sure 16k sales for a new title is something that could be notorious for ”selling”, neither is 2nd place when it’s pretty much meaningless considering the numbers.

      • Xaltmas

        When you take into consideration what kind of title it is, then 16k doesn’t seem too bad.

        • Heisst

          It is when it’s the first week sales of a new game’s release, especially when said number is pretty common regardless of MH releasing or not, see: Mind Zero.

          • MogCakes

            You ignored his point. It’s a VN, that genre of games is one of the most niche there is.

            • Heisst

              You’re saying 16k sales is something to be proud of even if its a VN? I’m pretty sure 999 and VLR sold much more than that.

              • MogCakes

                For a new title in the week of MH4? I think it’s pretty impressive. Why are you intent on downplaying it?

    • Nick Pantazis

      If you total up JUST the sales of the Monster Hunter games on 3DS they have sold more than the entire library of games on the Vita. (keep in mind the chart is a bit out date and doesn’t include the MH4 sales from this week which put the MH sales well ahead of the Vita’s library).

      That’s not to say Vita software sales are bad. Relative to their hardware they’re doing fine, but keep in mind the mammoth-sized gap in revenue between the platforms.

      • Xaltmas

        And with Pokemon X and Y, the gap will only get bigger.

        Oh well. I bought my Vita to play indie games, and thankfully those don’t take the 3DS’s massive sales in Japan into consideration.

        • Nick Pantazis

          For sure. As an owner of both platforms I find many positives in each for different reasons. I enjoy playing games on both, and I think both have a future (though where that future support comes from will probably be very different). I’m not trying to degrade the Vita in any way, just addressing a reality of the market.

          • Xaltmas

            Yeah, I own both as well, but my Vita gets much more playtime lately. I would use my 3DS more if Nintendo would finally make a damn account system.

            Going digital only on Vita has been great, and I’d love to be able to do the same on 3DS.

            • Nick Pantazis

              I would love Nintendo for combined 3DS and Wii U accounts yes. I use my 3DS a bit more than my Vita if only because a lot of the indie Vita games I choose to play on my PS3 or PC instead (like Sound Shapes, Hotline Miami, etc.). Most 3DS games are only on 3DS, so when I want to play something (most recently SMTIV) there is only one option. I can see why someone would play more on Vita though. It’s again certainly not a bad platform in any way.

              • Xaltmas

                I just recently finished Hotline Miami on Vita and I loved it. Being able to tap onto enemies to lock on is amazing.

                I still need to play SMTIV, and Soul Hackers too, and there is quite a bit of stuff coming out for 3DS that I really want. Rune Factory 4, Dual Destinies, Senran Kagura, Pokemon X and the new Zelda, which despite my feelings toward Nintendo lately, is still my favorite franchise in all of gaming.

                I’ll still need more than Wind Waker HD for a Wii U though. >_>

                • Nick Pantazis

                  Wii U is definitely having software problems. I have certain Nintendo games I need to be able to play though (Smash, Zelda, Metroid, and 3D Mario) so despite the current problems I’m not too worried about my future enjoyment of it. Wind Waker HD IS great. So are Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3. With Bayonetta 2, X, Smash 4, Mario Kart 8, and Mario 3D World all within the next year I’ll be fine with my Wii U. For now it’s definitely not getting a ton of use outside of Rayman and Wind Waker though.

      • 罪罰

        That picture makes me laugh and feel bad for Sony at the same time.

        • MogCakes

          Why did you get downvotes for that?

      • Elvick

        Ignoring that there’s no way to know digital sales unless outright stated by companies. Which is a rarity. And every PS Vita game is sold digitally.

        Not saying it’d make a huge difference, but I think it’s pointless to compare sales.

        • Nick Pantazis

          Vita memory cards are known to sell very, VERY badly in Japan and Sony has not been touting digital sales of Vita games at all, while Nintendo (and Capcom) regularly bring up games which have sold 20% – 30% of their totals digitally. In addition 3DS memory, using standard SD cards, cost 1/5th what Vita memory cards cost per GB. So while we can’t know for sure, it seems VERY likely that digital sales are significantly stronger on 3DS than Vita pretty much all-around.

    • Homero21

      If they had gave us MH4 in psvita, we’d seeing these results from a different angle…

  • Willgaea

    Put link in a game and the fans eat it up :P

  • Zero

    Feel free to continue to compare the Vita and 3DS. Just remember to keep the conversation civil and friendly, please.

    I’m not surprised with the sales this week. Congrats to Nintendo and Capcom.

    As for the Vita. I see some comments in here expressing concern about it. I think it’s worth remembering how the PSP didn’t take off early in it’s life cycle either.

    I also think the Vita has lots of untapped potential. Let’s wait and see how things play out after Vita TV, and after PS4 launches.

    • Sevyne

      Indeed. I honestly feel that the announcement of a new model Vita and Vita TV are having a direct impact on current Vita sales. I’d imagine a lot of people are holding out for those. Not saying that those will be flying off shelves like crazy, but it should provide a good boost I think.

      3DS getting crazy sales during Monster Hunter time is no surprise either. Same thing will happen when the Pokemon games hit too.

      • Elvick

        Eh, MH4 is hurting it more than that. Though that’s certainly another factor. And really Vita TV shouldn’t affect it much, given Japan loves handhelds more than consoles. So why would they prefer to make a handheld a console-lite? :P

        • Sevyne

          Oh, I’m totally aware of the fact that MH is hurting it a lot, but I figured that was kind of a given.

          Also the Vita TV may not have a heavy impact on it, but I’m sure it has done it’s fair share against current sales. I mean, they may prefer handhelds, but that doesn’t mean everything else is not touched. Then you also have the fact that it is extremely cheap so it’s much less of a risk to take the plunge. Apparently pre-orders n such for Vita TV are sold out for the most part. What that means in terms of numbers is anyone’s guess though.

          • Elvick

            But are those current PS Vita owners?

            Something we can’t know.

            • Sevyne

              Indeed, something we can’t know. We’ll just have to see how things go once that is on the streets. I definitely don’t see a massive turnaround happening, but I’m hoping it at least boosts the Vita a bit.

    • Nick Pantazis

      Keep in mind we’re well-past the PSP’s “take-off point” in Japan now. It’s not actually early in the lifecycle anymore. The Vita TV is also launching long before the PS4 in Japan in a country that has clearly, mostly, rejected the notion of a home console. I think the fact that the Vita TV hits this year and the PS4 isn’t hitting until next year (with very little Japanese software to boot) shows Sony has very little faith in the success of home consoles in their home country anymore, and certainly not much if any in the PS4 in Japan.

      • Zero

        I’m not so sure I agree.

        By “take-off point” I meant when the PSP really got hot.

        Sure, it did okay early on. The PSP launched on December 12th, 2004 in Japan.

        It didn’t really explode in Japan, but things started to look up in 2007. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd launched in February. It went on to sell about 1.7 million copies in a years time. The PSP 2000 also launched in 2007. Both of these things allowed the PSP to have a pretty good 2007.

        Sure, the PSP had a few games that built up on sales over the first 3 or 4 years. At the same time, because of piracy, things started to get worse for the PSP.

        The first really big Monster Hunter game that released on the PSP was Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. It didn’t come out in Japan until March 27, 2008.

        It turned out that Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G was sorta the shot in the arm the PSP really needed. It sold over one million copies in Japan on the first week. It went on to sell over 3 million copies in Japan. Far more than what Monster Hunter Portable 2nd sold.

        More importantly, while it was only a re-release, I think Portable 2nd G played a big role in reviving the PSP in Japan. It made the portable popular again. It put it up there with other hot products. Things like releasing tons of different colors of the PSP was viable again. Special bundles started selling better, etc.

        Sony took advantage of this and released another version of the PSP in 2008. The PSP-3000. Dissidia FF released at the end of 2008, it sold quite well to help end a solid year for the PSP.

        All of this also helped give the PSP a fairly good 2009. Things slowed down but not by much.

        Monster Hunter Portable 3rd release in Japan on December 1st, 2010. The game was number one in the Japanese sales chart of 5 December 2010. Within two weeks of release by December 20, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd sold 2.58 million units in Japan. According to Capcom, this made Monster Hunter Portable 3rd the fastest selling PSP title ever in Japan and the fastest selling game in Capcom’s history. By June 2011, the game’s sales in Japan had reached 4.7 million units.

        One could debate that Monster Hunter Portable 3rd helped save the PSP yet again. One could also debate that the Monster Hunter series alone helped save the PSP.

        What all of this means is – It’s not so easy to pin point when the PSP actually got really hot. When it “took off.” Some would say it was in 2007, with the release of the PSP 2000 and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd. I think it would be tough to ignore 2008 though. With Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G and the PSP 3000.

        One thing is certain. You can look at the dates and get an idea of how long it took the PSP to really grow. I think you can also see how one big game, or one big series, can change everything. If you look at the sales for the PSP during mid/late 2007-2010. It sold around 3 million units in several of those years in Japan alone. “From 2006 through the third quarter of 2010, PSPs have sold a total of 53 million units.” From what I discussed above, it’s pretty obvious which years really added to that total.

        In fact, the PSP has been so successful in Japan. It’s actually hurt the PS Vita. You could argue that it continues to hurt the Vita.

        The PS Vita launched on December 17, 2011. The PSP did very well in Japan in 2011. I can’t find the exact numbers for the entire year, but it sold over one million units in Q1 2011 alone.

        Without a really big appealing title on the Vita at launch, and a higher price point than the already well established PSP. It’s no surprise the Vita didn’t explode out of the gate in late 2011 into 2012 in Japan.

        It’s now 2013 and Sony is still working on the Vita. Developers around the world have not been quick to embrace it, even in Japan. This has resulted in a fairly slow burn in terms of games on the Vita. Especially titles that would really appeal to the Japanese audience.

        Things have started to improve after the price drop and a few Japanese focused games released this year for the Vita. One thing is for sure, it still doesn’t have that big game, not yet. It hasn’t become “hot” in Japan just yet, where everyone has to have it.

        That’s not to say this won’t happen. It could be a while longer, it could be happening very soon. The second model of the Vita comes out next month in Japan. The Vita TV comes out in November. Both could bring some excitement to the Vita. It remains to be seen.

        Consider the PSP didn’t really take off until after the PSP 2000 model launched, and it was really helped by Monster Hunter. I think it’s safe to say that it’s too soon to count the Vita out. It’s also not completely fair to compare it to the PSP at this time. I mentioned some of the major factors above, but it’s also worth looking at the huge (gaming on) mobile phones explosion across the globe.

        In conclusion, it’s still always about the games. The direct competition — the 3DS — is currently winning because of this. The big Japanese games are currently coming out on the 3DS. You can include the new Monster Hunter, too. That’s not to say things won’t change. I think we have to wait and see what happens next.

        Edit – This reply is already way too long. Quickly about the PS4. I mentioned it above, simply because of how Sony is doing a great job trying to connect it with the Vita. Lots of games are going to support Remote play. This applies to not only big upcoming Japanese titles like Yakuza, but also indie titles, and western titles. I think this feature alone could play a big role in the future of both the Vita and PS4. If it catches on in Japan, I could easily see it boosting sales of both the Vita hardware and PS4.

  • Eclipse

    Ah, I’m very happy to see OreGairu take the #2 spot~!

  • Rednal

    I think you’re all missing the true hero this week – I’d like to give the Xbox 360 a round of applause for more than doubling its sales. Carry on, little guy. Carry on.

  • Claude

    People are going to go 3DS vs. Vita but I it’s blowing my mind that the Vita itself is now neck and neck with the Wii U despite the latter’s dearth of games in comparison. If Nintendo was smart, they would use this opportunity to court some of those developers, though I’m sure certain perceptions and loyalties are going to be hard to break.

  • AdamBoy64

    For me, the Vita doesn’t have the titles to draw me into a purchase.
    I prefer the 3DS, but to be honest, I don’t play it a lot.

    When the Vita first came out, I wanted it to succeed and at least rub shoulders with the 3DS, so Sony could punish Nintendo for putting out such an underpowered handheld. I really wanted them to get worried – and to have that competition there with Sony.

    But – that didn’t happen.

    Although the 3DS has a lot more games for me, I’m liking the direction the Vita has been taking. One of the things I’ve wanted to be able to do on a handheld is to be able to take it on the road, and then connect into a TV to play on a bigger screen.

    Cross-platform play and Vita TV are such fantastic concepts.

    And it’s interesting this week – only 1 Vita game in the Top 20, and no Wii U titles.. man.

    • McPoo

      I had a 3DS on launch, then sold it a month before Vita came out, as it had no games and was incredibly uncomfortable for me to hold.

      Then I got the Vita, and it was fantastic. It controlled well and was dead comfortable to use, I was really impressed. Then the same thing happened – no games. It got to January this year and I thought ‘Pah, I cba with this’, had a quick look at upcoming games (none of which really grabbed me), and sold it too. I’m glad I did tbh, Sony seem intent on making it a PS4 streamer/add on, as opposed to its own console, and thats not a direction I really want to go down. It’s a shame, as the console itself was near flawless, in my opinion.

      I’ve actually got a 3DS XL (AC version) now, which I find a lot better than the original. That said, I’m like you and don’t really use it a whole lot. I save it for longer train journeys mainly.

      • AdamBoy64

        Wow, that’s an interesting history you’ve had there with both handhelds.

        Um, I feel like perhaps I should know – what’s the AC version for the 3DS XL?

        • McPoo

          Animal Crossing, or the pop tart :p

          I do genuinely really like the Vita as a console, but as I won’t be getting a ps4 for a while, I have no interest in that direction Sony are taking it. Which is a shame as it’s a proper awesome console :)

          I think the reason I chopped and changed a few times, is that I always feel like I should have a handheld, for longer journeys and stuff. Then when I have one, I realise that actually I usually just end up on my phone or reading :p

  • Eliseo104

    So once the PS vita lauch,how are we gonna call it?, handheld or small console.